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Ok! First little drabble thingy. This was something I wrote in English class. It was an exercise where we had to vary our sentence length--a senquence of 8 words, 16 words, 5 words, 12 words--repeated five times. The teacher allowed us to use superheroes. I had fun.

Why, Flash wondered, was Jinx talking to Fire? He had forgotten the hex-girl, honestly; put her out of his mind when the Titans disbanded. Jinx was his past crush. What in the world was she doing talking to his present one? Why was she here, at J.L. headquarters, anyway? Non-leaguers weren't allowed up here, not after that one event with that crazy time traveling guy. Did she blow up security? No, he decided, the alarms would've gone off, and, well, they hadn't. So why wasn't she being accosted by anyone?

His doom was approaching quickly; he could feel it with every hyper-charged, hyper-stimulated neuron. Now what would Fire think? Yeah, she'd seemed interested before—before Jinx had come around. Who knew what she would say about him? What if Fire thought that Jinx was still his girlfriend and stopped talking to him completely? His eyes darted between them. What in the name of Hera could they possibly be laughing about? The much boasted Fastest Man Alive fidgeted nervously.

Hawkgirl surveyed the situation, slowly shaking her head at the normally cocky speedster's uncharacteristically anxious behavior. It was just sad, really. Why couldn't the boy just grow up an grow a spine?

Hee!~ I really like this one myself and so did my teacher. See, I love Teen Titans and I love Justice League (the newer versions in particular), and I love Wally West. Since he likes Jinx in TT and Fire in JL, I've always wondered what it would be like if they met each other, and what Flash would think about it. I threw in the bit with Hawkgirl at the end because I lovelovelove the episode where he's freaking out over Fire and Hawkgirl is wondering what's wrong with him and why he doesn't just ask the girl out already. Ha~I love Hawkgirl. One of my fave girl characters on the show. Anyway! Reviews would be nice, but..... maybe just a flame or two? It's cold where I am right now.....

P.S. I realized why the comic book authors emphasize practically every other word. It annoyed me slightly before, but now I think I understand. It just seems to fit.