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Chapter Nine

Velma felt her heart stop. She stood in the doorway for a moment, the turned around. "What?"

"Do you ever think about that night?" Roxie asked again, her voice stronger than before.

"Sometimes." Velma admitted, leaning against the door post.

"So why'd you try to get me hung, then?" The blonde asked suddenly, standing up and folding her arms.

"Oh, my god." The brunette rolled her eyes and stood up straight. "I thought I explained this earlier. I didn't try to get you hung. It was Billy's idea-"

"But you knew all along!" The blonde exclaimed, tilting her head to the side.

"No, Rox, I didn't. I didn't find out until that morning. I didn't find out till the morning of your trial. So stop assuming I wanted to kill you!" Velma felt slightly angry. Roxie still believed she wanted her dead.

Roxie hesitated. "Well, if you meant anything that h-happened that night, you wouldn't have done it!" She retorted back, obviously not wanting to lose the argument that easily.

"Oh, yeah, and watch your neck fucking snap before my eyes?" Velma questioned, swallowing hard. "Are you saying I would've rather seen you die then have you live?"

The blonde seemed uneasy. "You always hated me. Maybe that whole night was just a scheme to screw with my emotions and help Billy never lose a case. It was all for publicity! You knew that if you testified against me during court, it would've made you a star again! I knew it!" She exclaimed, eyes burning with fury.

"Do you even hear what you're saying?" Velma inquired, rolling her eyes. "You think I used you to keep my damn publicity?" She took two steps forward and was inches from the girls face. "If I had to give up my career just to have you, I'd do it in a damn heartbeat."

Roxie turned her head. "What?"

The brunette seemed shocked at the words that had actually left her lips. Turning, she stormed out of the room, lighting up a cigarette on the way. Slamming the bathroom door she cursed under her breath. Smoking the cigarette quickly she calmed down, hoping maybe Roxie would let it go. The cigarette soothed the tension she felt, and before she knew it, the filter was being smoked. Throwing it in the toilet and flushing it she opened the door, finding herself face to face with Roxie.

Velma stood her ground. "Sorry I got pissed, kid. We'll talk in the morning, okay?" She went to move into the bedroom but Roxie mimicked her moves.

"No, we're going to talk now." The blonde had courage in her voice, although you could hear a nervous tremble in her words. It was as though Roxie had never been brave before.

"What the hell do you want from me, Roxie?" Velma asked barely above a whisper, staring into the blue eyes with passion.

The blonde seemed taken aback from the direct question. Fumbling with her words, she managed to say, "I-I want to know what's goin' through your head."

"To much shit for you to even know." The brunette responded coolly, tension building up inside of her. Tell her, she screamed in her head, tell that you love her. Is it so damn hard?

"What were you thinkin' about that night, Velma? I want to know."

The brunette paused. "I don't know."

Roxie seemed stumped for a moment. Seizing the opportunity Velma slid to the left and went into the bedroom. Suddenly she felt a small singe of pain in her back, then was violently thrown onto the bed. Roxie lay on top of her, locking her hands down with her own. Their eyes met and never tore apart.

"Get off." Velma demanded, her heart pounding and her need to kiss Roxie was just overwhelming. Roxie didn't say a word. Her eyes burned with passion, as they stayed connected to Velma's, almost in a trance. The brunette waited a moment, unable to tare away from the deep blue eyes. "Get off." She repeated, less strength in her voice than before.

It seemed as though the world around them had disappeared. Roxie had loosened her grip on Velma's right hand. The left one, however, was still pinned to the bed. It was almost as if the blonde had been defeated by herself. Velma moved her free hand and put it on Roxie's back. The blonde still never broke any eye contact. All self-control was lost as Velma aggressively put her hand on the back of the blonde's head and slammed their lips together.

The blonde needed not to question as they rolled over the bed, kissing passionately. Their legs were intertwined with each other. Velma found herself kissing so roughly she was bruising her own lips. She ran her fingers through the blonde's soft hair and felt Roxie's hand stroke her leg. She bit the blonde's lip lightly at first, and then slowly got stronger.

"Velma…" Roxie moaned so quietly, breathing heavily as the brunette bit her neck lightly. Roxie brought the brunette's face back to her own and kissed it ever so gently before moving down and kissing Velma's neck. The brunette moaned quietly and then moved so Roxie was beneath her.

"Velma, I…" Roxie tried to say before Velma silenced her with a kiss. She felt Roxie melt within her arms.

The brunette moved so she was lying besides the blonde girl. Stroking her face gently Roxie took Velma's hand into her own. The brunette gazed as the moonlight struck Roxie's face so perfectly.

"I love you." Velma uttered so quietly it seemed like no one else was in the room. Roxie's eyes lit up as the words floated around the room for a moment.

"And you know what, Miss Velma Kelly?" She leaned her head closer to the brunette's. "I think I might just love you too."

The words were like a lullaby to Velma's ears as jazz music could softly be heard softly playing in the distance.