We Weren't Meant To Be

Author: MYTHoLoGiCaL LuVeR
Words: 970
Chapter (1/27)
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Author's Notes: Editing this story. Hope it turns out better. This chapter is longer than it was, so that is good. Anyways, I'll start on the next chapter.
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Edited Upload: July 7, 2014

Edward's POV

I was hunting with Emmett when a scent got to me. I had stopped running, the scent catching my attention. It wasn't the type that made me want to suck dry, but it did make me want to investigate. I followed the scent to a clearing. There, I was face-to-face with a toddler. She had big chocolate eyes, and chestnut, wavy hair. She kept her eyes on me, as I crouched down in front of her.

"Mommy, Daddy?" she asked quietly. Her eyes filling up with tears, as she looked around me.

"Are you lost?" I inquired, my dead heart clenching at her unshed tears.

"Yuh-uh," she whispered, nodding her head slowly.

"I'm Edward," I introduced myself, not wanting her to be scared of me.

"Ello Ewad, I'm Bella. Welp me wind my mommy and daddy?" She gave me a hopeful look, and I couldn't say no.

"Well Bella, let me take you to my house," I offered, standing up.

"Okay Ewad," she told me, as she stood up as well. She looked up at me, waiting for me to take her to my house.

I picked her up. "Close you eyes." She did just that. I spend a while looking for Emmett, but after spending five minutes, I gave up and headed home. Once I arrived home, I realized Bella had fallen asleep in my arms.

"Eddie, I thought you got lost! I was about to send a search party!" he exclaimed in his booming voice, from somewhere in the house.

"I know where I live!" I snapped, slightly annoyed of my brother.

I had forgotten about the sleeping girl in my arms. Her whimpering made us look at her, as she clenched her eyes tighter and gripped my shirt.

"Ssh. Got to sleep," I whispered, trying to sooth her back to sleep.

"Eddie?!" he exclaimed again, his voice laced with confusion.

"Emmett shut up," I told him, glaring at the area his voice came from.

Emmett and Rosalie were in front of me in a second.

"Edward, who's this?" Rosalie asked, her thoughts filled with her want of a child.

"Yeah. She's so cute," Emmett gushed, a grin in his face.

I was about to answer when Bella started talking.

"No, swop, pwease!" She started crying and squirming in my arms.

"Bella, sweetie, wake up. It's going to be okay," I whispered, wanting her out of her nightmare.

She opened her eyes and I saw deep into her chocolate eyes. She looked around while I put her down. I looked up and saw my whole family there, I did not know when they had gotten there, but I did not care.

"Ello. Wha's you name?"

I read Rosalie's thoughts. She didn't say it right. She is so adorable.

I smiled at her thoughts.

"I'm Emmett McCarty Cullen and this is Rosalie Hale," Emmett told her, introducing himself and his mate.

"Hello, I'm Jasper Whitlock Hale and please meet Alice Brandon Cullen," Jasper continued, doing the same thing.

"I'm Carlisle Cullen and this is my wife Esme Platt Cullen. And you know Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. What is your name?" Carlisle finished, staring at the little girl.

Bella looked at all of them, thinking really hard. A smile grew on her face, as she thought about what she was going to say. "Isabella Mawie Swan McCawty Whitlock Bwandon Platt Hale Masen Cullen." She threw her hands in the air. Everyone laughed at her, as she smiled at us.

She yawned and rubbed her eyes, making everyone decided that they wanted her to stay.

"Bella, let's get you something to sleep in," I told her, as I took her to my room. I took her to my bed and tucked her in.

"Edward can you stay?" she asked, her voice filled with fear.

"Of course, Bella."

I watch her sleep. I moved so I was lying next to her. I saw something purple on her arms. I checked her arm and saw the bruise. I checked the other one and it had more. I got so mad. I took deep breaths to calm down.

I heard Emmett call for me. I went to my family and we sat at the table.

"Guess we know what were going to talk about," Carlisle started, as I sat down next to him in the kitchen table.

"You got that right pops!" Emmett said in his loud voice.

"Em shut up! Bella is sleeping," Rosalie reprimanded, smacking him. "I say let her live with us. Who would leave her alone?"

"Her parents," I answered, "by the way she was bruised her father must have beat her."

"Who would do that?" Rosalie asked, her voice and eyes filled with anguish.

"Well I say we keep her." Jasper smiled.

"I second that motion." Alice jumped on her seat.

"Me too." Emmett had a huge grin.

"Of course we do." Esme added, answering for herself and Carlisle.

"It's settled then," Carlisle stated, ending the meeting.

"Edward, I looked into Bella's future and found out something," Alice said, looking slightly disappointed.

"What Alice?" I asked, trying to look into her head, but she didn't let me see what she saw.

"She's not going to be your mate," Alice told me.

"Whoever he is, I'll fight him. I don't care. I won't let the human any where near her," I told her, growling.

"Edward he's a vampire." She responded, looking at me. She continued as she realized I was about to say something. " He's not a vegetarian like us."

"Who is he?" I asked, confused. I was also a little bit worried.

"Alec Volturi," she whispered, looking at me with sorrow-filled eyes.

Everyone gasped. I growled. I guess we weren't meant to be, but that didn't mean I wasn't going to try and win her heart.