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Three years later.

Hinamori Amu sat patiently in the waiting room of Easter Co., the best photographing company in all of Japan. She had so badly wanted to finish school to go to photographing college, and here she was—having completed a three year course for just this opportunity. Her mother had been home-schooling her until three years ago, when she had finished 'high school' and not to mention, the year she … escaped.

"Hinamori Amu?" the receptionist called, and Amu, who had been preoccupied in her own thoughts, jumped up from her chair, nearly tripping at her own two-inch heels. This action earned some chuckles from around her, and she blushed crimson, walking quickly through the door that was labeled 'Interviews.'

Walking through door, the receptionist lady closed the door firmly behind her, and led her towards one of the rooms in the long hallway. The door stood slightly ajar, and Amu could see a name plate on the person's desk. Fujisaki Nagihiko.

Amu blinked before a slight gasp escaped her lips. Fujisaki Nagihiko was the best photographer in all of Japan! Amu couldn't help the thoughts that ran through her brain—Was she going to meet him? Was he going to give her the job? Was he going to be her photographing partner? Was he—

Amu's thought was interrupted once she felt a warm hand on her shoulder. She looked up towards the receptionist, who had a warm smile on her face. "This is Fujisaki-san's office," she said softly. "You can go in and sit for a minute, he will be right with you." Amu nodded gratefully, and entered the office, sitting on one of the green comfy chairs. Picking up a magazine, she browsed through it, and stopped on a page with a man with blue hair and beautiful, azure colored eyes. Though the man was handsome, it wasn't compared to his handsomeness.

She immediately closed the magazine, and placed it back on the coffee table in front of her. Why did she have to think of him now?

"Hinamori Amu-san?" She was snapped out of her thoughts when she felt a warm hand on her forehead. "Are you all right? You seem a bit pale."

Amu blushed at the contact of Nagihiko's hand, and shook her head, forcing the thoughts out of her mind, and she smiled. "Oh, I'm fine. Just nervous." she explained. Nagihiko smiled, and held out his hand.

"I'm Fujisaki Nagihiko. Nice to meet you Hinamori-san."

"Please just call me Amu."

"Okay, Amu." Indicating her to stand up, Amu stood and walked down the short hallway towards his office. "I've viewed your application," he mused. "I have to say, I'm quite impressed. Living in a hospital all your life, being home-schooled, and yet going to college and coming here. May I ask you why?"

Amu flinched at the name of 'hospital.' Even the simple word brought back to many memories. Entering his office, she sat in one of the chairs opposite of his desk, and fidgeted with her fingers. She cleared her throat. "Well," she started softly. "All my life, I was diagnosed with cancer. A few years ago, someone … saved me, I guess, from the prison I lived in. The hospital, I mean. It felt like a prison to me since I was trapped there everyday, not ever being able to go out. And then … he saved me." She had to hold her tears back from crying.

"Who?" Nagihiko asked quietly.

"T-Tsukiyomi Ikuto." she croaked, and started crying quietly.

Nagihiko placed a comforting hand on her hand. "I'm so sorry." he said, but Amu just nodded. Changing the subject quickly, he said, "What brings you to this job?"

Amu wiped the tears away, and smiled, a soft, small smile. "When I escaped," she said softly. "He took me to a beautiful place. And he … died there. Ever since that day, I wanted to show the beauty of what he showed me to everyone."

Nagihiko laughed quietly.

"What?" she snapped.

"Nothing at all. It's just not many people have that ambition. They do it for money."

Amu features softened a little. "I'm doing it because of what I told you."

Nagihiko nodded. "I know. And that's why you got the job."

Her eyes widened and a smile spread across her face. "Seriously?"

Nagihiko's eyes twinkled with laughter. "Yes. I will give you your photography partner."

"I have a partner?"

"Yes. Every newbie does."

Almost as if on cue, the door opened, and a boy with copper-gold hair and green eyes walked in, holding three coffee cups. "Yo, Nagi—"

Nagihiko sighed, "Speak of the devil."

"Huh?" The boy blinked for a second as his eyes noticed Amu, then he grinned. "Is this my chick?"

Amu blushed. "I am n-not your c-c-chick!"

He looped his arm around her shoulders. "She's cute and she stutters. Nice."

Nagihiko chuckled as he leaned against his chair. "Amu, this is your photographing partner, Souma Kuukai. He's been working with me for a while now."

Kuukai winked at Amu before offering her coffee. He placed the other two on the table, and Nagihiko took his. Kuukai let his sit on the table. "Four years to be exact."

Amu's eyes widened. "Wow."

"Anyway," Nagihiko interrupted, clapping his hands together. "I have a project for you two."

"Already?" Kuukai asked, disbelief coloring his tone.

"You'd be surprised if you saw Amu's skills. They're way better than when you first started."

"Hey!" Kuukai was blushing, and Amu giggled.

"I want you two to go to Tokyo Beach," Nagihiko said, completely ignoring Kuukai's outburst. Amu stiffened considerably in her seat. This, however, went unnoticed between both men. "There is an advertising for more people to come into Easter, so we are using Tokyo Beach as the setting. Any questions?" Amu's mouth opened, yet no words came out. She knew if she went to Tokyo Beach, she'd be too numb. "Good. No off you go."

Kuukai grabbed Amu's hand as he stood, and grinned down at her. "You'll love it there!"

Amu forced a smile, but muttered, "I know."

.: S a c r i f i c e .:

He positioned his Nikon camera carefully onto the stand, and snapped the picture of when the waves crashed against the large rocks set against the sandy beach.

Amu sat behind him, watching him, too depressed to actually stand up and show him her photography skills.

"Yo, Hinamori!" he called. "Come up here and show your stuff!"

Amu smiled, but shook her head. "Nope, sorry. I'm feeling a bit woozy." she lied.

Kuukai's smiled faded and he sauntered over to where she was sitting. "Want me to cover for you? You can go home."

She felt bad lying to him, but she nodded. "Please. And I can manage on my own, my house is just a few blocks from here."

Kuukai nodded. "Okay. Be careful."

"I will." And with that, she started walking towards the graveyard where Ikuto was buried.


Amu walked carefully against the tombs of the dead, once and a while glancing around her to make sure no one was following her. She was supposed to be at home, in her sturdy one bedroom/one bath apartment, but she couldn't help it—she had to go see him.

Walking quicker than before when she felt the first drop of rain, she gripped her camera as she glanced at the headstones.

Hikari Utada, Fujibashi Kanade, Tsukiyomi Utau …

Amu froze as she looked at the name. Tsukiyomi Utau.

It couldn't be …

As she glanced at the date, she realized Utau had died very young. Was this Ikuto's sister? She thought. But he never mentioned anything about her …

Amu glanced below her death day, towards the title of the girl.

Beloved daughter of Tsukiyomi Aruto & Souko
Beloved fiancée of Souma Kuukai
And beloved sister of Tsukiyomi Ikuto

Amu stared at the headstone. She blinked at the familiar names. Souma Kuukai, Tsukiyomi Ikuto …

It took her a while to notice the warm hand on her shoulder, and when she did, she gasped. "K-K-Kuukai!"

His expression was dark, nothing of the sort of happy expression he had back at the beach. "You didn't go home." It wasn't a question; he stated a fact.

Amu gulped, and stared at her hands. "I'm sorry."

Kuukai didn't say anything, but instead walked forward, so that he was directly in front of Utau's headstone. The rain was pouring now, and they were both soaked. "I came here to visit Utau." he said softly. "I visit her everyday, no matter what the weather."

The silence stretched on after that, until Kuukai abruptly turned around, and faced her. "What are you doing here."

Amu stared down the row of headstones before answering, "I'm here to visit someone also."

Kuukai didn't say anything, but it was obvious he wanted to know. Amu sighed, noticing this. "Utau's brother, Tsukiyomi Ikuto." She was surprised she didn't break down and cry. Kuukai's eyes widened.

"Y-you? I mean … the one who es—"

"Yes, yes," Amu said, exasperated. "the one who had been kidnapped, that's me."

Kuukai blinked before smiling. "You love him."

Amu blushed. "W-w-wah? N-n-no way—"

"Shut up. You know you do," He ran a hand through his hair before grinning. "I'll leave you here with him. He's just down a bit the aisle. Just holler when you're done."

Amu nodded gratefully before speeding off down the path. She walked speedily, glancing around quickly before her eyes rested on the headstone labeled Tsukiyomi Ikuto. Taking a shaky breath, she read the plaque.

Tsukiyomi Ikuto
Beloved son of Tsukiyomi Aruto & Souko.
A loving brother of Tsukiyomi Utau.
A cherished friend of Hinamori Amu.

Amu sat back on her heels. And cried.

She cried, and cried, and cried.

Over the tears she had been holding the tears these past three years, she let them all out. She didn't cry during his funeral; she held them in. She didn't cry at all after his death, but she now did. Over him. Over everything that happened in the past three years. Over what happened three years ago that she didn't want to forget.

"I'm sorry," she said, hoarsely. "I'm so sorry, Ikuto."

Her mind flashed back to when she was returned to the hospital, only one week later:

Her parents entered the room, smiles lighted on their faces. "Amu-chan!" exclaimed her Mother.

Amu, who had been in a daze, snapped out of it, saying, "Hmm?"

"We have a surprise~!" Her Father exclaimed, coming to grip her hands eagerly. "Your cancer can be cured."

Amu bolted upright in her bed. "What?"

Her Father seemed to break out in happiness. "It's true!" he exclaimed. "You can be cured! You can be a normal teenager and lead a normal life!"


Her mother's and father's faces fell. "What?" she asked.

"No. I am not taking the method/surgery."


"NO!" Amu exclaimed, covering her face with her hands as tears escaped. "NO! I do not want to be cured!"

Her mother looked truly heartbroken. "But, honey … w-why?"

"I just don't!" Amu couldn't tell them—that she'd fallen in love with her escapee. "Just ... h-how? How did you find this out? When did you find out this?"

Tsumugu smiled, his smile pained. "Well, Japan has contacted America for medicines and treatment and such and they've told us about a theory: chemotherapy. You'll go bald in the while, but once you're cured, your hair will grow back and you can have a normal life!"

She had said no, many, many times. But, they had still managed to provide her chemotherapy. Once done, never stopped until the end.

Unfortunately, she had been cured.

It was a very unlikely cause; doctors declared it was twenty percent that she would be healthy and cured, but her parents still insisted on doing the process.

She whispered again, "I'm so sorry, Ikuto. I really did want to stop them, because it wasn't fair to you, but I—"

She was interrupted again, but not by a person, but a flash of lightening in the distance. She froze; she hadn't ever liked thunderstorms, never since she was a kid—it had always seemed like the storm would blow the roof off.

She quickly wiped her tears away and scooted closer to his stone. She placed her cheek against the cold, hard concrete, and a small, very tiny smile spread across her lips. "Can I tell you my story, Ikuto?" she whispered. "Can I tell you what happened these whole three years you've left me?"

In response, there was a thunder.

She took that as a "Yes" from him.

And so, the girl dripping wet in the shivering cold, with her cheek on the cold concrete, and a small smile across her face, told her story to the man she loved, of what happened when he left this cruel yet blissful world where death and disease was common, and also where love and friendship would always stay intact, even after death.


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