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I was in a grassy field with the glowing moon high above my head. There were three different paths. Suddenly an image of Yoshiki appeared on one of the roads. He was looking at me with a smile. A big smile came to my face as I started to walk over to him. However, I was stopped dead in my tracks by what I saw behind Yoshiki. Ruka appeared with a very cunning and fox like look on her face. She smirked at my form before placing a dainty hand on Yoshiki's shoulder. Dark tendrils of pure sleek darkness rose from the ground and licked his sides. He slightly turned towards her. The tendrils furiously embraced him and pulled him closer towards her. "No!" I yelled with tears as the two disappeared into darkness. A second image appeared on the road to my right. It was an image of Kaoru. He had one white angel wing from his back on the right and one dark black wing from his back on the left. He had a leash of darkness around his throat. He was on his knees with one hand outstretched towards me. His eyes held a terrified and worried look in them. I tried to run towards him and grab his hand, but the image disappeared as well. On the road behind me, a final image appeared. I looked in horror at the scene. Ruka stood proudly with a smug grin on her face next to guy who also had a smug look on his face. At their feet I was on my knees in berserker mode. I had a small grin on my face. I also had blood on my hands. With reluctance I looked to see who was below me in the image. Lucia's dead body lay at the berserker's side. The life had left her eyes, leaving her an empty shell. I let out a blood curdling scream as I fell to my knees. The image disappeared. I still kept on heavily crying and sobbing at what I had seen. Suddenly all I saw was darkness.

End of Dream

I sprung awake with tears in my eyes. I was immediately embraced in comforting warm arms. "It was just a nightmare." Lucia smiled into my auburn short hair. I kept on sobbing into the mint haired girl's chest. It was just so terrible. Why was I repeatedly having this nightmare? It had been two weeks since talking to Kaoru for the first time and I've had the nightmare five times during the two weeks. What did all of this mean? All I could do now was receive the comfort given by Lucia. I hated being this weak in front of my partner. She may have been born the same day as me. However, she was obviously much wiser and stronger than myself. She has been through so much that her emotions have been contained and she doesn't let them out as easily as I do. It makes me feel so pathetic. "I'm so sorry Lucia." I apologized.

"If you don't mind my asking." She started with a grin tugging at the corners of her lips. "What might you be sorry for?" she asked ending the embrace to look into my eyes. Blue orbs met green ones as we held a gaze. "You haven't done anything wrong." She laughed. "If it's about all of these nightmares, it's fine. We can't help when we have nightmares." She said. "If we were able to, don't you think I would have done that for myself a long time ago?" she smirked down at me in a friendly way. I let out a giggle, because it was true. She's a person who has had much more nightmares than myself. "See?" she asked receiving a nod from me. "We just can't control it. It's part of what makes us human. We all have fears that hold us back. We all have bad days and good days." She smiled. "It's part of the beauty of being who we are." She added. I was thankful for, yet amazed at Lucia's deep and comforting words. She was very good at helping others feel better, even if she tried to avoid letting others see her weaknesses. She had a deep heart and mind that provided much insight on this world.

"Thank you Lucia." I gratefully said. "You're very kind and helpful." I complimented reaching a blush from her. "I've got to remember your words and use them." I said to myself. "It's just that I keep on wondering why I have the same one so much." I informed her. Was there a greater message to my nightmares? If so, what was it? Who was giving me this nightmare? Also why were they sending me such a nightmare? This just didn't make sense. "Is there something I should watch out for?" I asked to my self.

"Based on what you say, I have a bit of advice and theories." Lucia said in thought. "Well, I'll ask you something as one of my theories. Is it possible that everything that happens in your nightmare will happen in real life?" Lucia asked with a solemn look. It startled me because that theory had passed through my head before. However, Yoshiki wouldn't betray me would he? "Ruka has confronted him before, as you say. So, what's preventing her from doing something like that?" Lucia asked. "That couldn't be right because Yoshiki was attacked by her before. She nearly killed the both of us!" I protested. "Besides, the last part of the nightmare can't happen." I said with downcast eyes. "I won't let it!" I determinedly said. It was silent for a few minutes as we both let everything sink in.

"Sumire, you raise a good point. However, what if part of the nightmare does come true?" she asked. "It is a greater possibility. Besides, when was the last time you saw Yoshiki?" she asked with a raised brow. She brought up a good point but I didn't want to admit it. Just then a little tune played, signaling an incoming call on my red cell. I flipped it open to answer it. "Hello? Who is this?" I asked curiously.

"Hey Sumire." Yoshiki's voice greeted. My heart started to flutter out of instinct. "Hi Yoshiki." I smiled. "You okay?" he asked worried. "Yeah, why?" I replied. "Well, I was wondering if you could meet me at the park right now." He hesitantly said. "Is everything okay?" I asked worried. "Yeah, it's okay. So, are you available to come?" he asked. "Yeah, I'll be there in twenty." I answered with a smile. "Alright, see you when you get here." He said hanging up. I closed my phone as well.

"I don't like this one bit." Lucia frowned. "The timing for this is way too coincidental." She added. "I'm sure it's fine Lucia." I assured her. "I'm gonna go get ready." I said grabbing my clothes and running to the bathroom. I somewhat felt that Lucia was right. Something in my heart felt wrong. I could feel that something was off with Yoshiki and his call. However, my head was insisting that it was fine and nothing bad was going to happen. I got dressed in a white t-shirt, a black and white stripped vest, a black skirt, knee high black socks, and black flats. I grabbed my purse and ran off towards the park.

When I got there I ran up the stairs to see Yoshiki sitting on a bench near the playset. I waved at him only receiving a small wave and smile back. I sat down next to him. He was clad in a white blouse shirt and dark black pants. "Hey Sumire." He greeted. "Hi Yoshiki." I smiled. "Long time no see, huh?" he chuckled. "Yeah, is everything okay?" I asked curiously. It was silent for a few seconds and only the wind could be heard. "Well, Sumire. There's something I want to talk to you about." He hesitantly said. I nodded curious as to what was going to be said. However, I wasn't ready for what he did say.

"I don't want you to fight with those people you've been hanging around with." He determinedly said. I felt my heart freeze up in shock. He wanted me to stop working with the Vanguard? What was going on? "Why?" I asked curiously. "I don't want you getting hurt anymore." He insisted. That was nice he cared, but who told him I was getting hurt? "I'm fine. I survive these battles. Who has told you about mme getting hurt?" I asked curiously.

"That would be me." A familiar voice purred. My blood went cold as Ruka teleported in front of us. Her hair was down as usual and her standard outfit was on. Her crimson eyes looked down at me with amusement and a smirk was present on her face. Her slender, but highly capable arms were crossed. "Hello Sumire-chan. How've you been?" she greeted. Anger and fear stirred inside of me. Lucia's words came back to me. It looked like she might have been right. "You've been seeing each other?" I asked shocked. "It's good to let your boyfriend know all that goes on in your life. Since you haven't had the time to inform him, I've taken the liberty to myself." She smirked. "You should thank me." She added.

"Why didn't you tell me about what you've been doing?" Yoshiki asked a little downcast. "This is dangerous stuff you're involved with. Ruka is a professional and knows more about this situation than your friends seem to. If you're going to participate in this kind of activity, help her out." He insisted. "She can protect you better than anyone else." He added. Rage was building inside of me. "Yoshiki, normally I wouldn't talk to anyone this way, but you need to hear this." I furiously said standing up. "You don't know what you're saying. You aren't my parents, and therefore I don't have to listen to this." I angrily said starting to walk away.

"I'd sit back down if I were you." Ruka advised. "Because we can take this to your parents if that's what you want." She sneered. I glared at her as I held back tears. I was shocked and afraid for my parents. "You'd be surprised to find out just how much I know about Yosuke, and Tomoyo." She smirked using the names of my parents. My blood went cold because of what she knew. She knew far too much about my family and me than she should. "You see, Sumire-chan. It's in your best interest to listen when I'm talking to you." She grinned.

I unwillingly sat back down on the bench. "Now, let's continue." She smiled. "I think I'll let you in on a bit of the master plan." She decided with a smile. "So, we will eventually have you work for us. When we are sure you have submitted to us, then we will have you dispose of your hunter friend." Ruka informed. I immediately wanted to stand, but I remembered her warning. "I will never work for you!" I yelled. "And I definitely won't kill off Lucia!" I added. I felt my energy level of anger raising by the minute. "Oh, I assure you, it will happen. But not for a while, that is." She commented.

"I'd also think about what's more important to you. Your boyfriend or your friends. You see, if you continue to fight along side that vanguard and protect people, you will loose your boyfriend." She coldly said. "However, if you choose to fight with me and collect fragments, your boyfriend will stay with you." She slyly smiled. "So, decide who's side you're on." She said. "How much time do you have?" she asked curiously looking at Yoshiki. "You have a week and a half to decide." He said not meeting my eyes. I felt a few tears crawl down my cheeks. "Aw, don't cry Sumire-chan. It'll be over faster if you submit." She taunted. "Just say yes and you can have all that you want." She added. "Now, I'll be taking my leave." She informed. "Goodbye Sumire-chan." She said teleporting off.

I looked down at Yoshiki. I wanted to slap him and yell, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. The pain of being betrayed felt like a sting in my heart. The tears flowed freely. "Don't forget your time limit." He said avoiding eye contact. I ran away from the park blinded by tears. I ran back to the Vanguard, locked myself in the room Lucia and I shared, and took a long dreamless sleep. I wanted and needed an escape from the horrors of my life.

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