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I couldn't live without him

Jasper says he could not live without me, but the truth is I know I couldn't live without him. I simply don't know how. I didn't have a life before him, literally. He's the very first thing saw, my very first memory. He's always been there, comforting me, guiding me, loving me; he just didn't know it.

Most visions of him come without any prompting. I see him at lest once a day, even when we can't be face to face. It brings me great comfort to see him. It reminds me that everything is okay, that someone loves me and that, that will never change.

I can't imagine a life without him, that thought is too painful. I wouldn't know how to function if something ever happened to him, our futures are too intertwined. The thought of never seeing him again would kill me. I know if something ever happened to him and for whatever reason I was still on this earth, I would never look into the future again. The pain would be unbearable and there would be no point for me to see the future if he was not in it. He's always been there; I know I could not handle knowing that not one vision I had from than would not contain him.

I have never lived without and I know I never will.