"Red Alert!"

As soon as the alarms went off, Bones McCoy made for the turbolift to get back to Sickbay from the Bridge, but Jim grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back.

"Jim! I have to get to Sickbay, there's going to be casualties!"

"Not until we settle this!" Jim shook his head fiercely. Bones stared at him wide-eyed, but then decided it would be for the best if he went along with the game. If he was ever going to get down to Sickbay, he would have to handle this quickly and smoothly.

"Okay, Jim, what's on your mind?" Bones asked, voice tight as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Keptin! We are taking heavy fire to the forward bow!" Chekov called to Kirk.

"Boost the shields in that section and aim for the Klingon's weapons systems. Take them out. Now, Bones, why were you so mad at me for wearing one of your undershirts?"

"What about, mine do you not understand, Jim?" Bones snapped back, "You're the Captain and you should have your own clothes and not wear mine!"

"I ran out of clean clothes!" protested Jim as the ship rocked violently.

"Is your laundry chute broken or something? Get Scotty to fix it! Just don't wear my clothes!" Bones rumbled, "Now can I please go to Sickbay?"


"Why not?!"

"Because you still need to apologize."

"What for?!"

"For getting mad at me for wearing your clothes," Jim grinned as sparks flew from a nearby console.




"Fine," Jim replied, "Status report!" he called around the Bridge.

Reports flew in at once and Jim nodded in contemplation.

"Sulu, execute manuever 87-Alpha and fire a rapid burst of phaser fire on their shield generator. That should have them."

Bones again made for the turbolift, but Jim called, "Bones!"

/iWhat now?/i

Bones turned back and Jim said, "I'm sorry for wearing your shirt."

"I. . .okay, Jim, I accept your apology."

He turned back to the turbolift and stepped inside while Jim continued with: "I know what I'd feel like if you used my tweezers for a surgical operation or something-"

Bones grimaced, "I'll be in Sickbay," he answered as the doors closed.