The "Big Mutant On Campus" Series
By David D. Amaya

Part Three "Bridges To Burn, Crosses To Bear"
Chapter 4

Disclaimer: As always; the first step of the journey.

{PwrPlnt}Then, lunch rolled around. MAN! I'm tellin' you, Oz the last time I've seen this much ruckus was when that moron camped on that Seahawks billboard over the 5, booty nekid for Super Bowl tickets! There was shouting, hamburger buns tossed around, mass hysteria and **that was just in the kitchen!**

{EmWiz}Get any in for me?

{PwrPlnt}Sorry, Oz, but you know what I had tabled for this afternoon, but that's when Jubes came down looking for….

"Yo, Big Fella," Jubilee called out from the open refrigerator. "Have you seen what happened to that bag of apples that was in here?"

"I haven't seen it, Jubes," Nathan answered.

"I think I saw Cyrus taking it into the dinning room," Jason replied between bites of a sandwich.

"What does he need a dozen apples for?"

"Well, Nakana," Alea addressed the Alaskan. "Why don't we find out?"

As Jubilee, Alea, Nathan and Jay arrived in the dinning room, they found Stewart and Cyrus. The President's son was inspecting the academy's apple supply, added by the Canadian.

"This is the last one, mon ami," He asked handing Cyrus a large apple.

Cyrus placed the fruit under a 12-inch, lit magnifying glass and turned it slowly, until he discovered its flaws.

"Two small nicks," he pronounced, returning it to MacKenzie. "Put it with the B's."

Stewart them placed it in a bowl that had two more, sitting next to near several others, four A's, six C's, a D+, and two F-'s.

"Kewalaka," Alea asked. "What the HELL you doing to the apples?"

"Oh, He was helping me sort through them, Alea," Cyrus answered. "I'm kinda partial to home grown apples, so I'm sorting these New England interlopers."

"Kulo, you have heard the saying 'When in Rome, do as the Romans?'"

"I had to go to Italy, with Familia de la Ono, for the G-20 Summit. The only thing Andi would eat while we were there was Chicken McNuggets. Now, If MickeyD's can spring up near the ancient ruins of the Colosseum, I can either hold my breath for an apple from the Wenatchee River Valley to fall from the sky, or I can search for the better of these sour-tasting macouns."

"Well," Jay remarked. "at least the boy has standards."

"Unlike some in this the people in this room, I might mention,"

"Amen a ça, Nuff."

"Well, 'Watt, start holding," Jubilee remarked. "But Penny only gets A-Plus-Plus or better." And she grabbed the bowl with the choicest of the selected fruits.

"HEY!" Cyrus exclaimed, then he thought about what she said. "Who's Penny?"

"Well come on guys," Jubilee waved her arm in the direction of the biosphere "Alilo and Stitch have met her already, I'll intro the rest of ya'll to her."

"Very well, Agent Nichols," Lt. Jack Grammes said after the paperwork was finished. "I hope you never have to use this."

"Thank you, Lieutenant," Kordel replied. "I hope to never have to need to."

After the SHIELD logistics officer left the grounds, Kordel called for Sean and Emma to show them the item that was left.

"Gee! Doesn't this place bring back memories!" The President's son remarked.

Jubilee let the five newcomers back to Artie and Leech's tree house, only this time they took a noticeably shorter route.

"Oui, watch your step Jay, before you get sacked, aussi bien."

"Well you know what they say, Sno-Cone," Jubilee replied. "Real friends stick close together!"

"Hi Jubilee!" came a voice from over their heads. Looking up the six saw Artie and Leech. Artie projected a large hand that waved.

"Hi ya guys!" Jubilee shouted back at the pair. "Hey, have you two seen Penny!"

Artie projected a hand that pointed to the tree house.

"Artie says, 'up here!'"

"As I have informed everyone from Charles, Scott, the Director, Col. Fury and Sean. I must protest this being on these grounds near MY students!"

"Clam down, Emma," Sean told the Generation X Headmistress. "You know why it is here."

"Emma," Kordel replied. "Despite the fact that I do not possess mutant abilities, I can defend myself. But as the President's son now attends here, there is a special need for this item.

"The Director personally drew up the protective detail for this campus, and he originally decided to fall back on the plans he used for Tumbler's family."


"President George W. Bush. When his twin daughters, Barbara and Jenna, attended Yale and the University of Texas respectively, he had a much larger, yet subtle, presence at the two campuses than when Chelsea Clinton attended Stanford.

"Bulletproof glass, which of course is standard procedure, but there was a full detail of agents; Dorms, classes, floaters throughout campus. One of Kaleidoscope's principal agents was even assigned at a clerk at the bookstore in New Haven. And the campus police was staffed by Texas Rangers in Austin.

"Everyone involved knows that cannot happen here. So this," he pointed to the object carrying the SHIELD logo with a sweeping of his left arm. "is the compromise. Of course, if you do not mind the presence of three dozen federal law enforcement officers, Emma."

"Actually, Kordel the first thing the Director and Nick Fury came up with was having Cyrus attend the Institute in New York, as the President's lad has the same abilities as Remy. But the President and First Lady felt it would be better for the lad's growth if we went to school with students closer to his own age. Charles of course more that agreed and gave his consent for this item to be here."

"Humph!" Emma scoffed. "I could only imagine what Gambit would have been teaching him!"

"Hey Kulo! Nice card trick!"

"Thanks, Alea!" The President's son was entertaining his new friends inside Artie and Leech's tree house. "Remy showed it to me. He's a much better teacher than he thinks."

"Like I told you, 'Watt," Jubilee added. "Gumbo's one bitchin' hombre. Too bad he ain't teaching you to crack safes or to pick pockets."

With that, Cyrus just blushed as he tried to look away.

"Hold it, junior!" Jason pointed at the President's son. "What's he teaching you that they should be teaching us!"

Cyrus popped his head out the tree house window and looked around before popping back in.

"Can you guys keep a secret?"

{EmWiz}NAMEN NAYO! (_) He's teachin' you **WHAT!**

{PwrPlnt}Yea, that's what I said, Oz He's teaching me "The Knowledge **Clandestine!**"

{EmWiz}And to think, TEMAE! Osananajimi! Holdin' out on ORE!

And not to mention of all the gisei ni Shimasu I had to make for your Baka na gaijin nomojiri since you left to DWEEB-vill, BAKAYARO! oxx:{}::::::: Salmon, chicken, my neighbor's pet chinchilla, Mr. Eleanor!

{PwrPlnt}Do you want me to teach this stuff to you, too?

"You damned right you better teach all four of us!" Jason answered. "You never know when breaking the law will come in handy one day!"

"Well, I kinda know some of those skills myself, and you're right, Jay, they have come in handy!"

"Do tell, Jubilee."

"Oi," Yoink added. "And don't hold one thing back! Either of you!"

"We will be returning to Castle on the 14th," Agent Nichols told Sean and Emma, as they entered her office. "The First Family will be celebrating Kryptonite's ninth birthday and as Cyrus is very close to his sister, he is expected to attend. We will be returning the next day, will that be a problem?"

"We will be taking the students to the Institute that weekend," Emma explained. "We conduct our annual physical examinations with all our students with Dr. McCoy and Dr. Reyes each year after Valentines' Day. Mrs. Parkman signed Cyrus' consent form. It arrived with his effects the other day."

"Very well," Kordel added a few notes in his data pad. "I will inform the Director of the chance of departure to Balanced Rock. I am sure Cyrus will enjoy returning to visit with the X-Men again."

"So, how many candles are you gonna put on the forest fire, 'Watt?"

"Well, Jubes, Andi's gonna be nine, but the gift I won on eBay hasn't arrived yet! The package Oz got her has already cleared Signals and is sitting downstairs in the Band Room!"

"Would it be alright if we get something for her?" Nathan asked.

"Yea, sure, I mean if you guys want to. Lariat's taking me back to DWEEB-vill the day before, then First Mom said that we're going to the NY to meet back up with the varsity team on the 15th. If you want to get her anything, I'm sure I can sneak 'em through."

"Ya know, 'Watt. I got just the gift for her," Jubilee said. Just then, her watch beeped. "Come on guys, we got to get back. Sean's snore-fest is gonna start pretty soon!"

{PwrPlnt}And so one rolls around and we're all seated in the LH, but Lariat comes in with a briefcase that looks like the **The Football.**

{EmWiz}Naze desu ka? He gonna launch a few nukes over the dominoes?

"…because Mr. MacKenzie, Mr. Cassidy intends to cover several issues, unique to the staff and students here at this Academy. So I am sitting in on this class."

"Ya sure that you're not just babysittin' 'Watt, Secret Agent, Dude?"

"No, Jubes. I will be taking notes, just like any other student."

"Well then Special Agent Dude, can I copy your homework?"


"What? I'm just sayin'!"

"Good afternoon, class," Sean began as the students sat. "For the six newcomers this year, this class will cover combat skills you will need to know…." While the Generation X Headmaster was beginning his lecture, he also noted the changes Agent Nichols requested to make, including the lectern he is using in the rear of the room to take notes. Kordel pointed out that all though his SHIELD training covered attacks by such groups like al Qaeda, AIM, and Hydra, but fell far short of covering The Friends of Humanity, Sentinels, or the Juggernaut.

But the most noticeable change to the Irishman, was the rearrangement of the desks.

Kordel rearranged the desks as to make a diagonal aisle leading from the door to the corner where the President's son and Agent Nichols sat. He stated he might have to extract Kilowatt and needed a clear path to the door, but Sean's Interpol training told him he also wanted a clean line of fire if the worst were to happen. And since he was there the last time 'What if?' happened to the pair, he gave his consent. And since he would be in the room early he asked Kordel to place this semester's workbook inside each desk.

"Now students, will each of you please open your desks and remove the workbook we will be using this semester, so we may begin this afternoon's lesson."

Each of the ten students lifted the lid of their desks and one hundred miniature marshmallows popped out of each desk from their spring-loaded launchers and into the air.

Paige shrieked in surprise. Jubilee, Angelo, Nathan and Jono fell back from their chairs to the floor. Monet, Alea and Jason leaped to fighting stances, while the remaining hundred spongy confections harmlessly pegged Stewart and Cyrus square in the face.


OZ? Did your connection drop?


{EmWiz}Shitsurei shimasu, 'Watt. (^o^) (^o^) (^o^) I was laughing so hard, Hahagimi busted in to see if I was A-OK. BTW she wants me to say hi for her.

**'Konbanwa'.** m(_)m That had to be the first time a sensei got the gakusei back fighting fire un fuego! (^o^)

{PwrPlnt}What made you think it was the teacher?

{EmWiz}We've been bitch-slappin' at these keyboards for hours. %-) %-) Have you already forgotten the part where I wrote "It was *I* who taught you *everything* you know about sticking it to teachers"!


"Apparently," Agent Nichols replied in the back of the classroom as he retrieved his workbook from his Halliburton briefcase. "something inventive, cleaver and even funnier, Mr Cassidy."

Everyone else in the room, including Sean, looked over at Jubilee.

"What!" She cried out from her impromptu seat from the floor. "I'm innocent!"

Most of the students rolled their eyes as Angelo, Nathan and Jono got back to their seats and they all retrieved their workbooks.

"No, really," She emphasized. "I'm innocent!" As she got off the floor she then saw a wiry grin creep up on the federal law enforcement officer.

"So!" She whispered to him. "A Sith in Jedi clothing! I guess we're even then, Secret Agent, Dude?"

"It only seems that way, Miss. Lee." He whispered in response as ten extra large marshmallows made an exit from the desk of the surprised teacher, who jumped five feet back.

"For now, I am winning."

End of Part three

The fourth part of this arc, "The BMOC," will be posted starting May '10

©David D. Amaya 2010