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Some short time later...

We sat on top of a blanket with her wrapped snuggly in my arms. We watched on as Glen, Martin and Cody were positioned across one side of the net while Dallas, Jake and Issac, Jake and Cody's older brother who was here for the week visiting from New York, were on the opposite side. They were all engaged in a heated game of volleyball. Glen and Cody being the sore losers were trying their best not to lose, while Martin didn't care, he was begged to play. Their plan to win wasn't working out so well because Dallas' team was winning by two. Unbeknown to us though, Issac had been playing volleyball ever since he moved to New York. Watching the three boys lose was great, this would definitely be something we would never let Glen live down.

The scene before me made me smile. I was with people who I cared for. Especially the one not even a breath away. It surprised me just how much I came to love her, to fall so deep in love with her. She was more than someone I could ever deserve. How I got so lucky is truly beyond me. All I know is that I'm so glad to have realized just how much I felt for her before it was too late. I don't think I could have ever forgiven myself if I had let her go. To let her slip through my grip without even trying to hold on. Thankfully though, all was forgiven and I got the girl I loved more than anything. Ha. That still scares me to think it, but knowing that it's her I feel so deeply about, makes it all worth it. Like Dallas always tells me, 'love conquers fear', and I'm so glad it did in my case.

"What are you thinking?" She snuggled closer to me, even though we couldn't possibly get any closer. Her back was to my front and my arms were placed over her shoulders. Her hands were intertwined with mine and they couldn't fit more perfectly.

"Truthfully?" She moved her head to the side and looked up at me. Nodding, she smiled sweetly.

"Truthfully." I smile down at her, then gazed back out onto the scene of all the teenagers enjoying themselves.

"I was thinking about how I could be tanning right now, but can't because someone won't let me go." I couldn't help but laugh a little just as she gently nudged me in the ribs.

"Hey, ow. That hurt." She turned back around and watched the volleyball game as well.

"That's what you get. But if you really want to tan, I can always move." She began to get out of my arms, until I stopped her.

"No. It's fine. I can do without a tan. I guess." I don't have to look at her to know that she's rolling her eyes. She blames me for her picking up on that habit.

"Yeah yeah. You know you just don't want me to let go." And she's right. I never want her to. I've gone too long without her, I don't want to lose her now.

"Never." Moving my arms to her sides, I lean down and gently kiss her shoulder. A gesture we both know she enjoys and finds sweet.

"I love you Spencer." I smile at the words, God knows I could never tire of hearing those three amazing words.

"Thank you." She moves her head to the side giggling, allowing me better access to rest my head.

"I love you too Ashley." She removes my arms from her sides and turns around to face me. Staring deep into her eyes, I see nothing but love and contentment. Which, I am sure my eyes are mirroring as well. I reach up to tuck a strand of hair that had fallen from her ponytail. Tucking it behind her ear she smiles widely at me, that smile that I love so much and can't help but swoon over.

I move my hand to the back of her neck and pull her into me closer. Just as our lips are about to connect and I'm about to feel heaven, a bunch of sand washes over us. Ashley moves away from me and turns in the opposite direction. I look around the sand and notice the volleyball laying just beside us. Looking up I see all the boys including Dallas laughing their asses off. I'm about ready to kick someone's ass when Jake makes his way over to us.

"I'm so sorry Spencer. It was all Glen's idea." I gather myself and stand up, looking over Jake's short shoulder I peer at Glen. Just as he see's me, he stops laughing and freezes.

"Spence, just let it go. It was kind of funny." I look down at Ashley who's still seated on top of the blanket.

"No. Are you kidding me? He ruined the perfect moment. I'm going to kick his ass." Yeah, I'm just a tad bit angry.

"Spencer, it's fine." I'm not listening anymore, because I'm already half way towards the blonde bimbo that claims to be my brother.

By the time I reach Glen he's waving his hands all around and begging me not to hit him. You would think he wouldn't be scared considering he's older, but while I took five years of boxing he was busy playing guitar hero in our living room.

"Spencer. Don't do anything you'll regret. I'll tell dad!" He began walking back slowly while I kept walking forward.

"Plus, it was Dallas who 'accidently' hit the ball towards you guys." I stopped in place and turned around to look at Dallas. She mimicked Glen's previous movements. But before I made any advances towards Dallas, I continued my way towards Glen. Little did he know, a few more steps back and he would trip over a bucket and land in some poor child's sand castle. And before I knew it, he did just as I predicted.

He scrambled to get up but failed. I could hear the laughter from the rest of the group behind me. A cute little boy, about the age of three, walked over to where we were and stood in shock.

"You ruined my sand castle mister!" The little boy looked like he was about to cry. Instead though, he walked over to the cause of Glen's fall and picked up the bucket. Walking back over to Glen, he raised the bucket and hit Glen in the head.

"That's what you get!" By the time he reacheed his family, which I am assuming is his family, I am hurled over laughing so hard. The look on Glen's face is more than priceless. Now he, looks like he's about to cry. Glen gets up in a hurry and practically jogs back to the group rubbing his head. I'm sorry, but he definitely deserved that.

Ashley's hitting the ball back and forth with Issac when I reach the spot we were all stationed at. I decided not to bug them as I headed over to sit next to Cody and Martin. Greeting me warmly, Martin scoots over so I can sit in between the two boys.

"You're lady has a fine body Spencer." I whip my head so fast that my neck ends up cracking. Cody doesn't even notice the death glare I'm giving him until Martin clears his throat.

"Not that I was checking her out or anything." I end up hitting him in the arm.

"Ow! I was just complimenting her. If anything you should be thanking me. I'm giving you major kudos." I roll my eyes and turn to look back at the two who are now laughing.

"So how are you two Spencer?" I chance a glance at Martin and appreciate his kind smile.

"We're good." I return his smile shyly.

"So are you guys official yet?" My smile drops then.

"Uh..." Thankful for the distraction, Dallas plops down in front of us while Jake sits beside his brother.

"Yeah Spennie. When are you finally going to pop the question?" I scoff at her question.

"You make it seem like I'm going to ask her to marry her." Dallas shares a look with the guys surrounding us.

"No, you make it seem like you're going to ask her to marry you. Why else would you take so long to ask her a simple question?" It wasn't that simple. This was Ashley we were talking about.

"Well you might as well ask her to marry you though. You both are so caught up in each other, you guys don't even realize what's going on in the world." So?

"What's your point?" Dallas laughs but doesn't answer my question, that is until Glen walks back over to us.

"Her point is that you might as well ask her to marry you because you two are going to end up getting married anyways. You're always together and things will most likely stay like that." My stomach swarms with those annoying butterflies that I love to hate. I can only hope that we can be together for a long time.

"You guys are all on crack." Of course, I'd never actually admit that to them.

"But seriously, when are you going to ask her? It's been like a month already Spencer." I don't know why I haven't asked her yet. I guess I've just never found the perfect moment.

The sun was starting to slowly go down and the weather was starting to get rather cold. We made no intentions to leave or move though as we all sat in a circle and continued watching Issac and Ashley.

"You know, if it weren't for the fact that Ashley was all yay gay for Spencer, I would think her and Issac were flirting." This coming out from the horses mouth, also known as Glen. I take a closer look and start to notice the subtle looks Issac is making towards Ashley. As he's giving her back the ball, his hand lingers just a little too long on hers and I'm just about ready to break his hands. Ugh this whole jealousy thing will be the death of me. I only ever get this way with Ashley.

"Chill Spennie. It's just Issac." Dallas' attempt to comfort me only fails.

"Yeah, plus I'm sure he knows Ashley's yours anyways. I'm sure Cody told him." Jake says as we all look to Cody who seems to be lost.

"Oh yeah, don't worry. I told him that Ashley wasn't into hardness." He winks at me which only makes me want to hurl. Gross.

"When did you tell him this?" Martin speaks up.

"Oh before he told me he was going to ask out Ashley." My mouth goes dry then.

"Are you sure he understood you?" He shrugged while playing with the sand.

"I don't know. Probably not." I smacked him in the head as I got up and made my way over to them.

I reached Ashley just as she was about to serve the ball over the net. Taking the ball out of her hands, I threw it on the floor and placed my hands on her hips. Not even giving her a chance to say anything, I leaned in and captured her lips in between mine. Finally, I was in heaven. Her arms wrapped themselves around my neck and I wrapped mine around her waist. Pulling her closer, I didn't want to ever let go. I felt her smile into the kiss, which only made me sigh in happiness. I kissed her with all the love and passion I could muster.

Pulling back, she smiled and took a deep breath. "Wow. What was that for?" I smiled and shrugged.

"I just missed you." Her smile grew wider and I leaned in to kiss her again. However, this one didn't last as long as the previous one. PDA was never my thing, and Ashley knew it, but right now I didn't care. I just wanted to kiss her. She still pulled back though.

"Come on Spence. Let's meet up with the rest of the group before things get too heavy and I end up taking you right here, right now." My eyes widened in utter shock. Never had Ashley been so blunt about something like that. Usually, it's always me.

"Close your mouth Spencer. I'm not as innocent as I look." She walked ahead of me laughing. Oh how right she was. We hadn't slept with each other yet, but the things she did when things got heavy, DAMN. She was definitely far from innocent.

I caught up to her and grabbed her hand, causing her to smile at the gesture.

"Hey guys, so we were thinking about just staying here and having a bonfire. Is that okay with both of you?" Martin asked us as we all began heading to the two different vehicles we brought.

I looked at Ashley, who looked at me. "It's up to you." I shrugged while walking to the back of my BMW to open the trunk. "Your choice love." She blushed at the nickname but nodded.

"Hey Martin!" He peeked his head out from the back of Cody's Range Rover.

"We're in." He nodded and smiled.

"Sweet. We're just going to head over to the store to pick up some things. Do you guys want anything?"

"Green tea!" I really didn't even need to say anything because everyone knew to always bring me green tea, but I just had to make sure.

"Got it. What about you Ashley?"

"I'm fine, thank you." He nodded and got into the back seat. Cody in the driver's seat with Issac in the front passenger and Glen in the back with Martin. The boys pulled out leaving Dallas and Jake with us. Great, now we're on baby sitter duty.

"So...Jake and I are going to go find a bonfire pit. We'll meet you guys back on the beach."

"Not until you put on regular clothes. It's getting cold." Gosh I sounded like Paula. Ew.

"Yes mother." I gave Dallas a death glare and she apologized. She so new better than to compare me to the dragon lady. She grabbed the extra clothes that she had brought and began putting them on. I grabbed extra clothes as well and handed a pair of skinny jeans over to Ashley. We all changed right there in the parking lot. We placed the extra clothing items over our bikinis, so it wasn't like we were giving anyone a free show.

"Hey babe? Do you want a shirt or just the hoodie?" Ashley smiled at the nickname while Dallas smirked at me. 'Babe' was a word I was trying to get used to saying. It always felt weird calling someone that, but with Ashley, it felt just right.

"Shirt and hoodie please." I walked over to her and handed her the clothing items. When she didn't take the clothes, I questioned her. Not getting an answer but a gesture instead. She raised her arms above her head and waited expectantly for me to put on the clothes. I laughed at the childish act but did as I was told. Yeah, Ashley had me whipped. I heard Dallas make a sound of a whip cracking behind me. Ashley busted out laughing along with the two younger teens. I just rolled my eyes and tried not to kill the young one. Dad would kill me if I killed her.

Once all of her clothes were in place I began to finish dressing myself. Not before getting a more than welcomed kiss from Ashley though.

"Thank you." She smiled widely and began pulling out beach chairs from the trunk of the car. Jake made his way over to help her while Dallas stood in place.

"You better ask her Spennie." I didn't even bother acknowledging the twerp.

"I'm just saying."

Rolling my eyes, I replied, "Whatever Snooki." Yeah...don't ask. Glen and Dallas have this fascination with Jersey Shore. Why? Hell if I know. That show makes me feel like I get stupider by the second. Stupider, I don't even know if that's a word. See! Oh gosh! I really am getting dumber!

"Spence?" Snapping out of my horrible thoughts, I peer at the gorgeous girl before me.

"Everything okay?" The sincerity in her voice made my heart grow more with love.

"Yepp." She smiled and I nodded. Taking hold of my hand with her free hand, we headed to where Dallas and Jake now were. Dallas was placing the chairs all around the bonfire pit while Jake tried to start the fire. The sun was just now setting and the mixture of colors in the sky left me in awe. That was until I turned to look at the girl standing to the right of me. Now that was a sight to see. The way the sun illuminated her gorgeous face left me more than speechless.

I grabbed her hand and brought her closer to me. "Ashley?" She brought her eyes to meet mine. "There's something I've been wanting to ask you all day." My heart started pounding. This was the perfect moment.

"You okay Spence?" Her eyes looked at me as if worried.

"Yeah. I'm fine. I was just wondering...if you would..."

"Spencer? Oh my God is that you?" Screw my life. Why must we always get interrupted? When I came face to face with the voice, I was left rather hesistant. Standing before me was none other than Sadie. Ha how funny. The ex, with the current, well future current, hopefully.

"Sadie. Uh, hi. Long time no see." Ashley's grip on my hand tightened. I take it she remembers Sadie too.

Sadie's smile widened at the knowledge of my remembrance of her. "Way too long. I've missed you." Awkward!

"You know, I never stopped thinking about you. I should have never ended it with you. Gosh I was so stupid. And..." Cue Ashley's throat clearing. Sadie glanced over me and barely now notices Ashley.

"Oh. Ashley. Hi." Ha the bitterness in her voice is not noticeable one bit. Sarcasm, ol' buddy, ol' pal! She gazed down at our intertwined hands then looks back up at me.

"Well it was only a matter of time. When you get tired of her, which you will, you know where to find me Spencer." She ends up heading down the beach the same way she had come from. Well that wasn't awkward. Nope, not at all. Ha. I look at over Dallas and Jake to see Dallas nodding her head from side to side. Uh...okay?

"Well I'm going to go help Dallas and Jake." Ashley doesn't even bother waiting for a response as she heads a little more down the beach to where the younger teens are.

Okay. I have no idea what that was about. I'm about to follow her when Martin pops out from nowhere and stands beside me. "Hey Spencer, do you mind putting down these sodas while I go help the rest of the guys?" I grab the sodas from him and walk over to the bonfire. Jake had the fire all set up just in time. The sun was set and the moon shone brightly above us.

Ashley was standing to the side glazing into the fire. The soft look on her face looked like one of sadness.

"What ever you did, fix it." I didn't even need to turn to know that it was Dallas standing next to me.

"I don't know what I did." I honestly had no clue.

"It doesn't take a genius to figure it out Spennie." She walked away after that. And truthfully, I have NO idea what she's even talking about. By now, all the guys were down here and were all gathered around the fire. Packs of marshmellows, Hershey bars and graham crackers were lied on top of one of the chairs. Bags of chips were placed beside on the ground along with the sodas and other snacks.

Issac walked over to me and handed me a bottle of green tea. The way to a girl's heart, well at least mine.

"Thank you." He smiled a wide grin and nodded.

"I'm sorry about earlier."

"About what exactly?" If he kissed Ashley behind my back, I was going to castrate him.

"For the whole Ashley thing. I didn't know you guys were an item." He was safe, for now.

"Or whatever it is you two are." Great, another lecture.

"No, I'm not going to lecture you. But just so you know, Ashley's an amazing girl." Like I didn't know that already. "And if you don't ask her to be yours soon, then someone else will. And even if she doesn't say yes to them, she can only wait so long." It takes me a while to take it all in, but he's right. And if I don't act soon enough, then maybe I might just lose her. I really need to grow a pair...not literally though. That's disgusting.

"Thanks Issac. You really are smart." He laughs and takes a step aside.

"Go get her Spencer." Placing my green tea on the sand, I smile and walk over to the gorgeous girl that I've fallen for so much.

I come up behind her silently. Wrapping my arms around her waist and leaning my head on her shoulder, I kiss her neck softly causing her to jump slightly.

"You scared me." I smile into her neck.

"It's only me." Her posture stays stiff and I wonder what's wrong. She usually relaxes into my embrace, but this time she doesn't seem to feel comfortable.

"Are you okay Ash?" She nods, but I'm not convinced. I untangle my arms from around her and just stand beside her.

"Hey Ashley, do you want a smore?" Cody asks from across the fire.

"Yeah." She doesn't look at me as she walks over to Cody who's handing her the needed ingredients. I'm left alone in the same spot, wondering what I did to make her angry at me. What sucks is that now, I may not even be able to ask her to be mine. Not when she's mad at me at least. What ever it is, I need to talk to her. We have to talk this out, I can't just let it be. Surprisingly enough, I'm not the one walking away for once.

"Ash, can I talk to you?" I interfere in the conversation being held by my siblings and Ashley. I look over at Glen and Dallas and hope that they get the hint to leave.

"We'll just go over here then. Come on Glen." I'm glad when Dallas catches on.

"But why? I want to know what happens." Dumb Glen.

"Just come on. You can go hook up your iPod to the iPod deck." She dragged him over to the rest of the group.

"Can I play Selena Gomez?" He asked a little more than excited and hopeful. He was definitely the weirdest one of all.

I grabbed Ashley's hand and pulled her along with me until we sat on some rocks by the shore. We were close enough to still see the group but far enough that they couldn't hear.

"Are you okay Ashley?" She looked out into the ocean.

"I'm fine." That was convincing.

"Please don't lie." She shook her head. Ugh why was it so hard for her to open up? Geez, now I know how it must have felt for her when she would try to get me to open up.

"I don't know what I did, but what ever I did, I'm sorry." She still avoided my gaze. This was definitely frustrating.

"You didn't do anything." Okay...

"So then what's wrong?" I grabbed her hands and brought them up to my lips, kissing them.

"It's nothing. I'm just, I don't know, acting dumb." That's when you know something is wrong.

"You're not. I just want to know what's wrong so I can fix it. Please just be honest." I begged hopefully. I didn't want her to be bothered with anything.

She sighed rather sadly, but spoke. "It's just, I don't know. What if what Sadie said comes true? What if you do get tired of me?" I didn't mean to laugh, but it slipped. Which only caused her to pull her hands away from me.

"Is that what's bothering you?" She said nothing, just wrapped her arms around herself. I climbed onto the rock she was on, trying to get closer.

I untangled her arms from around herself and clasped her hands in mine.

"Ashley, I love you. What Sadie said, was true. But that was before you. Before I ever really knew what it was like to be with you, to kiss you, to have you in my arms. I admit, when I was with Sadie, I would get tired and bored of people. I always had to have someone new because I'd get bored. But that was before I got to know what it was like to really be with you. Now that I have you, I never want to let you go. I love you, with all that is me. Sadie is stupid and she was just trying to get to you. Ashley, before I met you, I never knew what it was like to look at somebody and smile for no reason. Now I can't help but smile, all the time." She smiled at that last sentence.

"When I first saw you I was afraid to meet you. When I first met you I was afraid to kiss you. When I first kissed you I was afraid to love you. But now that I love you I am afraid to lose you." I read that online once. I thought it was stupid and lame, but now it makes sense.

"You won't lose me Spence. I like you too much." I laughed out loud and kissed her softly.

"I do want to apologize though. About my behavior before everything. As Dallas once told me, 'Sometimes we put up walls not to block people out, but instead to see who cares enough to break them down', and well, you're the only one who stuck around long enough to break them down. When you started to, it scared the shit out of me and I pushed you away. I didn't want to open up myself to you. I may not admit this to anyone but when Cyndal broke up with me before she left, she broke my heart. It was the worst feeling, ever. And after that, I promised myself to never open up to anyone else again. I didn't want to have to go through that all over again. But when I met you, I knew I was screwed. The first time I saw you, I knew that you would always be more than just some girl to me and it freaked me out. I barely knew you, yet I already knew deep down I just had to have you. I was just too scared to do anything about it."

She grabbed hold of my face and leaned her forehead against mine. "It's okay to be scared Spencer. I was beyond scared when I first realized I was in love with you. But despite it all, I forgive you. Because all that doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that I'm here with you now. And not only do I love you, you love me too." Gosh this girl was amazing and perfect and I'm just so incredibly lucky to have her. Well, almost have her.

"Ashley, there's something I want to ask you. I have been trying to all day, but we kept on getting interrupted and..."

"Hey, you love birds! Come on, we're all gathering around to tell scary stories!" Issac yelled from just a few feet away.

"Can this wait Spence?" I sighed, but nodded. I guess.

"Sure." She smiled brightly at me and grabbed my hand and led me back to the bonfire.

We were less than a foot away from the group and definitely in hearing distance, but right now I didn't care. I stopped walking, causing Ashley to stop as well. She looked at me confused. I took a deep breath. It was now or never.

"Actually, it can't wait." All eyes were on me now and yeah, I was nervous.

"Okay. What's up?" Music played in the background and listening carefully, I could make out the soft voice of Selena Gomez.

"The stars are burning

I hear your voice in my mind ( it's in my mind )

Can't you hear me calling

My heart is yearning

Like the ocean that's running dry

Catch me I'm falling"

The sooner I began to try to form words, the more my mouth dried. I need water. Lots and lots. I don't even know why I was so nervous.

"Just ask her already!" We both looked at the group, who all screamed at the same time, interestingly enough. When Ashley turned back around, she looked at me expectantly.

"Ashley, will you please, be my girlfriend? Officially, that is." As soon as the sentences left my mouth, it was as if a hundred pounds were lifted from my shoulders.

However, when moments passed and she had yet to answer me, I grew anxious and even more nervous. The thought of being rejected never crossed my mind until now.

"I don't know Spence. I'm going to have to think about it." I felt like I was going to cry, in a wimpy sort of way.

"Spencer, I'm only kidding. I'd be more than happy to be your girlfriend. Officially, that is." She giggled and I stood still. A sick joke indeed.

"That was so not funny." She wrapped her arms around me, placing her head between my neck and smiled.

"It was kind of funny." She pulled back and brought her lips to mine. Okay, all was forgiven.

Mumbling into my lips, she said, "I love you." I could only kiss her back.

"Well it's about damn time!"

"I'm missing you so much

Can't help it, I'm in love (love)

A day without you is like a year without rain

I need you by my side (side)

Don't know how I'll survive

A day without you is like a year without rain

Ohhohoh, Woooaaahh woaahh"

Laughing at the lame remarks from Dallas, Glen and Cody we pulled apart and finally joined them.

"So Glen, I'll definintely be taking part of that bet you and Dallas have going." Cody speaks up.

"What bet?" I question as Ashley shakes her head but still laughs.

"Oh, uh nothing." Glen walks over to Cody and smacks him in the shoulder. Yeah, I'm sure there's no bet. Rich kids and their boredom. You would think they'd spend their money more wisely. Then again, it was Glen and Cody and surprisingly enough, Dallas. Hm...actually that wasn't so surprising. Dallas got bored a lot too.

We all stood around the bonfire just enjoying each other's company. Dallas was wrapped in Jake's arms, rather cutely. I'm glad they worked out together. Dallas was finally happy and now I could tease her just the way she teases me. Ha pay back! Glen was stood between his 'boys' along with Issac, who I realized would definitely end up being a great friend if he ever decided to come back to California. As for me, I was here in the arms of the one I loved. The amazing girl who was willing enough to wait and to break down the walls built around my heart. The gorgeous girl who I want to wake up next to every day for the rest of my life. The girl who had my heart.

'Thinking back, I would have never guessed that I'd be right here in the arms of Ashley Davies.'

Ashley had her arms wrapped around my waist and was leaning into my back. "I love you Spencer," she whipered into my ear.

Turning around in her arms, I placed my arms around her shoulders and kissed her. "And I love you." I leaned back into kiss her, but of course we were interrupted, as always, before things could get good.

"Get a room you two! We don't want to see our smores sprayed out all across the sand." Ew!

"You guys are just jealous because you guys can't kiss Spencer." We all laughed, but they knew it was true. I turned back around and smiled contently at my girlfriend. Looking around at all the ones I cared for, I knew life could never be more perfect.

"Ew, I'm not jealous at all. There's no way I'd ever want to kiss Spencer!" Stupid Glen, way to ruin the moment. Laughing we all rolled our eyes at his dumb remark. Yes, life was definitely great.

"Glen, you're a loser! But I'm on the same page as him. Sorry Spennie, but yeah, I don't do the whole incest thing either." Dallas is starting to hang out with Glen too much. Such losers, they're lucky they're family. I have to love them. Martin, Cody, Jake and Issac all laughed along with Glen. Uh...am I the only one who doesn't find that funny? Noticing Ashley giggle slightly, I guess I was.

Whispering into my ear, I hear Ashley say, "It's okay Spence. You're definitely my type." I smile at the comment and lean back into Ashley. Yeah, I definitely loved her.

'But I'm so glad that I finally fell for the girl next door.'

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