Chapter 20

Max's POV

It had been two months since September 9th when the un-imprinting, Renesme's engagement to Jacob and Iggy/Gazzy destroying the better part of the forest all occurred. As for their punishment, taking Carlisle and Edward's advice, Fang and I decided that they should be forced to replant every single tree that had been burned to the ground. It comes with the whole "I saved the world so I feel obligated to take care of it" thing. As it is, they are only maybe halfway done and they've been working almost nonstop since we gave them the punishment.

Renesme's sixteenth birthday party was like nothing any of the Flock have ever seen. Even though the pack and the coven were used to Alice's eccentric, over-the-top parties, we were awestruck. None of us had really ever had a party before, though my mom did try to throw one for me last year (that didn't go over well…needless to say, she won't make that mistake again).

The whole house had been transformed into a baby pink color; pink cups, pink plates, pink flowers, pink flickering lights, pink 'sweet sixteen' banner, even pink silver wear. Silver wear! Seriously? Who on earth thought of eating with a pink fork? Someone straight out of the Looney bin, that's who.

Although, I must admit that the ginormous pink cake was beyond delicious. It took the vampire women, Nessie excluded of course, almost the entire day to bake the seven layer strawberry cake and cut enough fresh strawberries to top it.

Jake and the pack had a blast scarfing down half of the cake. The other half was enjoyed much more civilized by the Flock. I guess living in a house for so long has made us go soft. I still wouldn't trade anything for my memories of the cave floors and roasting desert rat over an open fire.

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I nearly got into a fist fight with Seth when he tried to take the last piece of cake. (I did win though so I'm not afraid to brag about it to Angel who just rolls her eyes and smiles apologetically for me to her imprinter).

That was two weeks ago, since then, Nessie has slowly been allowed to be near Fang (I still didn't trust her but Edward or Angel was always monitoring her thoughts and motives). It turns out Fang was the one that needed to be monitored though because whenever I kissed him, he'd pull away and mutter about how he thought I'd taste good. I didn't tell the Flock though, even though I was sure that Alice, Edward, and the rest of the full vampires knew.

We had decided to go ahead with our schooling plans since that was actually why we came to Forks in the first place. Nessie and Jake would be joining us as well since she was planning on going anyway and Jacob refused to leave his fiancé's sight. Seth begged to go too, considering the little bit of knowledge that he learned in La Push wasn't going to help him in life and he wanted to be close to Angel. So it was settled; the Flock and the three of them were going to enroll at Forks High School in a week when the students got back from Thanksgiving Break. I think I was the only one who wasn't completely thrilled.

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