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NOTE: italics mean's that is what olive is thinkin' just tellin' yah!

I sank back into my own little world… I didn't want to go… my brain just made me… damn brain… "I know you want me Olive." Cameron kissed me roughly forcing his hand on me. "GET OFF!" I scream pushing him way. "You really shouldn't have done that." He laughed, he pushed me down and started removing clothing one by one, I scream for help but no one comes…

Lauren wakes up hearing Olive's screams. "WHATS HAPPENING???" April tears into room while shoving a pill into her mouth.

"Olive! Olive dear wake up! Wake up Olive!" Lauren tried to wake the screaming Olive. "Olive, you're ok! What's wrong??" April looks at Olive who finally wakes up, and begins to cry. "Bad dream I think." Lauren sighs looking at the crying girl. "Oh that's a relief. I was afraid something else." She takes another pill. "Olive... Olive? April do you think you can talk to her?" Lauren looks over at her.

"Well I'll try. Olive? What's wrong?" April asks kindly, Olive just looks up at her with lifeless eye. "Honey, what were you dreaming? I'll try to help." April asks. Olive just nods again. "Bad dream? Was it about what happened?" she asked she was happy that she might finally be getting somewhere with Olive.

Olive nodded, "him…"

"He beat you. A lot. Did he… um… rape you?" April guesses, the whole situation had become a game of Charades. Olive nods and begins to cry again. "He did rape you?!" April jumped up.

"Lauren! Where's your phone? I'm calling Joanne, she's friend of mine and a great lawyer. Olive, he is GONNA PAY!!!" April yelled her face red with fury. "April calm down we can't even get her to tell us very much yet we should wait a bit before we call in the lawyers." Lauren pointed out, they hardly could get Olive to say more than three words at this point.

"Lauren, Joanne is a great lawyer. I think she should know, she's a close friend."

"Alright... the phone is right out in the hall. Make sure she can get her before Olive falls back asleep." April walks over to phone and calls then comes back, "she's coming in a few minutes."

"Do you want to watch her for a bit I will go down stairs to wait for Joanne?"

"Sure that's fine." She sits by Olive. "Olive, can you stay up? Joanne's gonna help us."Olive nods and smiles weakly."That's good. Whoever this is going to jail. I'm making sure of it." Olive sighs and looks at her stomach.

"I know. But he's gonna pay for doin' ALL of this to you." April sneers.

"You still can't say much, huh?" Olive nods and hugs her sister tightly. April hugs her back.

"Joanne is here!" Lauren yells upstairs as Joanne follows her.

"April, your sister was RAPED???" Joanne looks over at her in shock.

"Unfortunately yes" April sighs. "I want him arrested!!!" Olive hides her face in a pillow embarrassed that she can't help them catch Cameron.

"Um, can she speak again yet?" Joanne asks. "No." Lauren says dryly. "That's gonna make this a little tougher. How long ago? Over a week?" Joanne asked. Olive nods and holds up a finger. Her brain screamed to tell everyone but her mouth wouldn't move. A week ago! Just one week ago! Understand someone please understand me! A WEEK! Just a week ago…. My little baby died. "Um….ok, a finger…" April started,"Lauren? Any ideas?"

"Dear I think she meant one week ago." Lauren said calmly. "He kicked you?" Joanne asked.

Olive nods and pointed to her leg and arm two of the many spots Cameron kicked her. "Oh God. Um didn't he punch you?" Olive points to her stomach as tears begin to cascade down her face once more. Memories of that night flooded her brain her screams echoed in her head. "Oh… I'm gonna kill that-" April begins.

"April, that's not going to help anyone." Joanne points out."Why is she crying about her stomach?" Lauren asks. Olive gives her the Snook death glare. "The baby died, Lauren." April sighed. "The baby WHAT?!" Lauren screamed. "Olive was pregnant Lauren!" April yelled back. "I KNEW THAT I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THE BABY DYING THOUGH!" Lauren looked over at April in disbelief. "Look at her injuries!!! It so hints it!!!" April yells giving her the Snook glare. Olive just continues to stare at them teary eyed. Why do they have to bring it up? I just want to forget about it.

"Sorry" April whispered. "Oh, I'm so sorry." Joanne looked down at Olive. "Olive dear…" Lauren tries to hug her but is pushed away. Why does everyone want to hug me I don't want to be touched? I don't even want them near me right now. "Let's keep going." April said trying to keep the conversation moving. "So we have the injuries. Did he rape you before he beat you or later?" Joanne asked. Olive held up her finger and pointed to the kick bruises. Before! Before! "Um… after?" April guessed. Olive shook her head. BEFORE!!

"Before? Ok I still think I should kill him." April guesses again. Olive nods. "Joanne how do you plan to catch the guy if she won't tell us?" Lauren asks looking over at Joanne. "It usually takes about three days and her speaking should come back. It happens whenever the brain suffered emotional breakdowns." Joanne explains. Olive yawns.

"NO OLIVE DONT SLEEP YET!" Lauren yells. "We still need your help here!" April adds. Olive pouts. I am tired I really want to go to sleep! I can't even tell them what I want to say. Can't they just wait!

"Olive, this is all to make him pay!" April explains hoping it might make Olive want to stay awake just a while longer. "Well start askin' the questions you two! She isn't the only tired person here!" Lauren butts in. "Lauren, you to sleep. I'll go from here." April says kindly. "Thank god... Good night April!" Lauren leaves the room.

"Well anyway…" April starts "Joanne, can you do anything? I just need to wait for her to speak. Don't know who to find." There was a long pause before April speaks again. "Olive, who did this?" Olive hides her face in the pillows. I don't want to think of him… his perfect face, his ruffled black hair, his dark eyes…. Maybe I do want to think of him?

"Oh God. Olive, you think you could tell me tomorrow?" April asks. " … Cam…" Olive manages to say.

"Cam? Um… cam… is that half of the name?" April asks, her eyes seemed to sparkle as if there was a bit of hope.

Olive nods remembering Cam more vividly then before. His black hair, dark eyes, perfect body… snap out of it Olive! He hurt you!

"Cam… Cameron?" April asked as Olive blinks and cocks her head to the side. Wait… was his name Cameron? What was his name? WHY CAN'T I REMEMBER!

"Is that it?" April asked again, "Joanne, I don't think she can remember his name."

"Maybe we should wait a while. I'll be back soon, call me when she can talk again." Joanne gets up and leaves.

"Don't worry. We'll get him. I'm too stubborn and mad to let this slide." April reassures her before hugging her.

What's wrong with my memory?!