A/N: So this really wasn't supposed to be written, but a friend of mine asked about the teachers as well as Slytherin66. So I had an idea and ran with it.

The Snape Experience

Professor Snape walked into his Potions classroom to find the children conspiring. Ever since that morning when Dumbledore announced the preposterous "Pass Along A Hug Day" the students had been tittering.

All this good cheer put Professor in a mood worse than his usual bad mood.

It made him wish for the good ol' days when the houses kept to themselves and everyone was fine with it. Sure there was always rivalry, but because of some positively horrid Gryffindors causing trouble for his Slytherin students, that meddling headmaster thought it was best for the students to "hug it out."

HA! Like that would solve anything.

Hugs were useless. Snape couldn't remember the last time he had been hugged, and look, he was just fine without them.

Now he had to deal with the blasted Hufflepuffs, the cause for his even more foul mood.

Snape pointed his wand and caused a student's cauldron to explode, calling attention to the class.

"No more chattering. There will be no more talk of hugs in this class."

Snape ruled with an iron tongue and wand.

The class came to an end, and Snape was too preoccupied with collecting potions, that he didn't notice the sidelong glances certain students were giving each other.

"Professor Snape?"

Snape turned to find the second year Hufflepuffs looking up at him.

"What is it now?"

"We just want you to know that you deserve this more than anyone at this entire school."

Snape squinted his eyes trying to understand what they were talking about when he suddenly found many small 12 year old arms wrapping around his body.

Snape was so shocked, he lost all sense of space and time, and only came to when he processed a flash bulb burning his eyes. Colin Creevey, that blasted Gryffindor and his bloody camera.

Snape became so enrage, strength previously unknown flowed through his veins and the poor students flew from his body. Panic striking their small features.

Only, their faces didn't stay panicked. One by one, the students started snickering.

Snape was sputtering, trying to get words out, only his brain completely failed him.

He looked down at his robes and found a dozen bright yellow HUG badges all over him.

Snape flew down the corridors, seriously, he was moving so fast his feet barely touched the ground.

He stormed his way to the gargoyle statue marking Dumbledore's office and nearly blew the statue away with the force of his yelling.

As he bounded down the stairs, he missed a step and nearly fell on his face in his haste to reach Dumbledore.

Barging through the door, he found the headmaster sitting at his desk.

Dumbledore looked up to find a furious Snape covered in HUG badges.

The headmaster couldn't hide his mirth as he burst with laughter.

"This is not funny!" Snape screamed. "Teachers were not supposed to be involved! What is the meaning of this?"

Dumbledore tried to slow his breathing to answer the enraged potions master.

"You were the exception."

"And why, pray tell, was I the exception?" Snape asked through gritted teeth.

"Because it would make a great picture!" Dumbledore exclaimed, laughter once again flowing. "I – hahahaha – can't believe – aheeheeheehee – that they actually did it it! Ahahahahahaha!" Dumbledore was holding his stomach at this point.

"You knew this was going to happen? This is ridiculous, get these blasted things off me now!" Snape cried.

"Ahahaha – I can't! They won't come off until the day is done. Hehehe..."

Snape looked absolutely mortified.

"I'm sorry, my dear boy." Dumbledore apologized. "But you need to live a little."

Snape saw the twinkle in the headmaster's eye and sneered. He would not be eating dinner in the Great Hall that night.

Time passed, and while there were rumors of the incident, the Hufflepuffs never chalked up to it again. Snape had deducted enough points to put the poor badgers into the negative. Out of fear of more points knocked off, the students kept quiet. It became an urban legend. Some would say they saw fire blazing from Snape's robes as he ran through the halls. Others claimed Snape threatened the students lives if they ever spoke again.

Soon enough, the end of the year had come, and it was time for the seventh years to head off into the sunset. It was during the final dinner that something curious happened. A Hogwart's owl came flying in with a package and headed straight for Professor Snape.

There was no sender.

Snape pulled the ribbon slowly, only for it to burst open and confetti fly across the room. Only it wasn't confetti. It was pictures. Hundreds of pictures and they all displayed the same thing:

Snape receiving the best hug he would ever get.