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Chapter 1

Countless bodies of mutilated shinobi lay strewn across the battlefield as the colossal bodies of seven bijuu pursued the remainders of the resistance.

The alliance had failed.

Even with the combined strength of the five shinobi villages and the Iron country's samurai, the power of Uchiha Madara and the seven bijuu would not be denied.

Out of desperation, the last two jinchuuriki were sent to fight against the seven juggernauts and their master. Killer Bee fully transformed as the eight-tailed ox while Naruto fought in sage mode with six tails of the fox's coat, the maximum amount while maintaining control after much training in Myobokuzan.

Killer Bee defeated four of the weaker bijuu as Naruto battled against seven-tails and Madara simultaneously. Victory seemed at hand when Madara suddenly summoned Uchiha Sasuke from a time-space jutsu. The avenger summoned forth the completed Susano'o and battled against Killer Bee.

Having been weakened, Naruto gasped for breath as his opponents surrounded him. His last memory was that of Killer Bee being pierced by the arrow of Susano'o, and of looking at the mangekyou sharingan of Uchiha Madara as it spun in a whirling dance...

...and everything turned to black.

He awakened to see scorched earth and the incinerated body of Killer Bee beside him. He quickly traveled back to Konoha, only to find it destroyed. Suna, Kiri, Iwa, Myobokuzan, all had been destroyed. Trees were cut down, and not a living creature stirred. And no trace of the bijuu and Akatsuki could be found.