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Yuuki POV-

Training is as rigorous as ever. To feel like I am not going to die, I need 2 bottles of blood-one bottle of Kaname's blood, and one made from blood tablets.

And not to mention that since we aren't doing anything with magic at the moment, just hand-to-hand combat, that Yagari decided that we go do it outside in the courtyard, where everyone can see! They see me beating the shit out of Yagari, and then they see him beating me up too. I swear I see people placing bets.

Later that day, he took me down to this basement thing and showed me my newest power. I was able to clap my hands together, say 'checkmate' and once my hands are separated, ten pins are between them, and I will be able to hit ten Level D or E vampires in the heart within a 1 mile radius, instantly killing them. He had a couple of dummies that had some blood of Level D or E vampires that the hunters killed in the past, on them. I 'checkmated' and no matter what directions I threw them at, the ceiling, Yagari, the door, etc, they all turned and hit the dummies.

If I say so myself, I think I am getting pretty good with using the powers that I have so far. Now if only I could get that one setting that he does to me good…


I have secretly watching Yuuki. I feel that there is something wrong with her ever since that last day that we were face to face. I also follow her….*cough* stalker… and I see her with Yagari fighting, and he beats her so hard. And I also followed them to the underground thing….and I hear strange things…I wonder if she is getting hurt. I hear them coming to the door and I run out of there and hide behind the nearest tree. I follow her back to the moon dorm. Well, at least she is safe at the dorm.

I am about to go away, back to my empty dorm, but then the lights turn on in the sitting room, and I cant resist looking in. I see Yuuki and Kaname are there, alone, and she is sitting on his lap only in a short nightgown, and he is wearing silk pajama pants and a shirt that is completely open. They are kissing. I feel myself blush intruding on this intimate moment but there is something that won't let me pull away, like there is something compelling me to look.

I see Kaname pull back, and he leans down to her neck, and he opens his mouth. I see…fangs…. protruding from his mouth and he bites into her neck. I gasp and close my eyes. Once I open my eyes again, his face is back to where it was originally. Then he leans in again and licks up a little dribble of blood that was left and she takes her finger and traced a bit that escaped his lips and puts her finger in her mouth.

Then I see Yuuki lean down, and she bites him with her fangs! What? When? How? I can't believe it! I don't believe it!

I take a few steps back, and I walk into something-or someone. Takuma, Hanabusa, Akatsuki, Shiki, Rima, and Ruka are all there, looking at me with a sinister look in their eyes.

I turn away to run, but Hanabusa and Akatsuki grab both my arms and drag me into the moon dorm.

As they drag me in, I see that Yuuki and Kaname are already going up the stairs. I still struggle to free myself and they turn around to see the commotion. Hanabusa and Akatsuki throw me down and then force me into a chair, and somehow, Hanabusa is doing something to my feet and they feel so very cold….

Kaname and Yuuki sit on the couch facing the chair I was in, and then there was a silence that was awkward, the tension smothering.

Yuuki stands up and comes towards me. As she is only a few inches away from me, I reach up and slap her across the face. My eyes widen and I hear everyone, along with myself, gasp. She looks over at me with a look of understanding. Then Hanabusa pipes up.

"How dare you slap her! You low-life! Why you miserable little—. "He shut up when Kaname raised his hand in a notion to shut up. But that was not the end of Hanabusa. He grabbed the hand that slapped Yuuki and all of a sudden, it was frozen! Then he raised his hand, and his destination was my frozen arm-he was going to break it into a million pieces. He brought his arm down in a karate chop, and I squeaked in fear, awaiting the pain.

It never came.

Yuuki's eyes were glowing a deep purple as she held her hand out, and I looked over at Hanabusa. He was not moving at all, except for his eyes, almost as if this was a video and someone pressed pause.

"Don't you touch her Hanabusa."

I heard Yuuki say with such authority in her voice, and she was pushing her arm, which looked so tight and strong, down, and Hanabusa followed her arm. Then she turned to me and she put her hand over my frozen arm and it melted away. Her eyes returned to normal and then she pulled me up and she hugged me. I hugged her back with as much fierce and vigor as I could, and then I broke down crying.

"What's wrong, Sayori-chan?" she asked.

I push her away. "What is wrong? How can you ask that? After what I just experienced, after what I saw? I knew you were hiding something from me, but I couldn't have imagined that it was something so strange. I mean, I saw you with fangs. You too, Kuran-sama. And then I was frozen to a chair..? How is this all possible? And you can't deny it or make me think I was crazy. There is no way that I imagined all of this. I expect a full explanation!" I shouted.

The others looked like that they wanted to speak out and yell at me, but Kaname said, "Do not go against Yuuki. She already punished Aidou; does she need to punish all of you?" They all sat back and shut up.

"Okay then, Yori-chan, what do you want to know?"


"Where do you want me to start?"

"At the beginning."

She sighed. Then once she opened her mouth, she explained everything that I didn't think of. It was crazy! SHE, my best friend, is the queen of the vampires? She has to kill her uncle? She is to marry Kaname who is also her brother to keep her blood really pure? This is incredible! Zero was also a vampire? Okay, that is just weird. And the whole moon dorm was too? Hmm, I guess that is understandable.

She finished her story and I pondered the truck load of information that I just received.

I looked up and said the one thing that I don't think she was expecting me to say.

"Okay then. With that, I just want to say that I want to be turned into a vampire. And I want you to do it."

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