This smutty one-shot is dedicated to mrscakeakajane who strong armed me into writing this since she needed a smut fix immediately. I hope it's everything you wanted.

That Third Floor Corridor

Severus made his way back to the dungeons from his meeting with Minerva. Well meeting was perhaps a little too generous a term, it was more of a lunch though there was significantly more alcohol than anything else consumed. But it was okay, Severus had an assistant he enjoyed tormenting in one Draco Malfoy who was on house arrest, and Minerva was the headmistress and could do whatever she damned well please, thank you very much!

A moan caught his attention as he passed the third floor corridor. Yes That one, it was still off limits though now because... of... well... bah, who cared, it was off limits and if the students knew what was good for them-

'Fuck! Harder!' Severus' eyes widened comically and he glanced around to make sure he was alone before reaching into his pants and creeping closer to the door that was open a fraction of an inch.

'Fuck me like you mean it Wolf!' came the demand as Severus pushed open the door to find a very naked Harry Potter, Transfiguration professor, under a not so naked Remus Lupin, History of Magic professor.

'You know anyone could have come through that door,' Severus drawled, though with his cock in his hand, it didn't have quite the same effect.

Harry gave an incoherent groan as Remus growled.

'No!' Harry cried out in dismay as Severus waved a hand to have a cock ring appear, binding the younger man, preventing his release.

'You know you like it,' Remus growled as he tugged Harry's long hair.

Severus had by this time pulled his cock out and was standing in front of Harry, who eyed the swollen flesh hungrily.

'You're a greedy slut aren't you?' Severus asked as he smeared pre-cum on Harry's lips. Harry moaned and licked his lips in reply just before Severus fed the younger man his cock.

Harry's eyes rolled back as he moaned in bliss, the vibrations going right to Severus' cock and his eyes rolled back as he gave a moan of appreciation.

Suddenly a hand was gripping the back of his neck and he was pulled forward as Remus devoured his mouth and Severus overwhelmed by the chocolate-mango-Remus taste that belonged to the werewolf. He whimpered when he realized that he was naked below the waist and one of Harry's hands was gripping his arse cheek and the other began to circle his entrance, a cool substance coated his channel as Harry shoved two fingers in.

Severus bucked into Harry almost choking him and Harry's channel began to spasm around Remus' cock as the youngest member of the trio reached a dry orgasm.

Remus, having been pounding in to Harry for some time, unloaded himself into the channel as it milked him dry.

Severus, however, pulled away from the tempting mouth that was swollen in such a delicious way even as Harry whined in protest.

Severus manhandled Harry onto his back as Remus stroked his own cock back to life and before Harry could re-orient himself Severus was pounding into his already abused hole. Harry keened and pulled the potion master down so he could finally taste that deliciousness of vanilla, strawberry and something uniquely Severus, just as Severus took in the peanut buttery and banana-ness and that something that was solely Harry's and then Severus was buried balls deep in Harry and Harry was wrapped around Severus so Remus had to pry his limbs away from Severus' back so he could press himself against that broad expanse of taut muscle.

'Fuck me like you mean it Wolf,' Severus echoed Harry's words from earlier, causing Harry to shudder and Remus to growl as he gripped the lean hips and began to earnestly thrust into the pale man beneath him.

Instead of trying to create a rhythm for all of them, Severus and Harry simply let Remus take control and when Remus would thrust into Severus he would try to thrust into Harry.

Harry, for his part, simply clutched at whatever available surface he could, be it clothing or flesh.

Finally, finally, Severus released the cock ring on Harry and, as Severus managed to twist the nipple ring in Harry had acquired several years ago in Egypt, Harry gave a strangled half shout half cry of, 'Sevmus!' as he covered both himself and Severus in spunk.

As the channel spasmed around his cock Severus emptied himself into Harry as his own channel spasmed around Remus' cock and the wolf filled him.

Remus dropped his head onto Severus' shoulder as he buried himself in Harry's shoulder, Harry continued to clutch at both Remus and Severus as his channel continued to spasm periodically.

'You really should put up silencing spells or something when you do that someplace that isn't your rooms if you're going to have sex in the middle of the afternoon,' Hermione stated from the doorway.

'You're just jealous,' Harry mumbled from his spot under the two men, 'because you only have one cock to play with at a time.'

'Actually Seamus came by last night they fucked all night, I get two now too!' she replied with a grin.

'Did Charlie bottom?' Harry asked, 'okay someone has to move because you're crushing my diaphragm,' He said trying to shove to two bigger men off him.

'Yeah but I think Seamus liked it more,' she replied, 'I really should go, I have to go find one of my penis' or maybe both of them,' she added as an afterthought.

Remus gave a chuckle and slowly pulled out of Severus causing the man to whimper. He gave a weak thrust into Harry before he too pulled out, causing Harry to whimper at the loss. However Remus soon had a plug in Harry and as he sat up it went just that much farther in and Harry gave a delighted purr.

Remus wrapped a languid Harry in his robe and the trio headed to their rooms, which were not in the dungeons but were on the 5th floor, since their three month old twins needed sunlight and fresh air to grow, there was a connecting stair case to the dungeons for easy access.

'Let's get cleaned up, some of us have classes to teach in a half hour,' Remus stated as he watched in amusement as Severus hoisted Harry into his arms since the younger man's legs seemed to not want to work properly.


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