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A/N: Ha I know these kinda suck. But I hope this one's better than the last. It's a little awkward, I wrote this chappy story when I wasn't paying attention and didn't realize her trial was in the day time :[. So basically, here are simple story plot changes. Her trial was at night, and when she passed out, they took her back to her cell and saved the rest of the trial for the next day. Kay? Kay. Reviews pleaseee.

"Mrs. Hart's behavior has been truly extraordinary. Opening her eyes, she fans herself with the attorney's handkerchief."

Velma Kelly froze. "…Handkerchief?" She inhaled her cigarette. It's probably just a coincidence, she told herself. Sure, Billy may have used part of her 'show,' but he wouldn't possibly…

"…she looks around now, seeming to want something. It's a glass of water!"

Velma stood up and had fury in her eyes. "Oh mama, that was my bit! I TOLD Billy I was gonna do that at my trial!"

"Sh, sh, I wanna listen…" Mama responded, leaning closer to the radio.

"…her eyes flatter wildly and she...Mrs. Hart has fainted again!"

"Jeez…" Velma groaned, flicking her cigarette into the ash tray.

"…flumps over her chiffon, dress up around her knees, revealing a glimpse of a blue garter with a rhinestone buckle."

Oh my god. "Mama she stole my garter, she stole my garter!" Velma screamed, grabbing the radio and shaking it angrily.

Mama took a hold of the girl moments before she tore the radio apart. "Don't break my radio!" She warned, letting go of the brunette.

Velma stood up quickly, pacing and smoking her cigarette intensely. "First the slob steals my publicity, then she steals my lawyer, my trial date, now she stole my goddamn garter!" Fuming, she plopped back down in her seat and put her cigarette out while lighting up another one.

"What do you expect?" Mama asked, turning the radio off so the poor girl would calm down. "I mean, these days, you get a little success and its good riddance for the people who put you here."

Velma puffed at the stick and sighed. "There ain't no justice in the world." She took a sip of her alcohol. "And there ain't nothing you can do about it.

Mama looked at the brunette and smiled. "You think I got you up here just so you can listen to my radio?" She reached down into her desk and rumbled around for a moment. "People write some pretty interesting things when they think no one's looking." Sitting up, she tossed a book on the table. Velma noted this with interest, taking a hold of the book and reading the cover.


The brunette's face could not have been more excited. Laughing hysterically, she put out her cigarette and felt the front of the book. It was leather, with Roxie's name in a very soft cloth. "Oh, Mama. You know how to make my day." Skimming through the pages, Velma asked, "Anything good in here?"

"Somewhat, I figured as soon as you got your hands on it, you'd never put it down." Mama narrowed her eyes and smiled.

"Like what? Any other affairs that dumb whore was in?" Velma questioned, tempted to jump into the diary as if it was a novel.

Mama shrugged. "You'll have to read it for yourself, Vel."

Velma finished the shot and stood up. "Shit, I'm gonna get this book open the second I get back to my cell. Stupid details about that blondie's life…it's gonna be fabulous."

The black woman smiled. "Lights out in five minutes. You better head back."

Velma grinned and put out her cigarette. Walking out of the room she slid the book underneath her shirt and marched into her cell. Waiting a few moments, temptation took a hold of her. She practically fell onto her bed holding the diary inches from her face.

Dear diary,

The Kelly Sisters are gonna be in town tomorrow. I've seen them at least ten times, I know, but I absolutely love Velma! Everybody around is obsessed with Veronica. I'd love to meet both of them one day, and my dream is to work with Velma for just one night on the stage…God, would that be amazing! There's just something about the way Velma is so committed to her dancing and singing, it's all so beautiful when they're on stage. Veronica is good, too, but I wish Velma had more of the spot light than her older sister.

Fred said he's going to introduce me to his friend tomorrow. I know it's horrible to be cheating on Amos in his own house, but Amos isn't the man I want to be with; he loves me so much, but I can't give him back the attention he gives me. Fred's so sweet and charming and….he's going to help me become a famous jazz dancer.

Maybe one day I'll get to meet the famous Velma Kelly. Well, everyone can dream, right?

Love, Roxie

Velma looked at the diary entry in confusion and flattery. This girl, Roxie Hart, absolutely admired her. Well, shit. This girl adored her before they even knew each other. Velma was a complete bitch to the girl when she first entered the jail. Half of her felt bad and half of herself wanted to laugh.

This could get interesting…Velma thought, as she flipped the page to the next entry.