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Well, anyway, the inspiration for this chapter came from a wet, rainy day. I love rainy days, so today I was just silently appreciating it, when I felt the urge to write this chapter. Rain has a funny way of doing that to me. Maybe because it's so beautiful. ^-^ Especially when it's dark and there's a soft glow from the streetlamps which illuminate the puddles-okay I'll stop there. XD

Enjoy this ridiculously short chapter~! c:


A siren wailed overhead. Its urgency dealt anyone within its call the incentive to wonder, wonder if maybe, just maybe, the victim was a loved one of their own. It never seemed to happen, of course. Yet one person was always a victim of the news. There was always one, and sadly, accidents were so common nowadays that everyone had the opportunity to be that victim.

The cry of the siren echoed in Elena's head. She was torn inside, knowing that she possessed no means of comfort to offer Reno. He had made a mistake, as all good Turks did, yet she knew that no amount of reassuring could help settle him. He was as stubborn as a mule and as ignorant as a fool.

There was a sudden chilling change in the crisp, late autumn air that instinctively brought Elena inches closer to Reno. The atmosphere, despite being sullen, was as fresh as the cool sensation of a breath mint in the morning. Elena felt revitalized. The new knowledge she had gained sunk deep into her mind like a pen on paper. Gerard, Sierra, everything.

She squeezed Reno's arm. "We're going to make this right, Reno. Believe me."

He half turned to her, giving her a clear view of the long red hair soaked against his pale face. Elena was suddenly aware of her own long hair, which she was certain made her look like a drowned rat. She blew on a loose strand of hair, smiling at the thought of the two of them sitting there in the pouring rain, looking like right idiots.

Reno seemed to have noticed, because his mouth had twitched into a half smile. "If I didn't know better, I'd say you'd never heard of a blow dryer," He stood up slowly and ruffled Elena's matted blonde hair. "Cute, Elena, cute."

Elena watched him leave the park before heading back to meet Rude, whilst sleep threatened to overrule her body. She knew that Reno was destined for Tifa's. She also knew that he would be very late for work.


'Beep beep. Beep beep. Beep be-'

Sinking deeper into her warm, comfortable mattress, Elena unconsciously reached for her mortal enemy the alarm clock and threw it at the wall. She had never been more exhausted. Dreams of sleep and prancing chocobos roamed throughout her mind, and anything besides this was completely irrelevant. Especially work.

Moments later, she slinked back into a deep sleep. Until the darkness brightened and a small, soft set of fingers lightly tapped her on the cheek.

"Mmm," Elena mumbled, tossing in defiance at the annoyance trying to stir her. "Not now…"


The voice was that of a child's. It succeeded in rousing her with its familiarity. Somehow, she knew that voice.

"Laney, c'mon, wake up!" The girl tapped vigorously on her cheek, seemingly determined to awaken the sleeping rock.

Elena gave in and slowly forced her eyes open. She winced as rays of harsh light attempted to blind her. Her vision was blurred and weak up to the point where she decided she was either going blind, headed for heaven, or dreaming. However, the reality was none of these.

When her eyes adjusted to the lighting of her bedroom, the first thing she saw was the face of a 10 year old girl. If it weren't for her honey blonde hair, she would have thought it Marlene. Yet as she took in her face, she knew she were anything but. The girl had dazzling sapphires for eyes and the smile of an angel. Her face was well framed by her blonde bangs, encompassing a long ponytail. She looked as innocent as ever, yet despite her familiar voice; Elena had never laid eyes upon the girl.

"Who…who are you?" Elena mumbled, rubbing her tired brown eyes. "And what are you doing in my house!"

The girl took a step back, tucking her bangs behind her ears. "You really are Elena…"

Elena frowned and sat up in her bed, suddenly concerned and confused. "I am…Now answer my questions."

Half-frightened, the girl nodded. Tears were welling up in her cold, shivering eyes. In a voice shrouded with loneliness, she whispered, "You don't remember me? I'm your little sister, Liesey."

That'll have to do for now. I've had this none-too-great chapter stowed away in my fanfiction folder for months now, and I'm not feeling very inspired at the moment to continue it. I'm not saying I won't, though :D

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