This chapter has some graphic bestiality... so you might want to skip that part... otherwise enjoy! :-)

The Beach

Harry lay on the lounger on the beach completely nude, he clenched his arse and loved the feeling of his lover's come still in his arse. He felt it dripping from his hole and he grinned.

A howl echoed through the air and he let his legs fall open, revealing the still quivering, leaking hole to any who would walk by.

He was languidly stroking his cock when he felt one of his lovers kiss the top of his head, 'if he doesn't quiet down, he'll wake the cubs,' Remus sat by Harry's hips, his hand going to Harry's entrance of its own accord.

'Leave him be, he's just, ah so good,' Harry moaned as Remus slid two of his fingers into Harry's arse, 'besides the twins will sleep through anything,' he shifted and tried to fuck himself on Remus' fingers when the older man simply slid a third finger into the younger man.

'You're such a slut,' Remus chuckled, making sure to assault Harry's prostate.

'Fuck you,' Harry panted, just as a very large, black wolf appeared from the darkness.

'No, I think someone else wants to,' Remus smirked, moving from chair that was now occupied by the wolf and Harry.

He yelped when a cold nose nudge his sac, 'fuck,' he swore again as the wolf lapped at the spunk oozing from Harry's arse.

The wolf moved up and lapped at Harry's face, causing him to giggle.

Remus moved down and helped, much to Harry's surprise, the wolf to mount him. Harry let out a howl like moan as the hot, slick cock slid into him.

The wolf's hips began a frantic pace as it pounded into the willing body, and Remus tried to stroke his cock in time but he just couldn't do it.

'Remy,' Harry moaned, turning his head to the other man.

The older man slid his cock into Harry's eager mouth, and one of Harry's hands clutched one of his arse cheeks, his fingers dangerously close to Remus' hole as his other hand held tight to the chair. Remus hands were trying to keep him steady, one planted on the back of the chair while the other was in Harry's hair.

'You're such a little cock whore, letting anything fuck that greedy hole,' Remus began to babble, 'you're letting an animal fuck you up the ass, and you didn't even put up a fight when it mounted you, did you?'

Harry groaned and his orgasm ripped through him, coating the wolf's belly.

The wolf then jerked and emptied itself in Harry as Remus' orgasm ripped through him and he flooded Harry's mouth.

Remus slipped from Harry's lax mouth and transfigured the chair into a bed before joining the sated man. The wolf licked his face sloppily.

Remus chuckled, 'the kids are in bed, asleep,' he said, scratching the wolf behind his ears.

The wolf started to shift and Harry could feel the long, slim cock of the wolf become the thick cock of his other lover.

'At least they listen to one of us,' Severus drawled as he lazily kissed first Harry, then Remus.

'I love you but, get off,' Harry grumbled as he pushed Severus, who obediently rolled to the side to let the slightly smaller man up.

'Where are you going?' the potion master watched as that taut, firm arsed, disappeared into the dark.

'Do you have any idea how much come I have up my ass?' the voice floated back to them from the direction of the sea.

Remus burst into laughter, most of it was his after all and Severus simply smirked before he rolled onto his stomach and spreading his legs invitingly.

'Think you're up for another round?' the question was accompanied by an arse wiggle.

Remus groaned as his cock rose to the challenge, as he slid between Severus' thighs. He gripped the other man's hips before plunging into the already stretched and lubed hole.

Severus moaned and pushed back against that invading cock.

'Can't leave you alone for five minutes, can I?' Harry asked from beside them, obviously amused.

The pair, still rutting against each other, glanced at their younger lover and grinned, he was still wet and rock hard.

Severus reached for Remus' arse cheeks and pulled them apart, 'join us,' he moaned as Remus still managed to hit his prostate.

This time it wasn't a race to see who could get who to orgasm first. It was just simply three men enjoying what the others had to offer.

They'd all had several orgasms in the last hour or so, so none of them were in any hurry and they simply thrust into or pushed back.

Harry was the first to crack and he came with an explosive orgasm, and a string of impressive curses.

As his insides were flooded, Remus lost the little control he still had and flooded Severus, who then coated the chair-cum-bed.

The trio collapsed into a stick, sweaty, panting heap.

Remus was dozing lightly and Severus was running gentle, but firm hands, along the plains of both Remus and Harry when the younger man spoke, 'what do we tell people when they ask how we became werewolves?'

'The truth,' Severus replied immediately, Remus nodded.

'Everyone knows I was bitten young,' he added.

'Yeah but,' Harry began, he didn't know what he was protesting, but he felt he had to.

Severus made Harry look at him, gently stroking his cheek with his thumb, 'you becoming a Were was crucial to the defeat of the Dark Mold, and if I hadn't been turned, I'd be dead.'

Harry looked like he was about to say something but Remus cut him off with a soft kiss, 'it was either turn you or kill you Harry, we were locked in a cage together on a full moon and I don't regret turning you, not for even a minute,' Remus stated vehemently. 'I don't regret turning Severus either, you are my pack, my mates, and without you I would've wasted away.'

'I love you,' Harry stated, 'both of you, so much,' he pulled first Severus, then Remus into a kiss.

'And we love you,' they replied together, lavishing their young mate with kisses.

Harry began to squirm and wriggle about, 'what in the name of Merlin's furry ball sac are you doing?' Severus asked, shifting to get out of the way.

'Going for a wank in the water!' Harry yelled back as he ran back to the sea.

Remus was quick to follow and Severus heard the squawk and the splash as Remus tossed Harry into the water, and with a half-hearted sigh he pulled himself up and followed his two immature mates to the water. He'd show them how to toss someone into the water.