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I love writing GX characters in short bits like this. XD They're so much fun.

Judai - Jaden
Sho - Syrus
Asuka - Alexis
Manjoume - Chazz

"Why's everyone cheering? That duel was so short!" Judai lamented, having anticpated a long, glorious battle between two famous duelists.

"Bro... I don't think anyone came for the duel," Sho suggested.

"What?! Then what would they come for?!" The idea of something being more imporant than a duel was unthinkable. Then again, many concepts that didn't have to do with dueling were incomprehensible to Judai, including, but not limited to, fiancées, tennis, and staying awake in class.

"Have you seen the Battle City DVDs, Judai-kun?" Asuka asked, trying to ease the boy into the idea. Manjoume shook his head at the Red's ignorance--he didn't care about the romance, of course, but at least he was aware of it. Judai nodded furiously, not noticing Manjoume's reaction.

"Do you remember when Miss Kujaku dueled Malik Ishtar?" Again, Judai nodded. "Okay. Think about that."

Thinking itself was not very common to Judai. Putting a hand to his chin, he looked at the ceiling. Winged Kuriboh popped up on his shoulder, chirping, but to no avail. To Judai's credit, he did try to figure it out. Asuka even prompted again, "The end of the duel. When Ra attacked."

"Oh yeah!" Judai exclaimed, snapping his fingers. Asuka nodded, smiling, happy that her friend was able to understand. "I know that part! Jounouchi ran onto the duel arena, followed by Yuugi. Ra attacked, and Miss Kujaku lost the duel." Judai's momentary look of triumph was replaced by the previous confusion. "But... what does it have to do with anything?" Judai looked to his friends, none of whom knew how to explain this concept to their duel-obsessed classmate.

"Just... keep thinking about it," Asuka said finally, turning her attention back to Jounouchi and Mai. "You'll get it eventually." Judai sighed and leaned back in his seat.

"Ah well, at least we got to see them duel at all,: he mused, picking out the bright spot in the situation, as always. "Wouldn't it be awesome if they could get Yuugi, though...?"

Judai lost himself in his thoughts--a very rare occasion which only happened in conjunction with dueling--while Asuka cheered for the duelists on the field.