Honey Clouds

Summary: His presence forced the breath out of me. As soon as he smiled, I knew what was wrong. He was the teacher. I was the student. These things were never mean to be. SasuHina

Disclaimer: Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto

Story of a Girl

It was always the same with these stories.

Boy meets girl.

Attraction evolves into infatuation, turning quickly into a flaming passion and wrapped up with painful sorrow and heartbreak.




That's how it always happens, from beginning to end, from generation to generation. No relationship is normal, nothing happens the way it's portrayed in those beautiful fairy tales. Nothing more than real life can shatter the perfect world of a child. Nothing can be as devastating as a broken heart.

Nothing can be as cruel as love.

Hinata Hyuga ran up the steps of Konoha High in a flurry, putting one step in front of another, tapping on the tile steps. As she turned another curve, the butterflies in her chest threatened to choke her and the short plaid skirt that barely reached mid-thigh flew up and down. With a red face and a pounding heart, she stopped right in front of the classroom door, hesitating before the closed wooden door. She was late. On the first day of school. What would they think?

Slowly, she tugged the door open, almost dying of embarrassment when it caught on a rough spot and refused to open. The people inside were quiet, and twenty-one pairs of eyes were staring at the door. Quelling a sudden, mad desire to dash down the hallway, down the stairs and out the front gate, she pulled the door open and stumbled into the room.


A shower of white dust enveloped her face, leaving her coughing and waving her arms wildly in front of her. The stillness of the room broke into loud, heaving laughter. Even with her eyes closed she could guess what had just happened. An eraser had just fallen onto her head. A dumb, chalk-filled, old, musty blackboard eraser had just fallen on her head. What a spectacle she must be. All her books were on the floor, thrown away when she was surprised by the old-school trick.

Blinking away tears, she brushed the dust-filled bangs out of her face, gathered her books, and hurried to the empty chair in the left corner of the room. She straightened up the mess that was her books and waited for the lesson to begin, not daring to look up at the teacher. The class passed by slowly, as she was listening to the teacher drone on about calculus and stopping every two minutes to scold the whole class for not listening. This concept of math was utterly foreign to her, and the spitballs and insults flying over her head weren't exactly help with her concentration. Nevertheless, the clock kept ticking and time kept passing as she struggled to complete the assigned problems and take notes on the lecture. At least listening in class didn't require her to think. It was in this fashion that she spent the whole day, stopping only to eat lunch sparingly from the homemade bento made the night before.

Only when the last bell rang and she started to pack up her books did she remember the embarrassment that she had suffered earlier at the hands of her classmates. That familiar, horrible feeling came back into her stomach and her breaths came out in short gasps as she fought the tears that had started to well up a full hour ago. Her hands fumbled and the stacked up binders slid to the floor. Just before she knelt down to get it, a shadow covered her and another hand gathered up the binders and handed them to her. She followed the hand, looking timidly through her bangs at her mysterious rescuer.

It was a tall, blond student. His clear blue eyes sparkled with mischief. Hinata had seen him from somewhere. Oh! She thought, He's Uzumaki Naruto! Now she knew who he was. Uzumaki Naruto, famous class-clown and leader of the school delinquents. That eraser trick earlier was probably his doing.

"Um, sorry for that trick earlier," he scratched the back of his head noncommittally, "Um, it was just a joke. Don't take it too seriously." Her mouth fell open as she stared at him. Her mind was a total blank.

He smiled at her, "Hey, you're pretty cute! You want to go out for a drink or something after school?" Before she could bring up the nerve to stutter a reply, another shadow fell over them.

"Actually, Uzumaki-san here will be serving detention with me for the next few weeks for this prank and the ones from last year. He, unfortunately, will have absolutely no time to accommodate a girlfriend."

"Aww man! Sasuke-kuuuuun, you can't doooo this to meeee –", Naruto started to whine at the interloper. Hinata followed his eyes…to the most beautiful man she'd ever seen. His black hair and pale skin was the direct opposite of her companion's blonde hair and tanned skin. The obsidian eyes behind fashionable square glasses seemed amused.

"Would you like a few more hundred hours of community service with that?" His eyes narrowed and the most frightening smile Hinata had ever seen appeared on his face. "Punk. Call me 'Sasuke' or 'Sasuke-kun' or anything similar to that and I'll castrate you. Slowly."

"Woah – okay – no! I mean, yeah, I…uh…won't do stuff like that again, um, sir!" Naruto smiled nervously and held both hands up in defeat. After an awkward glance at the teacher and shifting around his backpack strap, he ran out the room. After he was a sufficient distance from the classroom door, she heard him shout, "We'll drink some other time, Hinata-chaaaaan!" She rolled her eyes ever so slightly. That boy was an idiot – and heartless, because he had left her all alone with this, this person. She didn't even dare look up at him who had just made the school's model delinquent run fearing for his life. Quickly gathering the binders to her chest, she stood up, trying to leave – and bumped into him. She flinched. Was he going to yell at her? Or kill her? Anything was possible.

"I'm not going to eat you," she heard him state dryly. "I prefer voluptuous, sexy girls who don't cry because of one little prank."

Was he making a joke? She peeked up at him through her bangs. He looked so positively serious that it seemed impossible that he was joking. When he stared back at her, she ducked again and mumbled, "Um…I have to get going, uh…" Who was he again?

"Um…uh…" She kept stuttering, who was he again? He's a teacher…but, WHO?!

"I'm Uchiha-sensei, and you would know that if you paid more attention in class today, Hyuga-san." Her eyes widened. Her homeroom teacher! She had been so busy looking down and feeling miserable and didn't notice him at all. "I trust you'll pay more attention from now on, and we can both forget about this conversation."

She nodded hurriedly, wanting to end this conversation as soon as possible and escape to the safety of home. Away, away from this beautiful scary man.

"Say something, Hyuga-san. It's also customary to look at someone they're talking to you," he sounded annoyed. Kami, was he going to hit her? "Stop trembling like a small field mouse. You're not really worth eating, anyhow."

"Ah, um…" She stuttered, not really knowing how to respond. Suddenly, she felt cool hands cupping her chin and jerking her head up. His smooth, poreless face was just inches away from her own. She could feel her face heating up rapidly. His own features were perfectly molded, like a faultless sculpture come to life. He smiled. Her head spun at the mere way her heart pounded.

"See, that wasn't so bad, was it?" He took away her hand as she pushed him aside and ran out the door. Chuckling silently to himself at his new extremely timid pupil, Sasuke Uchiha-sensei made his way to his desk and started packing up for the day, reminding himself to compliment Naruto on his good taste.

Hinata smiled as she stretched her aching arms and closed her English workbook, placing it atop the pile of binders neatly piled on her desk. It was 9:30 and her head was buzzing from the mountain of homework she had somehow completed before midnight. Teachers had given out extensive review assignments; as if one month had been enough to forget anything – not to mention the infuriating homework that had also been assigned. It wasn't as if Hinata Hyuga had friends to hang out with or a boyfriend to spend time with. She did go to Paris once, but it was only because her younger sister needed to a chaperone.

Now she was in Tokyo, living by herself in an unnecessarily large condo that her father had insisted on purchasing for her, attending high school and enjoying the prime of her life. Well, she was supposed to be, at least. Just like back at home, there was nothing to do, except look out the floor to ceiling windows of her living room and wondering what the ant-like people below were thinking. Was the person in orange hurrying home to cook dinner? What that fashionista in black heels walking to a modeling agency? She enjoyed vicarious thrills from thinking about those people and their more interesting lives. But their lives didn't interest her for long – they only reminded her of the loneliness that surrounded her. Kami, she was so bored and lonely she could die.

Jamming orange earbuds into her ears, she clicked open her iPod, set the music on full volume and sat onto the plushy couch in her living room. Nothing to do, nothing to think about…except school, the only time she ever came in close contact with any other humans. There hadn't really been anything worth mentioning about the day; it had been dull, just like it had been in Osaka, her real home. At least there she knew everyone and she was safe from random pranks.

Tokyo was a big, bustling city that never slept, everyone always had something to do. Life was really unfair sometimes.

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