Summary: Things have been looking down lately with the number of virus appearances. They seem to be increasing at an alarming rate. Things aren't what they seem. Trust is something that seems to be in short supply these days. What are Lucia, Sumire and the gang to do? WARING: This is not a YoshikiXSumire thing.

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I quickly dashed out of my school building and down the cold cement. Shoot. Lucia's gonna kill me for being late. My name is Sumire Takahana, a typical school girl to some. Yet, few people know my whole story. I'm what's called a Berserker. When in that form, I attack anyone around me. I am unstoppable and uncontrollable. However, sometimes flashes of what's occurred will come into my head and I'll return to my normal state. Lately I have been able to control elements when I am and when I'm not a berserker.

I finally arrived at my destination. I stood in front of a mysterious door under the bullet train tracks. I took a sigh preparing myself to go in. I opened the black handle and walked into the store. You see, I work at this shop. Clothes and other merchandise are sold here. However, it is only a cover for what the real purpose is. People who can read special flyers that have been posted by the residents of this place and I come here for our help. Not everyone in the world can see viruses, people with no souls. However, there are those that can such as myself. I help out the people along with my coworker by eliminating viruses.

"Oh! Hello Sumire." A voice greeted snapping me from my thoughts. I looked up to see Lucia with her arms folded. Lucia is my coworker, helper, boss, and friend. She saved me from being killed by a demon a while back ago. Her minty blue hair was put up into ponytails, as it usually is. Her black dress was on as well as her typical boots. Her eye patch was in place. Yes, eye patch. Lucia has a powerful left eye that is dangerous to viruses, our enemies, and myself. She can blast a powerful golden light with it.

"Hi Lucia. Sorry I'm late." I apologized. I hated being late to work as much as I hate being a burden to her. She doesn't necessarily have parents that are alive. Her father killed her mother a while back ago. Her father also is very evil and very much alive. The only ones who live here with her are her uncle, Nahashi, and Lola, a doll made by the person who taught Nahashi and Lucia's father. Of course, I also live here since my parents said I could.

"It's fine. Just go get dressed alright?" she said with a secretive smile. I smiled and nodded as I ran down to my room. I changed into a black skirt, white and black stripped socks, and a white blouse. I brushed my hair a bit before returning upstairs. Lola was there with a grin on her face. Her blonde hair was curly and she had on white boots, black and pink stripped leggings, and a black dress.

"Hello Sumire!" she greeted with a wave. "Hello Lola. What's going on?" I curiously asked. "Many things are going on." She grinned. "I mean, where's Lucia?" I asked curiously. "Oh! She's with Nahashi. He has some important information to tell us." She answered walking downstairs. I sighed and followed her downstairs and into Nahashi's dark room. He was typing away at his computer and Lucia was sitting on her bed.

"So, Nahashi, we're all here. What's the news?" Lucia asked the grey haired man. He adjusted his glasses. "There's an increase in the number of attacks lately." He answered. Lucia sighed crossing her arms. "Yeah, we already know that. What's new?" she asked starting to get annoyed. "You might be interested to know that they are happening in different parts of the world." He sighed. We all sat in silence.

We had four enemies that we knew of. Guy, a red haired fire elemental. He was fairly strong and seemed to annoy Lucia more than myself. He would end up facing off against her a lot. He usually wore a black jacket, black pants, black finger gloves, and black shoes. The second was Ruka, a purple haired lightning elemental. She was very sadistic and cruel. She treated things like they were a game. She interrogates me the most. She has confronted me on a number of occasions. She has nearly killed my loved ones and I several times. The third was someone they worked for named Sonoka. We haven't actually ever seen her though. The fourth was Lucia's father. He was their leader, at least that's what we believed. They all had the ability to teleport.

"So, what you're saying is that they're attacking and we can't do a damn thing about it!?" Lucia furiously said slamming her hands on Nahashi's desk. I flinched at the amount of rage she had. Sure, I was mad too. Yet, more than anything I was worried and about to break. I was distressed because we couldn't help anyone. That also meant that our chances of winning and saving everyone were starting to get real slim.

"Lucia, I understand your anger. However, you must calm down. We'll figure something out." Nahashi said reassuringly. I could sense his true emotions due to my powers. He was actually scared and worried himself. However, a strong part of him believed we could do something. "Tell me Nahashi! What can we do? We're about to fall. Everything we worked for is about to come crashing down." Lucia said on the verge of tears. She was a little worried and scared too. She was frustrated and distressed.

"Lucia, please calm down." Lola said with a pleading voice. Lola was scared but she was trying to remain calm. She didn't want to be thought of as weak. She didn't want to get the others down. "Calm down!? How can I do that? We're just sitting here able to do nothing while people are dying out there!" Lucia yelled. I honestly couldn't take it anymore.

"Lucia, calm down. We can't do anything right now but protect the people here. So, calm down. We'll figure something out." I said with a calm voice. She sighed at my words. She knew I was right. "Alright, but think of something quick." She said exiting the room.

It was as silent as ever when she left. "Thank you for saying something, Sumire." Nahashi gratefully said. "You're welcome. Just please, try to do something." I said with a small smile. "I know. I may have an idea. Lola, you need to help." He smiled. Lola nodded. "You go get some rest Sumire. We'll take it from here." Lola said encouragingly. I nodded and headed off for some stress free sleep.

3rd person

"So, has Sonoka figured it out?" a girl's voice asked. "No, she isn't aware of anything." A male's voice grinned. "Good. That's how it should be. We want it to all be perfect when we put our plan into action." The girl smirked. "What of the hunter and the girl?" the male's voice asked curiously. "We'll kill the hunter off. We don't want her to interfere." The girl said in thought. "You sure?" he asked. "No, I'm not. Instead, we're going to capture her and keep her as hostage. That way we don't leave any openings for Sumire to escape." She grinned. "If we do that, we'll have the most powerful and only berserker on our side." The male grinned. "Yes, but for now. We'll keep on collecting fragments. Soon we'll kill Sonoka." The girl sighed. "Very soon. I can't wait for this to all happen." he grinned.

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