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My 35th Alice and Jasper story :)

They don't know her like I do

Small, fragile and energetic. Those would be the common words that come to mind when people think of Alice and I doubt most would bother to think beyond that, but that's only because they don't know her.

Her level of determination is unmatched. Hell she spent twenty-eight years looking for me. A depressed scar redden soldier who had nothing to offer. But that's just like Alice; she sees only the good in people.

Then there are something's about her that would surprise other people, like the fact that she does not always see the good in herself. Those moments are few and far between, but they do happen. She carries insecurities about her own body, something I find absurd while at the same time understanding her feelings, due to my own body issues. She worries that she's too thin, too short, that her hair is not long enough. While most men would be angered or hurt thinking the girl thinks him shallow I know it has nothing to do with me, it all has to do with how she sees herself. She never worried about it until she started school and a group of girls had said some things not knowing she could hear them. I had wanted to go kill those girls.

Then there was the whole issue with her past. It was never a huge issue as Alice always lived in future, but when James shared what he knew she began to worry about it. She worried that she had done something wrong, something bad to deserve being locked up and put through hell. I tried to reassure her there was no way she could have been true she simply did not have a bad bone in her body. When she dealt with that she began to worry about something that was harder to comfort, knowing that she had been completely alone until she met me.

That cut her deep. She always imagined that at lest her parents had missed her and when they considered her dead five years before her heart had stopped beating she knew that was not true; and that when she did die no one would have really cared. Then if something had happened to her while looking for me no one would have known, and I tried to help as best as I could. It was odd trying to comfort her about her past when I could not even deal with my own, but just like my Alice she bounced right back.

It is not like her to stay sad, she's far too strong for that. I wish I had her strength; she's one of the strongest people I know. She never lets anything bother her for long, something I truly admire.

I'd hate to think where I would be without her.

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