I...I didn't realize just how short this was. T.T

This one's dedicated to the reviewers who told me I should continue this story-I would never have even considered it otherwise.


Jinx grinned.

She didn't have to be a telepath to know that Wally's thoughts were racing even more than usual. Didn't need to ask what they were about, either. She knew him too well.

She'd distanced herself slowly from the boy when it had become apparent that they were growing apart.

He hadn't known it then, of course. Though his brilliant mind was always miles ahead of everyone else, he could be terribly dense sometimes.

Then again, she probably wasn't giving him enough credit. He was immensely preoccupied, after all.

In fact, she wasn't entirely certain how she had become aware of it. It just hit her one day, and she had decided to take cautious steps in that direction, so Flash wouldn't notice.

It had worked out. She'd enjoyed the freedom—she had, after all, been under someone else's direction all her life. First it had been her parents, then H.I.V.E.; she'd been tied to a group of idiot boys afer that, and then Flash …he was nice, but she'd needed some time on her own. Time to figure out her own identity, without the influence of others.

And she'd liked it. It had been something of a thrill, this journey of self0discovery she'd been on all these years. She'd needed it.

Funny thing, though—she'd always thought Flash would be waiting for her to when she came back.