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PLEASE READ! If you are a person that has NOT seen and/or read (as I am in the middle of reading it) VAMPIRE KNIGHT AT ALL, then please refrain from reading this because you will NOT understand this AT ALL. It is also good to know this because I am not going to repeat all of season 1 and 2 because that would be the whole entire story. So if I mention a character (for example-Yagari [Zero's old sensei]) later on (or now in this chapter-maybe) that I didn't mention before, well, it means that you should know who it is. Every one that has come across this SHOULD at some point in their lives have seen, read, or both of this anime/manga. I am so far only on chapter 20 on this manga and so far there are 57 so if I make any future mistakes, I welcome criticism. I am a n00b to this anime. I love it, but I am still a n00b and yeah.

THiS StoRY iS DiFFeReNT. You HaVe BeeN FoReWaRNeD!

My name is Cross Yuuki, age 15 (16 in two months!) and I go to the Cross Academy where my dad is the chairman. It's a special academy, solely for the fact that this school has a day class and a night class. The thing is that all the students in the night class...

...are vampires.

I know what you are thinking. Vampires don't exist, right?

Well, guess again.

Actually, my first memory, when I was five, was when an evil level E vampire tried to eat me. But then this man, this wonderful man was there, and he saved my life. He risked his life for me, except he is a vampire too. But he was the good kind. I had no idea who he was or why he saved my life. All I know is that he brought me to the academy where the chairman, Cross Kaien, adopted me.

6 years later, dad brought a boy named zero whose family was attacked by a bad vampire. He was the only survivor in the massacre. He hates vampires with a passion, but that could be the vampire hunter blood inside of him. He thinks that vampires and humans could never co-exist together, unlike me and dad.

He is my best friend. But my love belongs to one person.

And that person is Kaname. The vampire that saved my life

I call him Kaname onii-sama, because he is the closest thing that I have ever had to a family besides dad. But he is so much more than a brother to me.

He is the one I love, but I know that we could never be together, because he is a vampire...

...and I am so out of his league.

He belongs with someone like Ruka Souen, a vampire.

My job as a prefect (or guardian, but the other students-besides zero and the night class- don't know that) is tough, can be demanding, and it can be a pain when students from each class try to sneak out.

Speaking of kids sneaking out, I just found 2 girls sitting at the base of the classroom. Ugh, this is the annoying part.

I jumped off the ledge where I was, and landed on a tree branch feet first. Then I hopped back, and then I grabbed that branch and swung down.

"Hey, you! Tell me your names and your class! It is dangerous to be wandering outside at night! What the hell were you thinking? Get out of here now!"

"No fair! We just wanted to get a few pictures of the night class."

"You can only get their pictures if they give you permission to. Get out!"

"Fine. Jeez. Ah!"

I saw that one of the girls was bleeding.


Oh no.

"Are you okay? Oh my God this is bad."

I sensed someone behind me. I grabbed my Artemis Rod and extended it to its full length. I turned around and someone grabbed it. It started to shock at the hand-vampire (if a vampire touches it, its starts to shock at the vampire).

Aidou-senpai and Kain-senpai.

"What are you doing here senpai? Go back to class! If you put one hand on these girls and harm them I will-"

"Well, we smelt the scent of blood and came to check it out, right, Kain?" Kain didn't answer. He sniffed the air. "Ahh, that smells so good." The two girls thought he was talking about them.

"I swear senpai! You lay one finger on these girls and-"

"Well, Yuuki, I think you have it all wrong. It's not their blood I smelled. Did you scrape yourself on the tree branch?" He grabbed my arm and took my hand, which had a scratch on it.

Crap, it must have been from the tree!

He brought it up to his lips, licked it and showed his fangs. The girls behind me gasped. Then he pierced my skin with his fangs and once he removed his mouth, he licked his lips and went 'mmm'.

"That is delicious! Almost as good as a pureblood's! Maybe even better! I want more!" And the girls fainted behind me. He grabbed my wrist and twisted me so that I was in his arms. He pushed the hair away from my neck and asked, "Can I please drink from your neck?"

I looked at him; reliving the day that Kaname-onii-sama saved my life. Then Zero came out pointing the Bloody Rose, the gun that can kill vampires, at Aidou-senpai.

Aidou just smiled and said, "Put that away before somebody gets hurt."

Zero grounded his teeth and unlocked the safety of the gun. And then he shot at the tree right above Aidou-senpai's head.

"Aw man! That was scary! Why did you do that?" he yelled at zero.

"You all know that drinking blood on campus is against the rules."

We all looked at the one who said that-Kaname-onii-sama.

I blushed.

He slapped Aidou away from me and stood over him menacingly. Aidou looked scared and bowed down to him.

"I am sorry Kaname-sama!"

"And Kain, why didn't you stop him? You are at fault here too." Kain groaned.

I turned to Kaname and said, "What about them?" pointing over to the girls.

"We will erase their memories of this night. Yuuki, the chairman would want a report on this. I think you should do it."


It has been a few days since the incident with Hanabusa (Aidou)-sama. Dad wanted Zero and I to go into town and get some supplies and ingredients today. Once we go the supplies, we went into a little café. A waitress came by and wondered if Zero went to Cross Academy and she also commented that Zero looked as if he was in the night class. He didn't like this, and he left the café. After I finished my parfait (which I paid for so I was going to finish it) I went after him.

Only the supplies were there, on the ground next to the café.

I ran in a direction I thought was right and tried to track him down. After I ran around the town twice I decided to sit and take a breather. Then I saw a little boy with a red balloon walk by and the balloon flew into the tree. I jumped up and got the balloon for him, but once I got it, he just turned around and walked away.

So I followed him.

After about an hour, he went into this run-down, almost totally rotten house. Does he live here?

He stopped walking, and turned around and faced me, head tilted down. Then he looked me straight in the eyes.

Red eyes.

I grabbed Artemis just in time of him jumping up and I blocked him from landing on me, but he landed on Artemis. He reached out to me, looking as if he was going to scratch me, and then he jumped down and bit the part of my hand under my pinkie. I screamed out and hit him with Artemis. I ran into the abandoned building and tried to hide, but the little boy grabbed me and while I pushed him off, I tripped back into something that was not a wall. I turned my head and saw Kaname.

Why was Kaname here?

I went to turn around but then he wrapped an arm around my shoulder, across my upper chest, landing on my other shoulder, holding me back against his chest. His other hand went across my eyes. I felt a very strong gust of wind and once it stopped, he held me for a moment longer and then loosened his grip and turned me around to face him.

"Yuuki, why are you here? It is dangerous to be here alone." He said while looking at me with those sad eyes.

"I was looking for Zero."

"I see. He already went back to the Academy." Then he eyed the area where the little boy bit me.

"Oh! I should tend to that!" I took a bandage out from my pocket (you never know if you will need one when you are me) and I wrapped my hand. Then Kaname held out his hand for me to take and I reached forward and held onto it. While he was walking me home I couldn't help but feel some one was still there.

I was back home and I still couldn't find Zero. After I went to his room, I went towards the classrooms. On my way to the second floor, I saw the back of Zero at the base of the steps. I started to walk down.

"Hey, Zero. I saw one today-The beasts who take on human form. Where did you go?"

"Don't worry about me. Leave me alone!"

"Fine, but i just came to tell you that you missed another day of guarding duty!"

I turned around to go back up the stairs. The bandage that was on my hand unraveled and went towards Zero's face. Then Zero grabbed my hand and twisted me around that I was in his arms. His left arm and hand wrapped around my waist while his right hand held my chin. He tilted me head away and licked my neck. I gasped.


Something protruded into my neck.


Why? I don't remember Zero being a vampire!

Once he realized what he done, (I am guessing) he pushed me away. I felt the blood flow down my neck and I saw the blood-my blood-dripping from his mouth down his neck-and there was a lot of it.


"Yuuki…..gomenasai. Ore wa honto ni gomenasai." He apologized.

I heard footsteps coming up. "You are a disgrace to all vampires." This one moment of my past flashed back into my eyes and I knew that Kaname was going to kill Zero.

"Yamete Kaname-onii-sama!" I ran in front of Zero, holding out my arms when I became dizzy and I couldn't stand up straight. I started to fall backwards and I was caught be Kaname.

That was when I passed out.

The next time I woke up was when Kaname was wiping my neck of the blood. He told me that he gave me a transfusion because Zero sucked too much blood. Once he cleaned my wounds, he said that Zero must have bitten me with all his strength because even though the wounds were small, they were deep. It was then when I knew I had to ask the inevitable.

"I don't remember Zero being a vampire."

"The vampire that bit him was not a regular vampire, Yuuki. She was a Pureblood." I gasped. Pureblood?! Isn't that what Aidou-senpai said my blood tasted even better than theirs?

"Yuuki, are you scared of me? Of vampires?" Kaname asked and he cleared the tears that I didn't even know I had off my face.

"N-No. I could never be scared of you, Kaname-onii-sama."

"Good." He said smiling at me, but I could tell that the smile didn't reach his eyes.

(I don't think that there is much more of a special need to mention the rest of season 1 because the whole story would be just that. I am going to put a never seen part of the anime/manga-that is because I made it up! It goes with the story-it skips about a month in the future-so only one month away from her birthday!)

I really haven't feeling too good these past few days, and Zero, Kaname, Chairman (Daddy-as he wants me to call him-never going to happen) and Sayori have started to notice. I trudged my way back to my room and I noticed that Sayori was taking a nap. Once I stepped into the room, my head began to pound so hard, that it felt like it was about to split in two. It was as if an invisible force was forcing itself onto me and I couldn't take it. I let my mouth open and let out a silent scream. I closed the door and leaned back against it and slid to the ground. I held my head in my hands and I put my head between my legs. Some tears escaped my eyes and I heard something rattle. It was a glass figurine about Sayori's bed. It was shaking by itself! It started to shake harder until it shattered and the glass pieces fell around Sayori's face. Then she woke up.

"Wha…?" She said still in a slumber haze. Then she took one look at me and sobered right up.

"Oh My God! Yuuki! Are you okay? What's wrong?" My eyes were closed shut as I let out a strangled high-pitched whimper and then my eyes sprung wide as I started to pant heavily. Then I looked up at Sayori. She gasped and covered her mouth. She got up and tried to get out of the room.

"I am going to get help! Don't worry Yuuki! Oh, Dear Kami-sama please let her be alright!"

She opened the door and let out a wail for help. Through the pounding in my head, I heard footsteps running towards us. I strained myself to look up at who was there. Chairman, Kaname and Zero. Kaname and Zero looked at me with wide eyes, but the chairman almost looked like he was waiting for this to happen. Kaname picked me up and I saw a glance of myself in the mirror. I gasped. Where my eyes are usually white, they were black and where my normally wine colored eyes were, they were a bright blood red.

Just like vampire eyes.

And I was crying something red. I went up to feel-


I was crying blood.





What is this? What is happening to me?

Chairman led us to the infirmary and put me on a cot. Once Kaname laid me down, something white hot, bright, and ear piercing loud went on in my head. I screamed at a deafening pitch and I held my head tightly. A nearby vial levitated and then shattered. And then another. And then the syringe that Chairman-Kaien, had in his hand shattered. He looked surprised, as if that wasn't supposed to happen-yet. He ran and got another and ran back before it could shatter again like the last one.

Then my vision saw blood everywhere. On the walls. On Kaname. On Zero. On the chairman.

"Wh-Wha-What-t's h-happ-en-ning to-o m-e-ee?" I said, or at least tried to through the pain, as I cried tears of blood that stained the sheets on the cot. "Make it stop! It h-hurts-s! It's-s too-o m-m-much! P-please, Kaname, m-make it st-stop! On-n-nii-sama-a-a…"

Kaien shoved the syringe into one of my veins and the pain's intense burning dulled-a little. Then he sighed. "Don't worry, Yuuki. Everything will be better. You'll see." Then he took out another syringe that now had a blue liquid in it. He injected it and I felt myself begin to float.

In the black darkness, I felt myself levitating.


What was that?

Yuuki. Wake up darling.

Still in my dream world, I opened my eyes to a woman who looked exactly like me, only more motherly, thinner, and with longer hair. She had a sweet smile on her face.

Yuuki, love, how I have longed to see you! I haven't seen you in 16 years. My, you grew up so fast. You're not my little girl anymore. You are now a young woman. You are ready to be awakened.

"Awakened? What are you talking about? Who are you?"

Oh, honey. It's me, your mother. I have only been able to talk to you now to explain. Let me tell you one thing. I love you. I have loved you all this time. And I am so sorry that you have had to go through your life without us. And I am sorry that we had to make your brother forget about you. But we were looking out for you well being! Please understand.


Then a man that looked like her, and the spitting image of Kaname, appeared next to her.


Yes, darling. We are your parents. And we are sorry for not being there for you for when you needed it the most. We wish we could be there for you. But we must tell you one thing.

We are Pureblooded Vampires.

What?! Purebloods? But wouldn't that make me a…?

And yes. You are one too.

I have no idea what that blue stuff is btw, i made it up.....yuppers!

That is the end of chapter 1! Now the next chapter will continue where we left off from here. Yes, I know that this is mostly a recap from almost the entire first season (minus Shizuka and Ichiru). That is how I wanted it. This is from the beginning, from when she was 5. The only difference at that point is that Kaname DID NOT know her. Only Kaien knows who she is and the whole story. This will be getting interesting. She doesn't need the bite of Kaname to awaken her vampire self-it's doing it on its own. That is what Juuri wanted to happen. On her sixteenth birthday, she will awaken as Kuran Yuuki. Her powers /vampire self are starting to awaken so that is what is happening! AND JUURI had done this-about Yuuki and Kaname not remembering-because she wanted to protect Yuuki from Rido any way she could-that included suppressing Kaname's memories of Yuuki until she becomes a vampire.

I hope that all of my ANs didn't make you want to not read this anymore! This is my first VK fic and I want it to be successful. I want this more than I have on every one of my twilight fics. I think…

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