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-Chapter 1- "Busted"

Bella Swan woke up on a sunny Saturday morning to something, or someone, knocking on her bedroom door. Groaning in frustration, she pulled the covers over her head and turned over on her side.

Again the knocking interrupted her attempts of falling back into a comatose sleep. Annoyed she flung the covers off of her body, squinted her eyes shut against the sun's harsh light and screamed "NO!"

The knocking seemed to cease, and she smiled sleepily and rolled back over once again drifting lazily back into slumber. Her eyes flew open five minutes later to a crunching sound.

"Oh, my god!" she moaned.

"That's what she said," she heard an amused voice reply.

Opening one eye she looked to the foot of her bed to see a tall male standing there. He wore vintage jeans, a dark green t-shirt, and had a half eaten apple clutched in his right hand. His dark hair hung past his shoulders and was tucked securely behind his ears.

She didn't know what was blinding her more....the sunlight or the fluorescent white smile that Jacob Black was flashing at her.

"Jaaaaake!" she whined.

Jacob took another chunk out of his apple and used a finger to stop a drop of apple juice that ran down his chin, then wiped it on his denim clad leg.

"I'm loving how this morning is going...you've moaned for me and said my name. It's going to be a good day," he teased.

Bella sighed in defeat.

Jacob was here...meaning that sleeping was not going to be an option for Bella.

Sitting up, she raked her hands through her dark hair and rubbed her eyes which were crusted from sleep. She flung her legs over the side of her bed and attempted to stand up while still half asleep.

Jacob stood there amused and continued to crunch on his apple.

Bella turned to him and put her hands on her hips,

"Do you have to chew so loudly? I'm pretty sure it's causing earthquakes in some countries."

Jacob gave a short laugh and continued to annoy Bella with his horse-like chomping. Then he reached over and ruffled her hair. As if it weren't already tangled enough from her rambunctious sleeping habits.

Brushing her hair sure was going to be fun this morning.

"Sexy..." Jacob said slowly staring at Bella with her purple polka dot pajamas on and hair in every direction imaginable.

"Jake gross!" Bella said touching her hair and wrinkling her nose when she felt the apple juice that was now in her hair, "now my hair's all sticky."

Jacob snorted, "That's what she-"

"SHUT UP!" Bella interrupted putting her hand up, "i'm going to shower."

Jacob's eyes went wide, and he walked up behind Bella.

"Me too!" Jacob said excitedly, "i'm filthy."

Bella turned to him, and leaned on the doorway of the bathroom. Looking at Jacob nearly made her burst out laughing. The way he was grinning like a child, with an apple core in his hand, and his long hair falling in his face in places.

"Unfortunately Jacob Black, you're the kind of filthy that a shower can't fix," Bella teased.

And she closed the door before he had a chance to retaliate.

Bella turned the lock on the bathroom door until she heard the reassuring "click" that let her know that Jacob wouldn't be joining her...not even by "accident".

She turned to the mirror and studied herself. Her hair was defintely a sight; it looked like she'd been electrocuted.

Lifting her hand, she pinched a section of hair between her index finger and thumb and attempted to run her fingers down the length of her hair, but her fingers got stuck half-way.

The apple residue felt like glue.

Rolling her eyes, she turned to the shower and adjusted the water. She threw off her pajamas and stepped in, letting the warm water drench her skin causing a tingle to go through her toes.

As she washed her hair, she began to wonder what Jacob wanted to do today. Every Saturday, they would do something. Whether it was simply watching a movie on the couch while clutching a bowl of popcorn, or going out to see what was happening at La Push.

Edward knew that she spent her Saturdays with Jacob, and he, being the overly understanding boyfriend that he is, didn't mind. Sometimes she wished that Edward would come along, but she knew that the treaty didn't allow such things. It was probably for the best, considering that at one time, Bella thought she may have feelings for Jacob; it was no secret that he had feelings for her.

That would be a great thing for Edward to read in Jacob's mind.

Bella shut off the water and stepped from the shower onto the mat that was on the floor. She grabbed a towel, dried herself, and began to dry her hair.

*Jacob's POV*

I smiled as Bella stumbled to the bathroom, and shut the door firmly behind her. I nearly snorted with laughter when I heard her turn the lock to keep me out.

As if that would stop me if I really wanted in.

The shower water roared from behind the bathroom door, and I could hear Bella pull the shower curtain closed. I tried desperately not to imagine her slipping out of her pjs and into the cascading water.

I let out a sigh, and walked over to her bedroom window to glance absent mindedly outside.

The sun was trying desperately to peek out from behind the ever present clouds of Forks; otherwise known as the wettest place in America.

The ground was slightly damp from the rainfall yesterday...the warm summer air was doing a pretty good job of drying things out. For now anyway.

I took one last bite from the apple in my hand, lifted Bella's window, and threw the core outside. A summer breeze blew in through the window, ruffling the pages of books on Bella's desk. I closed the window before anything blew outside.

The day was nice, and I figured that Bella and I could go for a walk.

I looked back at the bathroom door when I heard the water shut off, but then rolled my eyes when after a few seconds the hairdryer came on.

"Women," I muttered, and sat down on the edge of Bella's bed.

I looked around her room. Pictures of her mom were tacked on a bulletin board above her desk; along with pictures of me, her, La Push...and Edward.

The bloodsucker.

I frowned in distaste. What did she see in him anyway?

Then my eyes came to a notebook that lay open on her desk.

"It must have blown open when I opened the window," I thought and reached out to close it. That's when I noticed that "Journal" was written in cursive across the front cover.

I looked over my shoulder at the bathroom door. The sound of the hairdryer was still going steady from the other side of the door.

"This is wrong, I definitely shouldn't be reading this....it could have bloodsucker fantasies written in it," I muttered to myself quietly while scrunching my nose.

Deciding that my curiosity was greater than the risk of seeing vampire erotica, I began to read the page that the wind had blown the journal to.

...and I love Edward, but sometimes i'm just not sure how everything will work. I have a hard time trying to decide if i'm actually in love with him, or if i'm just comfortable with him. I've never actually HAD a boyfriend...so how do I know i'm in love with the first one?

Jacob raised his eyebrows, "So she does have doubts about the leech." he said absently, and continued to read.

Then there's Jacob. He's my best friend, and I know this...but sometimes I wonder if it would work between us. I had a dream about him the other night...and i'm sure that Edward heard me say Jacob's name because he did look at me weird when I woke up.

Jacob was now holding his breath. He immediately felt a bit guilty about reading such private things, but he was so curious to know what the dream was about...he couldn't help himself. He also didn't hear the hairdryer turn off.

The dream was something that I shoudn't have had. It was of Jacob doing things to me that I should be dreaming about Edward doing. And as guilty as I feel about it all, I realized that I wouldn't mind-

"JACOB BLACK!" a scream caused Jacob to jump nearly out of his skin.

Jacob turned quickly around to see Bella wrapped in a towel, her dry hair hanging in waves down over her shoulders. Her face was not a happy one.

"Oh, hey Bells!" I stammered, throwing the journal back onto the desk and standing up quickly. Bella narrowed her eyes.

"What do you think you are doing?! Were you reading my journal?!" she fumed.

"NO! No, I opened the window and it blew open, I didn't read anything, I had just picked it up when you came out," Jacob said nervously.

Bella squinted her eyes even more...her face red with anger.

"Busted," Jacob thought to himself.