Iron Man

Can't help but wait- Trey Songs i got my inspiration from it. enjoy my first fanfic

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Tony sat on the curb watching Pepper holding hands with her boyfriend on the other side. He can't help but say "He's not right for her all he ever does is cheat on her and lie to her face saying he doesn't."

Rhodey came up behind him and chuckled at what he heard.

"Tony, He's still lying to her." Rhodey sat beside him while people and cars kept going on with their life.

"I know, Rhodey, I hate that she doesn't deserve that."

"She doesn't but you don't want to break them up and she be mad at you. She doesn't know, Tony, She's blinded by love."

Across the street Pepper and her boyfriend walk around while she goes on with her usual babble.

"Oh my gosh then, Tony, came up and was-"

"Would you shut up already?"

"What's your problem?"

"My problem is you. You won't ever shut up Pepper." He grabbed her arm and pushed her on the cold, hard ground.

She turned to him with tears streaming out her eyes.

Tony and Rhodey looked as they saw Pepper with tears yelling at her 'boyfriend' with him yelling right back at her and then slapped her. (For all you fellas hitting a girl is not cool it just makes you a jerk and a dumb ace to even do it in the first place.) Tony and Rhodey ran over there to stop him from doing any worse to her.

"What is wrong with you? In no place on earth does it say your allowed to go and hit a girl.." Rhodey went on while Tony took Pepper in to an alley away from there. They sat in quiet except for her sobbing in her shirt.

"Pepper are you ok?"

"I am now thanks Tony just proves how much you guys care for me not like him."

"Pepper why even stay with him he's been cheating on you with every girl in school. Everyone's noticed."

"I wish I would have listened to you guys earlier and don't worry Tony it's way over between me and that…that…"

"Maniac." Tony said and got a good laugh out of Pepper and the evening went out basically like that and eventually Rhodey came along to join in the laughter.

Well thats my first fanfic read and reveiw but please dont be to harsh on me.