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Harry Potter and the Chocolate Factory

Chapter Six – In Which Roses Are Red And Violets Are Blueberries

The small crowd is ushered into the room by Wonka. There are various pots and vats scattered around the floor. Some are steaming with large fires beneath while others appear to frost the air around the tops. Harry is accosted with smell after smell as he walked forward. Cinnamon, beef wellington, some sort of awful fish, blueberries, and pine aromas to name a few. Every step gave him an opportunity to experience something new. Uncle Vernon did not seem to be experiencing the same sort of fun as his face would pucker and twist.

Oompa Loompas scurry to and fro sometimes forcing the party to stop while they wait for the traffic to pass. They drop sinks, apples, eggs, a full bouquet of red roses, canes, and Christmas trees into some of the pots. At the two last sights, a few of the parents look at Wonka unimpressed. He weakly smiled at the look and murmured, "Christmas treats."

"Do you remember your first piece of candy, Mr. Wonka?" Mr. Salt asks.


Young Willy Wonka was never allowed to go out trick-or-treating on Halloween night. His father never let him have any fun. He was not to have candy or soda or be a part of any tomfoolery. Marius Wonka was a strict father. Willy always wondered why his father wanted a child if he only wanted them to be miserable.

One night when Willy was nine, he defied his father and dressed in his Sunday best. He found some coal to black out his eyes and complete his costume. He wanted to have fun with the other kids and be weird as everyone else just for one night. He went around the block with a bucket and collected a handful of candy. He merrily gathered his haul back to his room and began to sample the forbidden candy. He started with a golden wrapped chocolate. From the moment it hit his tongue, the rich, smooth flavor delighted him. As it melted in his mouth, a sweet and salty taste erupted.

"Willy, I want you to…" Willy stashes his candy beneath his pillow as quick as he could. His father entered the room and noticed how peculiar his son was acting. He sighed, "Son, I know you want to go out tonight but…"

Willy thought he was finally going to get the answer but his father went silent. He looked up to see his father's enraged face. He glanced down and there was a single piece of candy that he missed. Marius Wonka said not a word before putting his hand out. Willy picked the candy up and put it into the outstretched hand. His father did not move. Willy reluctantly moved the pillow over and gave the rest over. His father's face turned blotchy at the sight. Silently, they marched downstairs to the fireplace where Marius threw everything into the smoldering embers.

"We shall speak of your punishment in the morning. You should not have gone out!" Marius roared.

"Don't you think this was punishment enough?" Willy yelled back. Tears streaming down his face. "I can't go out. I can't have friends. Everyone thinks we are so strange. Why can't I have just a little bit of joy?"

Marius got up from his seat, "Son, do not do this."

Willy did not even notice his father moving towards him in his distress. Black smoke started to waft off of the sad boy. His father stepped back again then began to try to reason with his son. "Son, you need to calm down."

"NO! I can't take this anymore. I'm leaving!" Willy was shaking in his rage now. The smoke gathered and pushed Marius out of the room. "I'm never coming back into this house while you have these rules!"

Willy ran out the front door and plowed over a few revelers in his haste to get away. He ran until his legs could not run any longer. He found himself in a small park in the middle of London far, far away from his father. After a few hours to calm down, he realized he would have to go back and deal with the consequences of his actions. It took many more hours to find the way back home. It was dawn when he got to the street the house was on. There was a couple across the street looking at where his house had stood before. The house between Number 12 and Number 14 was no longer there. Where was his house? There was not even the plot of land! The couple came up to the distraught boy as he fell to the sidewalk crying.


"Is he having a stroke?" Mr. Salt wonders aloud. His daughter scoffs.

Willy snaps out of his trance and clears his throat, "Ahem, and here is the Invention room. Where all the ideas come into existence. We have the usual apple toffee and candy canes. Then we have some extra special treats. There are everlasting gobstoppers."

"Everlasting gobstoppers?" Veruca interrupts. "How are they everlasting?"

"Well, you can have one of these candies and have a whole meal! We are trying them in gum form as well but have not quite got the formula right on those." Wonka looks a little downcast at that but perks up with his next invention. "We also have kitchen sink cookies caramels. Heh heh. People were getting quite grumpy at the fact we had not tried cookie flavors yet."

"Is that what the sink was for?" Uncle Vernon sarcastically asks while looking like he said the funniest joke of the year.

"Well yes," Wonka blinks owlishly at his question. "Why else would you add a sink to a recipe? The taste is just no good anywhere else."

"Mom," Violet's muffled yell has the group looking for her. "Mom, come look. There's gum over here and it looks delicious."

"Little girl, put that down." Wonka rushes over to the back wall. The wall itself has shelves and shelves of small pieces of gum and taffy behind glass. Violet is pressed up against the panes leaving behind smears of leftover jam. In her hand is a piece of gum the size of a stamp.

"What's the big idea? It's just a piece of gum!" She ignores his warning and quickly throws it in her mouth.

"Little girl, spit that out right now!" Wonka looks frantic and moves towards her. She dances out of his reach and goes to her mother.

"How is it, honey?" Mrs. Beauregarde asks. She does not even look the least bit concerned. "Mr. Wonka, is this the everlasting gobstopper gum you mentioned?"

"Yes, and it would be a good idea to spit it out," Wonka answers only to be ignored again.

"Mom, this is the best," Violet smacks the gum loudly. "It tastes like tomato soup. Not like that Campbell's soup but something even better."

"She absolutely hates tomato soup," Mrs. Beauregarde is surprised by her daughter's commentary. "Violet, maybe you should spit it out."

"No, Mom," The smacking grows louder and the others are disgusted by the spit that is beginning to fly out of her mouth as she speaks. "This just keeps getting better. Now it's roast beef. Yum."

"Now honey, when did you start liking roast beef? You always turn your nose up at it when I cook it." Mrs. Beauregarde is completely put out.

"Yours just tastes like an old dried out shoe!" Violet petulantly proclaims. "Oh, it's changing now. It's dessert."

"Oh no. Spit it out now!" Mrs. Beauregarde and Violet brush off the Wonka's warning. One because of her gum smacking and one because of her increasing anger. Veruca starts to tug at her father's sleeve.

"Daddy, she's turning blue."

"She shouldn't be turning blue. She's obviously not choking." Mr. Salt sneers at the sight of the still chewing girl.

Mrs. Beauregarde snaps out of her snit to see her daughter indeed changing colors. "She's not turning blue. Violet, you're turning violet!"*

"Mom, it's fine. It's blueberry pie with yummy vanilla ice cream on top. MMmm" Violet continues on without a care. Her hands are starting to bulge and her body begins to bulge. Harry subtly creeps behind his uncle. Mike notices what Harry and quietly shuffles behind his father as well.

"It's not stopping." Mr. Teevee takes a step back onto Mike toppling both to the floor.

"Mom, I'm starting to feel weird." Buttons fly off of Violet's outfit. One hits Vernon square in the forehead.

"She's swelling up like a balloon." Veruca snorts.

"More like a blueberry!" Mike jokes.

"Mr. Wonka, do something!" Mrs. Beauregarde is trying to help her daughter stay on her feet with little success. Harry looks around and notices that the oompa loompas have started to encircle Violet and her mother. Music starts to swell from all directions and the small beings begin to dance and sing.

""Yeah, yeah, Yeah, Listen close, and listen hard,
To the tale of Violet Beauregarde,
This gentle girl, She sees no wrong,
In chewing, chewing,chewing, chewing,
Chewing, chewing all day long,
Chewing, chewing all day long,
Chewing, chewing all day long,
Chewing, chewing all day long.""

The oompa loompas started to dance on poor Violet Beauregarde as they corral her near the warehouse door.

""Yeah. She goes on chewing till, at last,
Her chewing muscles grow so vast,
And from her face, Her giant chin,
Sticks out like a violin,
Chewing, chewing all day long,
Chewing, chewing all day long,
Chewing, chewing all day long.

The oompa loompas successfully roll her out the door as she continues to grow in size and change in color.

For years and years she chews away,
Her jaws get stronger every day,
And with one great tremendous chew,
They bite the poor girl's tongue in two,
And that is why we try so hard,
To save Miss Violet Beauregarde,

Chewing, chewing all day long,
Chewing, chewing all day long,
Chewing, chewing, chewing, chewing,
Chewing, chewing all day long,
Chewing, chewing all day long,
Chewing, chewing all day long,
Chewing, chewing all day long. ""
(From Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie)

The oompa loompas dance back to their stations. Working as if nothing amiss just occurred. Mr. Wonka pulls the pan-flute out of his coat pocket and whistles a ditty on it. An oompa loompa from nearby pops up. "Take Mrs. Beauregarde to the juicing room."

"The juicing room?" Mrs. Beauregarde shrieks as she starts to go into shock.

"Yes, they need to juice her before she gets any larger. Bad things could happen. Go along with your escort." He lightly pushes her towards the door and the oompa loompa grabs her hand to drag her along.

"Now, let's continue on. Shall we?" The smaller group exchange glances and walk after Wonka's retreating form. Nobody wants to stay in this room any longer.


"Longjaw! Where are you?" The Director storms back into his office area. He had spent the last hour in the legal department and had a large headache.

Longjaw sighs. He knew he should have left once the other goblin had but nooooooooo. He just had to finish that last piece of paperwork. He weighed his chances of fleeing without getting caught but he answered "I am still here sir."

"Good. We need to pull everything we have on the Potter account, the Wonka account, and the Black account."

"Sir, this will take more time than I have and I'm set for time off…" Longjaw trails off as he sees the look on his boss's face. He coughs, "How soon do you need it by?"

"As soon as possible. That contract needs to be reviewed as well."

"I left a copy on your desk with a few notes on it. It's a basic non-disclosure contract if a muggle signs it but there was a stipulation if a signer was magical."

"Summarize it and you will get your time off. I need more than one goblin on this anyways."

"Yessir. The contract is for children only. The adults must be in the room for it to be legal. The interesting part is the adoption clause." The Director looks intrigued, bemused, and frustrated. Longjaw quickly goes on. "If the child in question is magical and wins the 'contest', then he or she will be considered the heir of Willy Wonka by adoption."



*Excerpt from all Wonka media