Waluigi sighed of relief as he made it back outside of the cavern, breathing in the fresh air that greatly welcomed him. He was noticably within range of a tall, mechanical castle, that provided to be the only sight within the generic grassy plains. Tucking his purple cap and preparing himself for his revenge, Waluigi strolled towards the entrance to the mechanical castle, breaking down the door with a swift kick as he walked right in, shocked to only see that the inside was just one floor. He looked up, to see the same Kritter he was chasing all along muttering quietly to himself as he was on a wooden plank that was hovering fifteen feet above the floor.

"Those lousy bums... they'll never reach me here..." He chuckled as he rubbed his hands together, turning around and scratching his head as he noticed Waluigi glaring right at him. "Eh? Who the heck are you?" He sighed as he shook his head, shrugging. "No matter. I'll just kick you out and get on with it."

Waluigi shook with rage as he pointed at the Kritter angrily, proclaiming, "You! I'm Waluigi, and I'm here for my revenge! Prepare to have your butt kicked, you reptilian reject!"

The Kritter sighed as he jumped off the board and barrel rolled right into Waluigi, knocking him down. Waluigi screamed as he was grabbed by the legs, chucked towards the outside. Waluigi, however, would not have that, as he began doing his Waluigi Whirl technique, whirling right into the mechanical castle and flinging the Kritter into the air, before swimming upwards and spinning around himself, kicking the Kritter in the face at every given opportunity as he then grabbed the Kritter around the neck and smashed him down into the earth. The Kritter moaned in pain as he was stepped on several times, unable to fight for himself as Waluigi grabbed him by the tail and started smashing him several times onto the floor to both the left and right, before kicking the Kritter up into the air, before finally grabbing the kritter and doing a body slam on the ground, kicking the Kritter into the back of the mechanical castle, knocking the reptilian foe unconscious with ease.

Waluigi chuckled as he had the Kritter knocked out, tieing him up in several ropes he had stuffed in his overall pockets. A job well done, Waluigi turned around and started to head back the way he came, when suddenly, he was pulled up into the air, trapped within a net as two strange figures popped out of the bushes nearby.

"A-ha! We finally got you, you pestering sight!" Shouted a purple-colored, slightly taller than usual Eggplantman, who was wearing a light brown vest and wearing an adventure hat on his head, with no pants.

"Now that you're trapped, there's nothing you can do about it!" The slightly smaller than usual, yellow-colored Eggplantman added, who was wearing an orange vest and a pair of yellow-green shorts.

The taller Eggplantman laughed, patting the shorter Eggplantman on the head. "A job well done, won't you say, laddie? Let's take in this loser and report back to base."

The shorter Eggplantman nodded in agreement. "Aye, let's just go and..." He took one look up, to see Waluigi in the net instead of the Kritter. "Um... chief, we sorta have a little problem here..."

"What's wrong?" The taller Eggplantman asked as he then looked up, to see the trapped Waluigi, who was doing his best to try and break free. "Uh... oh dear."

The shorter Eggplantman rubbed the back of his head, turning his head around to see the unconscious Kritter in the mechanical castle. "If our guy is right here, then who's the guy in the net...?"

The taller Eggplantman rubbed his chin, before shrugging, deciding, "Bleh, it doesn't matter. Let's just blow this joint and have this joker handled!"

"Yeah! Good call on, chief! Let's go back to headquarters!" The shorter Eggplantman agreed as he saluted, running into the mechanical castle and grabbing the unconscious Kritter and dashing out.

As the two Eggplantmen left with the unconscious tied up Kritter in their hands, the mechanical castle finally broke down as it was reduced to rubble. Waluigi somehow managed to come out fine as he got out, glaring as the two figures headed towards the eastern direction.

"Grrr! They'll pay, all three of them!" Waluigi hissed as he shook his fist in the air, pointing towards the eastern direction, "I'll let them have a head start, and then, BOOM! Waluigi comes and wreck the day! Ha ha ha!" And with that, he ran after the two figures as his new adventure continued...