Happy 2010 everyone! Wow, just when I thought the episodes couldn't get any better, out pops a gem like "The X in the File." Kudos to the episode's writers for once again making me squeal like a fangirl for a solid hour. This picks up where the episode ends.

For Rachel and Veronica, whose engaging Facebook posts inspired the majority of this, especially the later chapter(s).

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Booth could hear the fear in his partner's voice as her hand groped for his in the darkened Nevada desert.

"Booth, what is it? What did you hear?!" She was all but shrieking by this point, heart pounding, adrenaline pumping, though she was practically frozen in fear, the only movement being that of her hand finally finding Booth's and holding onto it for dear life.

"It's okay, Bones," Booth reassured her, his eyes sliding from the sky back to her. "You're one of them, so I'm sure there's no reason for you to be scared."

"That's not funny," Brennan declared.

"We're fine. There's nothing to be worried about. Except for maybe regaining the feeling in my phalanges," he finished, attempting to wiggle the digits clasped in Brennan's hand.

"Sorry," she told him absently, making no attempt to let go.

"Did you hear that?" Booth exclaimed, sitting straight up and cocking his head to the side as though the action would improve his hearing.

Her body on automatic reaction, she found herself sitting up next to Booth, back rod-straight, fear increasing as her breathing became even more shallow. "What? Booth, what?!"

"It's probably nothing."

"But what if it is something?"

"I've got a gun."

"Guns don't work on aliens!"

Booth quirked an eyebrow at her. "You're really scared, aren't you?"

She bit her lip and nodded, slightly embarrassed. "I think I'm done with the desert at night," she uttered softly.

"You're ready to go back to the motel then?"


Booth nodded once and moved to slide off the side of the hood, but Brennan, still holding his hand, halted his movement.


Booth smiled in understanding, and together they slid off the front of the hood, hands still clasped. Once on solid ground, Brennan released Booth's hand, the unspoken communication between them telling her that his hand--numb or not--would find the familiar place on her back, guiding her, protecting her.

They rounded the passenger side, and he opened her door, helping her in and making sure she was settled before closing the door and quickly making his way to the driver side, sliding in and slamming the door, Brennan engaging the power locks before the door was fully shut.

"What, aliens can't get past locks?" Booth teased.

Brennan shot him a glare as the interior dome light clicked off.

Booth chuckled and put the key in the ignition. "Uh-oh," he muttered, the mirth disappearing from his voice.

Apprehension and fear gripped Brennan once again. "What's wrong?"

"The car won't start."



Thanks for reading! Sorry this is so short. I hope to have additional chapter(s) posted sometime this weekend!