Keizer Ghidorah looked up and yawned. The Gyaos were fighting each other over a pile of cow carcasses. He had gotten bored waiting for a year until the Gyaos had grown to a size worthy of fighting the Kaiju Humans. He heard giant footsteps he turned and saw Irys walking toward him.

I believe my Gyaos are ready to commence fighting.

He said telepathically. Keizer Ghidorah stretched his wings.

Yes, I believe so as well. I want to end all of those Kaiju Humans' lives. I want to crush Godzilla's very will to live. I will tear his heart out and eat it, then savor his blood leaking out of the sides of my mouth.

He finished telepathically. He gave a hysterical roaring laugh. Irys roared in approval. It had been a while since he had fought. He had gone into hiding with what was left of his Gyaos brothers (there was only ten) after a dramatic battle with Gamera long ago. He had been in the dormant volcano waiting for an opportunity. He knew that Gamera was now locked up inside a mere human and that even though the human had his powers he wouldn't be a match. Irys roared again, he knew with Keizer Ghidorah the time to strike was dawning on him. The world would crumble in flames beneath him.


Troy gave the policeman a shrug, "I don't care what you say officer, I wasn't speeding. I was going at a steady limit of 95 miles per hour." The policeman shook his head in anger, "For the last time, the speed limit was 65! I'm going to take you in because this is your third offense!" he finished. Troy thought. "Well, my friend George Washington might have something different to say." He said, handing the police officer the $1 bill. The policeman looked dumbfounded at the weak bribe. "Son, step out of the vehicle…You also have the right to shut up." Troy sighed. He stepped out of the car. The police officer handcuffed Troy. Troy sighed again and broke the handcuffs with a little tug.

The policeman looked at Troy then back at the broken handcuffs. Troy smiled; he knew the policeman didn't have a spare. The policeman gave a grunt. He gave Troy a ticket and drove away. Troy dropped the ticket on the street and got back in his car. He drove to his house. It had been a year since Megaguirus and Battra had attacked. He was now 16 years old and had just gotten his driver license. He and his friends occasionally went to the wilderness next to the mountains, transformed, and fought so they could keep in shape because Gigan and his crew rarely attacked anymore. Mera's strength had doubled and rivaled even Troy's. They usually fought one on one for fun but in the end, Troy usually came out on top unless Mera struck a lucky blow. Mera respected Troy though and Troy respected Mera back. They were both the Earth's guardians and they knew that they could count on one another in a fight.

Right now, Troy was entering his house. He looked around and saw the usual; his friends were sitting down watching TV, or trying to watch TV because Ang and Rod were fighting for the control. Troy shook his head. He grabbed the remote which Ang was still clinging on to, and lifted it up into the air, with Ang dangling. Ang huffed and let go of the remote. He landed and sat down on one of the couches. Troy flipped the channel to MTV and then left it.

"Sooooooooooo…" Rod said, breaking the silence. "I uh……ordered pizza…" he said. Troy just nodded. There wasn't really much going on nowadays. Troy flipped the channel to the news. "Let's see if there is anything going on." He said. The reporter looked at the camera, "There have been reports on some activity going on in the Volcano about fifteen miles away from town. We all know that it has been dormant for fifty years. It is said that there is nothing to worry about but you might want to take extra precautions just in case."

Troy scratched his head. "Let's go check out that volcano all right? You know, for fun, there's nothing better to do." He said. His friends were up for it. They all climbed on Rod's back and they were off. It took a couple of minutes for Rod to get to the volcano. Troy and his friends climbed off Rod's back. They looked around. It was hot and steamy inside the volcano. Rod was about to power down into human form but was suddenly jumped from behind. He turned and saw a Gyaos looking dead at him. Nine more appeared and roared loudly. Troy and his friends transformed and went beside Rod. They roared back. Then there was an even louder roar. Two actually. A Kaiju with blade looking arms floated down from above. A huge three headed dragon flew down hard. His impact shook the volcano.

Troy and his friends backed up. Troy could feel the power from these two new Kaiju. Then he realized that the big three headed dragon was Ghidorah. But how did he get so big, scary, and different looking? Keizer Ghidorah roared.

Finally. You pathetic Kaiju Humans have arrived. I have been waiting for this.

He said with drool seeping out of his mouth. Troy roared.

How did you become like this Ghidorah…?

Keizer Ghidorah roared disapprovingly.

It is Keizer Ghidorah now. And I drained all the power from Monster X's corpse. His power is mine now. My power has more than triplified and I am now your worst nightmare.

He said telepathically. Then with a roar, he launched himself at the Kaiju Humans, ready to kill them all.