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Why Me?

Chapter 2: The Flashback.

A small kit is curled up asleep.

She has one black ear, three black socks, on sock that is black striped with grey and a black tail. The rest of her body is in varying shades of tan. Her face is hidden.

Her black ear twitches.

Her name is Caller. She is a cocky young kitten of five years.

My name is Caller. I was a cocky young kit about to be awakened to the reality of the world.

"Caller! Caller wake up!"

"Lonzy, go'way, 'm sleepin'!"

"But it's time to make our friendship pledge!" he whined. I opened one yellow eye and glared at the small black'n'white Tom in front of me.

"Wes a-mades the pledge last month!"

"Yeah but now we gots ta do it 'gain, cos we gots ta introduce Quax inta it!"

"Fine, fine I'm gettsing up!" I got up and stretched. Alonzo grabbed my paw and pulled me off to wake the others.

There were six of us kittens at the Hidden Paw HQ. Me and Plato were the oldest, followed by Alonzo and Mungo who were four and then Mungo's sister, Teazah who turned four a few months ago. Alonzo's brother Quaxo was just turning three. The age we introduced the kittens into our friendship club.

We reached our 'secret' hideout and got into a circle. Plato beckoned Quaxo to him.

"Dos you promise ta upholds our rules an' follow our traditions?" he asked the small kitten.

"I will," Quaxo sat down in-between the calico kittens.

"Let's begin," I said. We all joined paws.

"Wes promises ta always be friends," said Plato.

"Wes promises ta never fight wiv one another," I said.

"No matter tha circumstances," added Alonzo.

"Wes will sticks up for ones another," began Mungo.

"Ands always be there for ones another," finished Teazah.

Quaxo spoke the binding words: "Forever friends – forever family,"

"Forever friends – forever family!" we chanted.

"Whats going on here?" asked a voice behind me.

"Wake up. Wake up! WAKE UP!"

"Huh?" I opened my eyes.

"Ouch!" I shrieked. "My 'ead sill 'urts!"

"I'm not surprised," said the cat in front of me. He was mainly brown but there were streaks of black and grey through his fur.

"Where am I?" I asked.

"In the pound,

"My names Admetus," he said holding out his paw. I took it.

"Caller," I replied. "How long were I out?"

"About four hours," he said. "You were talking, in your sleep. You said things like 'Go'way' and 'No fighting' and 'Forever friends – forever family!' things like that,"

"Why'd ya wake meh?"

"Humans are coming to look at us,"

"Look at us?" I was confused. I'd never been in a pound before.

"They look at us and sometimes they adopt us!"

"How long have you been here?" Admetus thought for a minute.

"A week," Just then the humans came.

A small boy ran up to our cage.

"That one Mummy!" he exclaimed pointing at Admetus. So off he went.

A few hours later a teenaged girl came up to my cage.

"I'll have you,"