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They always ask the same question and it always hits him the same way "you got kids agent Gibbs?" He didn't have flesh and blood anymore. He looks around at the assembled team under his command, and realizes that in a way he does have kids.

Three of them are part of his MCRT and the other two are in forensics and autopsy. He shakes his head at the thought of Palmer being one of his kids, but the young man is gradually making his presence known not only in autopsy but also in their lives.

Abby is the one closest in age to his beloved Kelly. Admittedly the Goth does have a few more tattoos than he'd ever thought to see on his daughter, but she is the closest thing to a daughter he has aside from Ziva. The former Mossad agent is adapting well to the US of A. and the day that she announced that she wants to become one of its citizens, well yeah he had felt a tremendous amount of pride that day.

Then there's the boys Tim and Tony. Tim admittedly has a family that he can always go home to, but the youngest agent on his team is still someone that he feels responsible for and is a little in awe of too. The way Tim works his way around a computer makes him feel like a dinosaur some days, but he's grown into a fine field agent despite being a computer geek.

And then there's Tony. The former cop reminds him of himself in so many different ways. If he didn't know better he'd have sworn Tony actually was his son. Of course meeting DiNozzo Sr. cleared a few things up. He'd wanted to beat the holy living crap out of the sob when it was clear that the other man had no real clue as to what Tony the man was like today. At first glance it might appear that the apple truly hadn't fallen far from the tree, but having worked with Tony and then talking to his dad, Gibbs knows that the man he works with is a much better man than the one who shared his name with him.

DiNozzo Sr. is a shallow imitation of his son if the truth be known. The junior DiNozzo has more character in his pinkie than senior could ever dream of. And now look where Tony is. More than a cop, he's Gibbs right hand man and senior field agent.

Ducky he wont count as a kid, an uncle, or a brother maybe, but the ME is definitely a friend and definitely family. So now he knows another answer to that never ending question. Yes he has kids, yes he has a family and they know or he hopes they know that he sees them that way too.