Here we go, new story means new claims need to be made. Sam and Dean Winchester are owned by Eric Kripke, Jenn Santos is owned by me, and Mia Alexander is owned by me and Bree (winchestergirl2Y5).

The light in the room announcing Lucifer's arrival pierces from the circle formed by Lilith's blood continued to get brighter.

"Dean…He's coming…" Sam said.

Sam, Jenn and Dean rushed to the chapel doors but were shut in when the doors closed on their own. The three beat on the door, trying to get out. The light and the new noise, like Dean heard with Castiel, continued to become more intense. Just as the beam of light reached the limit of the circle, a new noise was heard when the three opened their eyes. It was from a cartoon featuring Yosemite Sam. They look around and notice that all of a sudden they were in a plane.

"What the hell?" Dean said.

"I don't know." Sam and Jenn answer in unison.

"Folks, quick word from the flight deck. We're just passing over Ilchester, then Ellicott City, on our initial descent into Baltimore…" The pilot began to announce.

"Ilchester? Weren't we just there?" Dean asked.

" …So if you'd like to stretch your legs, now would be a good time to…" The pilot continued before the plane all of a sudden went crazy.

Oxygen masks fell in front of the three hunters, causing them to grab them and put them on. Dean looked out his window and saw the beam of intense light through the window.

Dean sat behind the wheel of a rental car as Sam flipped through radio stations.

"...and governor O'Malley urged calm, saying it's very unlikely an abandoned convent would be a target for terrorists, either foreign or homegrown." The voice on the radio said.

"Change the station." Jenn said from the backseat.

"Hurricane Kinley, unexpectedly slamming into the Galveston area...", "...announced a successful test of the North Korean nuclear..."

"...swine flu..."

Sam turned off the radio as the three sat in the car in silence.

"Guys, look…" Sam started.

" Don't. Don't say anything. It's okay. We just got to keep our heads down and hash this out, all right?" Dean said.

"Yeah, okay."

"All right, well, first things first. How did we end up on 'soul plane'?"

"Angels, maybe? I mean, you know, beaming us out of harm's way."

"Well, whatever. It's the least of our worries. We need to find Cass and Nick."

Dean pressed his foot on the peddle and looked at Jenn through his review mirror. She was looking out the window, as if she wasn't paying attention to the conversation he and Sam had.

"Jenn?" Dean called her with no reply. "Jenn?"

Jenn turned towards the voice and met Dean's eyes in the review mirror.

"You alright?"

Jenn nodded before looking back out the window.

The next morning Dean, Sam and Jenn pulled up in front of Chuck's place. This was the last place Dean and Jenn saw Castiel and Nicholas. They walk inside and see the entire place trashed and covered in blood. When they heard a creak from the next room.

Sam was the first to go around the corner, therefore he was the first to get hit in the head.

"Geez! Ow!" Sam exclaimed holding his forehead.

"Sam…" Chuck said, realizing who he hit.


"Hey, Chuck." Dean said as Jenn nodded to him.

"So…you're okay?" Chuck asked Sam.

"Well, my head hurts." Sam replied.

"No, I mean…I mean, my…my last vision. You went, like, full-on Vader. Your body temperature was 150. Your heart rate was 200. Your eyes were black."

"Your eyes went black?" Dean asked his brother.

"I didn't know…" Sam answered Dean.

"Where are Cass and Nicholas?" Jenn asked; speaking for the first time in hours.

"They're dead. Or gone. The archangel smoked the crap out of them. I'm sorry." Chuck replied.

"You're sure?" Dean asked. "I mean, maybe they just vanished into the light or something."

"Oh, no. They, like, exploded. Like a…water balloon of chunky soup."

"You got a…" Sam started motioning for Chuck's head.

"Okay…right here?" Chuck checked the wrong side of his head.

"Uh, the…" Sam motioned for the other side.

Chuck then checked the side and pulled something out of his hair.

"Oh. Oh, God. Is that a molar? Do I have a molar in my hair? This has been a really stressful day." Chuck said in a trembling voice.

"Cass…Nick you stupid bastards." Dean said, shaking his head.

"Stupid?" Sam repeated. "They were trying to help us."

"Yeah, exactly."

"So, what now?"

"I don't know."

"Oh, crap…" Chuck mumbled.

"What?" Jenn asked.

"I can feel them…"

Jenn, Dean and Sam exchanged a look when they heard a new voice in the room.

"Thought we'd find you here." Zachariah said as he appeared with two other angels. "Playtime's over, Dean. Time to for you and Jenn to come with us."

"You just keep your distance, ass-hat." Dean said.

"You're upset."

"Yeah. A little. You sons of bitches jump started Judgment Day!"

"Maybe we let it happen. We didn't start anything. Right, Sammy?" Zachariah winked at Sam. Jenn put her hand on his arm when Zachariah continued. "You and Jenn had a chance to stop your brother and sister-in-law, and you couldn't. So let's not quibble over who started what. Let's just say it was all our faults and move on. Cause like it or not…it's Apocalypse now. And we're back on the same team again."

"Is that so?"

"You want to kill the Devil. We want you to kill the Devil. It's…synergy."

"And I'm just supposed to trust you? Cram it with walnuts, ugly."

"This isn't a game, son. Lucifer is powerful in ways that defy description. We need to strike now, hard and fast before…he finds his vessel."

"His vessel? Lucifer needs a meat suit?" Sam asked.

"He is an angel. That's the rules. And when he touches down, we're talking four horsemen, red oceans, fiery skies…The greatest hits. You can stop him, Dean. But you need our help. And Jenn's too."

"You listen to me, you two-faced douche…After what you did, I don't want jack squat from you!"

"You listen to me, boy! You think you can rebel against us? As Lucifer did?" Zachariah exclaimed walking up to the eldest Winchester and noticed something wrong with his hand. "You're bleeding."

"Oh, yeah. A little insurance policy in case you dicks showed up."

Dean turned and pulled out a sliding door. On the door was the angel banishing sigil he and Jenn saw Nicholas and Castiel draw. He placed his bloodied hand on it.

"No!" Zachariah yelled before disappearing in a bright light.

"Learned that from my friends Cass and Nick, you son of a bitch." Dean said.

"This sucks ass." Chuck pointed out.

Jenn walked over to Chuck and placed her hand on his shoulder before walking out the door. She waited in the rental car for Sam and Dean. They needed to leave soon before the angels came back. On the drive to Chuck's house, Jenn and Sam had texted each other. He told her the whole story about what happened. Now in her mind, she's going over every little thing Mia has said to her. Finding hints to her have gone darkside. But she ended up with nothing.

Dean and Jenn were at a table in the motel room they rented, readying their weapons when Sam walked back into the room. When he closed the door, he threw Jenn and Dean each a little object.

"Here. Hex bags. No way the angels will find us with those. Demons, either, for that matter." Sam said.

"Where'd you get it?" Dean asked.

"I made it."


"I…I learned it from Ruby." Sam replied with hesitation.

"Speaking of…How you doing? Are you Jonesing for another hit of bitch blood or what?"

"Stop it, Dean." Jenn said.

"It…It's weird. Uh, tell you the truth, I'm fine. No shakes, no fever. It's like whoever…put me on that plane cleaned me right up." Sam answered.

"Supernatural methadone." Dean replied.

"Yeah, I guess. Dean…"

"Sam. It's okay. You don't have to say anything."

"Dean…" Jenn started.

"Well, that's good. Because what can I even say? 'I'm sorry'? 'I screwed up'? Doesn't really do it justice, you know? Look, there's nothing I can do or say that will ever make this right." Sam said.

"So why do you keep bringing it up?" Dean asked, adopting an aggressive tone. "Look, all I'm saying is, say this is just any other hunt. You know? What do we do first?"

"We'd, uh, figure out where the thing is."

"All right. So we just got to find…the Devil."

"Geez, you make it sound so easy." Jenn said from her spot at the table, earning a glare from Dean.

Sam sat at the table reading a book as Dean and Jenn watched the TV on separate beds. Now, the thing was, Jenn and Dean were not doing so well, as far as their relationship goes. They didn't even have to say it out loud to know that. Jenn knew Dean won't or can't trust her the way he has anymore. I mean come on, her half sister ended up being a half demon. While Jenn was sleeping a few hours ago, he went through her phone to read the text messages she had with Sam in the car, so he knew everything that happened in that chapel…and Jenn couldn't blame him for the way he's been acting. She probably would have been the same way.

"But how would you then explain an earthquake, a hurricane, and multiple tornadoes, all at the same time, all around the globe?" The journalist on the TV asked.

"Two words: Carbon emissions." The answer came.

"Yeah, right, Wavy Gravy." Dean said before turning off the TV.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Dean and Jenn take a gun out as Sam went to answer the door. When he opened the door, he saw a girl on the other side, looking like she was gonna freak out.

"You okay lady?" Sam asked.

"Sam...Is it really you?" The girl asked, walking up to him and placed her hand on his chest. "And you're so firm." She smiled.

"Do I know you?"

"No. But I know you. You're Sam Winchester…And you're…" The girl looked over to Dean, visibly disappointed. "…not what I pictured…"

Jenn smiled for the first time in a while, starting to laugh at Dean.

"And you're Jenn Santos! Oh my god, you are the best." The girl said, walking over to Jenn, excited. "We're missing one…where's Mia?"

Sam, Dean and Jenn exchange a look before changing the subject.

"So who are you?" Jenn asked curiously and politely.

"I'm Becky. I read all about you guys. And I've even written a few…" Becky replied excitedly. "Anyway. Mr. Edlund told me where you were."

"Chuck?" Dean asked.

"He's got a message, but he's being watched. Angels. Nice change-up to the mythology, by the way. The demon stuff was getting kind of old."

"Right…" Sam interrupted. "Uh, just, um…what's the message?"

"He had a vision. "The Michael sword is on Earth. The angels lost it"."

"The Michael sword?" Jenn repeated.

"Becky, does he know where it is?" Sam asked.

"In a castle, on a hill made of 42 dogs." Becky answered.

"42 dogs?" Dean repeated.

"Are…you sure you got that right?" Sam asked.

"It doesn't make sense, but that's what he said. I memorized every word…For you." Becky said, placing her hand back on Sam's chest.

"Um…Becky, c….Uh, can you…quit touching me?" Sam asked uncomfortably.


Another knock on the door was heard through the room. Dean opened the door, revealing Bobby on the other side, holding a book in his hand.

"Hey, Bobby." Dean said, giving him a hug.

"Good to see you three all in one piece." Bobby replied, hugging Sam and Jenn before handing Dean the keys to the impala.

"You weren't followed, were you?"

"You mean by angels, demons, Mia or Sam's new super fan?"

"You heard?" Sam asked with a half smile.

"I heard, Romeo."

"How are Tori, Dawn and the kids?" Jenn asked.

"They're fine…a little spun out after hearing what happened with Mia…So…sword of Michael, huh?"

"You think we're talking about the actual sword from the actual archangel?" Dean asked.

"You better friggin hope so."

Bobby placed the book he had on the table and opened to a page, showing a picture.

"That's Michael…Toughest sumbitch they got." Bobby told Dean, Jenn and Sam.

"You kidding me? Tough? That guy looks like Cate Blanchet." Dean replied.

"Yeah, well you look like the Fonz when you wear your leather jacket." Jenn murmured to herself.



"Well, I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley, believe me. He commands the heavenly host. During the last big dust-up upstairs, he's the one who booted Lucifer's ass to the basement. He did it with that sword." Bobby said, showing them the sword in the picture. "So if we can find it…"

"We can kick the Devil's ass all over again." Sam finished. "All right. So, where do we start?"

"Divvy up and start reading…Try and make sense of Chuck's nonsense."

Everyone nodded before Sam got up from the table. Sam walked across the room and stopped, turning around.

"Kid? You all right?" Bobby asked Sam, noticing the expression on his face.

"No, actually. Bobby, this is all my fault. I'm sorry." Sam said, adding a piece of the story Dean left out when they were on the phone earlier.

"Sam…" Dean tried to intervene, but Sam continued.

"Lilith did not break the final seal. Lilith was the final seal."

"Sam, stop it."

"I killed her, and I set Lucifer free."

"You what?" Bobby asked angrily.

"You guys warned me about Ruby, the demon blood, but I didn't listen. I brought this on."

"You're damn right you didn't listen." Bobby walked up to Sam. "You were reckless and selfish and arrogant. And look what happened. You believed a demon and you allowed your demon wife to use you."

"I'm sorry."

"Oh, yeah? You're sorry you started Armageddon? This kind of thing don't get forgiven, boy. If, by some miracle, we pull this off…I want you to lose my number. You understand me?"

Jenn looked up from the book, trying to ignore Bobby tearing Sam a new one. But the last sentence, she couldn't ignore.

"Bobby!" Jenn stood up from her chair, getting ready to start in on him.

"It's okay, Jenn. There's an old church nearby." Sam intervened, holding back tears. "Maybe I'll go read some of the lore books there."

"Yeah. You do that." Bobby replied coolly before Sam left.

"What the hell is the matter with you?" Jenn asked as she walked over to Bobby.

Before Bobby could argue back, Jenn stopped him, holding her hand up.

"You know what…I don't wanna hear it. We'll continue this later."

Jenn grabbed her jacket and walked out the door following Sam.

"Sam…"Jenn called out to him as she tried to catch up. "Sammy."

Sam turned around and saw her coming up to him. Jenn stood in front of him, not saying a word. After having a silent conversation, Jenn pulled Sam into a hug. Stray tears fell from Sam's eyes and onto Jenn's jacket, causing her to hold him tighter. Jenn thought Sam had finally caught a break in his life, but it was taken away when Mia revealed her true self. Why did everything like this have to happen to such a good guy like Sam Winchester?

After a moment, they pulled away, and Jenn wiped the tears from Sam's face.

"Just know something, Sammy. I don't blame you for anything that happened. I know that you made these choices, but it doesn't help that you had someone you trust influence those decisions." Jenn told Sam.

Sam nodded and swallowed the lump in his throat. Jenn pushed some of his hair behind his ear and offered a small smile.

"Come on. Let's go to the church." Jenn said.

Dean and Bobby sat in the motel room, doing research in silence.

"I never would have guessed that your daddy was right." Bobby said.

"About what?" Dean asked.

"About your brother. What John said…You save Sam or kill him. Maybe…"

"Maybe what?"

"Maybe we shouldn't have tried so hard to save him."


"He ended the world, Dean. And you, Jenn and I weren't strong enough to stop him proper. That's on us. I'm just saying your dad's right."

"Dad…" Dean repeated.

An idea popped into Dean's head, causing him to get up and go over to his bag.

"It's got to be in here somewhere." Dean continued, looking through the bag.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Bobby asked, confused.

"Here." Dean pulled out a card. "I don't believe it. I don't believe it."

"What the hell is it?"

"It's a card for my dad's lockup in upstate New York. Read it."

"Castle storage. 42 Rover Hill."

"Castle on a hill of 42 dogs."

"So you think your dad had the Michael sword all this time?"

"I don't know. I'm not sure what else Chuck could have meant."

"Yeah. Okay. It's good enough for me."

Bobby then punched Dean, knocking him to the ground. He picked him back and Bobby punched him again as his eyes turned black. He then grabbed Dean and held him up as people walk into the room.

"You know, after knowing you for a while Dean, I always knew you were a big, dumb, slow, dim pain in the ass. Even now, I still can't believe you are so V.I.P." Mia said, walking into the room with Ruby and another demon.

Ruby walked over to the nightstand and grabbed her knife off it.

"I mean, you're gonna ice the Devil? You?" Ruby asked, laughing at the older Winchester. "If we hadn't had better things to do, I would have ripped your pretty, pretty face off ages ago."

"Ruby." Dean said.

"Hey Dean." Ruby smiled.


"Good to see you again brother-in-law." Mia replied, smiling. "These are the days of miracle and wonder, Dean. Our father's among us. You know we're all dreaming again for the first time since we were human? It's Heaven on Earth. Or Hell. We really owe your brother a fruit basket."

"My God, you like the sound of your own voice."

"But you, on the other hand, you're the only bump in the road. You're little wifey isn't as important as you. She'll be easier to kill. So every demon…every single one…is just dying for a piece of you."

"Get in line."

"Oh, We're in the front of the line, baby. Let's ride." Ruby said, grabbing Dean by the face and kissing him.

"What is that…Peanut butter?" Dean asked as she pulled away.

"You know, your surrogate daddy's still awake…Screaming in there. And I want him to know how it feels slicing the life out of you." Ruby handed Bobby her knife.

"Bobby…Bobby! No!" Dean begged as he was pinned to the wall.

"Now!" Ruby ordered.

"Bobby, no!"

Bobby raised the knife, but instead of killing Dean, he stabbed himself, killing the demon possessing him. Dean was freed, causing him to throw a punch on both Ruby and Mia before turning his attention to the other demon in the room. Just as the demon got the upper hand on Dean, Sam and Jenn walked in the room; Bobby's crumpled body is the first thing they see.

Sam was hit on the head with the phone, causing him to knock Jenn in the wall behind him and pin her behind him.

"Heya, Sammy. You miss us? Cause we sure missed you." Ruby asked, standing in front of him.

"Ruby, Mia…" Sam replied standing straight.

Both Jenn and Sam go to attack Ruby and Mia, but Ruby and Mia both quickly gained the upper hand on Sam and Jenn.

"It's not so easy without those super-special demon powers anymore, huh, Sammy?" Ruby asked Sam before punching him again.

Just as Mia kicked Jenn in the stomach, Dean had grabbed Ruby's knife from Bobby's stomach and killed the other demon. Mia and Ruby stop what they're doing and watch as Dean slowly picked himself up. They exchanged a look before Mia waved her arm, sending Dean crashing into the table across the room. Both female demons ran out of the room before any of the three remaining hunters could recover.

Dean, Sam and Jenn rush into the E.R. with Bobby.

"What happened?" A doctor asked, rushing to them.

"He was stabbed." Dean answered.

"Can we get a gurney?" The doctor called to the nurses.

"It's all right, Bobby. You're gonna be okay." Sam said told Bobby as they load him on the gurney.

"Just wait here."

"No, no, we…We can't just leave him!" Jenn said.

"Just don't move. We've got questions." The doctor said before leaving.

"Guys, we got to go." Dean said.

"No. No way, Dean." Sam said.

"The demons heard where the sword is. We got to get to it before they do, if we're not too late already. Come on!"

Reluctantly Sam and Jenn followed Dean. They got into the impala and sped off to where the Michael's sword is supposed to be. On the way, Jenn was disturbed with herself. She tried to attack Mia with no regards to the fact that she was pregnant. Just before Jenn could continue to scold herself, Dean pulled up to the storage place.

The moment they get out of the car, they immediately arm themselves with guns and a shotgun before going to the door. Dean opened it and the first thing they saw were bodies lying motionless on the floor; underneath them were devil's traps.

"I see you told the demons where the sword is." Zachariah said.

"Oh, thank God, the angels are here." Dean said sarcastically.

"And to think…they could have grabbed it any time they wanted." Zachariah stepped over one of the bodies and closed the door with his powers. "It was right in front of them."

"What do you mean?" Sam asked.

"We may have planted that particular piece of prophecy inside Chuck's skull, but it happened to be true. We did lose the Michael sword. We truly couldn't find it. Until now. You've just hand-delivered it to us."

"We don't have anything." Dean said.

"It's you, chuckle head. You're the Michael sword. What, you thought you could actually kill Lucifer? You simpering wad of insecurity and self-loathing? No. You're just a human, Dean. And not much of one."

"What do you mean, I'm the sword?"

"You're Michael's weapon. Or, rather, his…receptacle."

"I'm a vessel?"

"You're the vessel. Michael's vessel."

Jenn and Sam looked over to Dean in shock. Dean's mouth fell open in a shock of his own.

"Not only does Dean have a destiny to fulfill, so do you Jenn." Zachariah continued.

"What are you talking about?" Jenn asked, looking from Dean to Zachariah.

"There was more of a reason we cleaned you of your demon blood. You're a vessel of your own."


"There's someone that's pretty important to this fight than just Michael."


"Your mother."

Jenn looked at Zachariah with tears in her eyes.

"You're the vessel for your mother. And what better to have a former hunter as an angel? She's willing to fight hell and we need her to fight hell." Zachariah continued

"How? Why? Why me?" Dean asked Zachariah, coming out of his shock.

"Because you're chosen! It's a great honor, Dean."

"Oh, yeah. Yeah, life as an angel condom. That's real fun. I think I'll pass, thanks."

"Joking…Always joking. Well…no more jokes. Bang." Zachariah mimicked a gun with his fingers, and broke Sam's lags, causing Sam to yelp out in pain.

"You son of a bitch!" Dean said.

"Keep mouthing off, I'll break more than his legs. I am completely and utterly through screwing around. The war has begun. We don't have our general and one of our best warriors. That's bad. Now, Michael and Camille are going to take their vessels and lead the final charge against the adversary. You understand me?"

"How many humans die in the crossfire, huh? A million? 5? 10?"

"Probably more. If Lucifer goes unchecked, you know how many die? All of them. He'll roast the planet alive."

"There's a reason you're telling me this instead of just nabbing me and Jenn. You need our consent. Michael and Camille need our say-so to ride around in our skins."

"Unfortunately, yes."

"Well, there's got to be another way." Jenn said.

"There is no other way. There must be a battle. Michael must defeat the serpent. It is written."

"Yeah, maybe. But, on the other hand…Eat me. The answer's no." Dean said.

"Okay. How about this? Your friend Bobby…We know he's gravely injured. Uh, say yes, and we'll heal him. Say no, he'll never walk again."

"Dean…"Jenn started.

"No." Dean replied.

"Then how about we heal you from…stage-4 stomach cancer?"

Dean then felt weak in the knees and fell to the ground, coughing up blood. Jenn hurried to Dean and looked up at Zachariah with fear in her eyes.

"Stop." Jenn said.

"What do you say Jenn? Your mother doesn't leave Heaven until you give her full control of your body." Zachariah said.

"Don't do it." Dean said in pain, holding his stomach.

"Dean…" Jenn started as tears fell from her eyes. "She's my mother."


Jenn let her head fall before standing up and facing Zachariah.

"…No." Jenn quietly replied.

"Then let's get really creative. Uh, let's see how…you do without your lungs." Zachariah said.

Jenn then all of a sudden couldn't breathe anymore. She fell to the ground grabbing at her chest, suffocating slowly.

"Are we having fun yet? You're going to say yes, Dean." Zachariah continued, making Dean look him in the eyes.

"Just kill us." Dean replied.

"Kill you? Oh, no. I'm just getting started."

Behind Zachariah, a harsh light and a loud sound pierced the room. Zachariah turned around and saw one of his companions was stabbed by Castiel. Nicholas fought with other before stabbing the other companion with Zachariah, killing him.

"How are you…" Zachariah started.

"…Alive? That's a good question. How did these three end up on that airplane? Another good question. Cause the angels didn't do it. I think we all know the answer, don't we?" Castiel said.

"No. That's not possible."

"It scares you. Well, it should. Now, put these three back together and go. I won't ask twice."

Zachariah disappeared and Dean, Jenn and Sam picked themselves off the ground.

"You three need to be more careful." Nicholas said.

"Yeah, I'm starting to get that. Your frat brothers are bigger dicks than I thought." Dean said.

"I don't mean the angels. Lucifer is circling his vessel. And once he takes it, those hex bags won't be enough to protect you."

Castiel placed both his hands on Sam and Dean's chests while Nicholas does the same to Jenn. Suddenly they feel a violent pain in their chests.

"What was that?" Jenn asked.

"An Enochian sigil. It'll hide you from every angel in Creation, including Lucifer." Castiel answered.

"What, you just brand us with it?" Dean asked.

"No. We carved it into your ribs."

"Hey, guys, were you really dead?" Sam asked.

"Yes." Nicholas answered.

"Then how are you back?" Dean asked.

But instead of an answer, Castiel and Nicholas disappear, leaving Sam, Dean and Jenn alone in the storage room.

"'Unlikely to walk again'?! Why, you snot-nosed son of a bitch! Wait till I get out of this bed!" Bobby shouted at the doctor, causing him to leave the room. "I'll use my game leg and kick your friggin' ass! Yeah, you better run! You believe that yahoo?" Bobby then turned to the three Winchesters in the room, leaning against a wall.

"Screw him. You'll be fine." Dean answered.

"So, let me ask the million-dollar question. What do we do now?" Sam asked.

"Well, we save as many as we can for as long as we can, I guess. It's bad. Whoever wins, Heaven or Hell, we're boned." Bobby replied.

"What if we win? I'm serious. I mean, screw the angels and the demons and their crap Apocalypse. They want to fight a war, they can find their own planet. This one's ours, and I say they get the hell off it. We take 'em all on. We kill the devil. Hell, we even kill Michael if we have to. But we do it our own damn selves." Dean said.

"And how are we supposed to do all this, genius?"

"I got no idea. But what I do have is a G.E.D. and a 'give 'em hell' attitude, and I'll figure it out."

"Shit, you know I'm in." Jenn said with a smile.

"You are nine kinds of crazy, boy." Bobby added.

"It's been said. Listen, you stay on the mend. We'll see you in a bit." Dean said, tapping Bobby on the shoulder and headed for the door.

"Sam? I was awake. I know what I said back there. I just want you to know that…that was the demon talking. I ain't cutting you out, boy. Not ever." Bobby told the youngest in the room.

"Thanks, Bobby." Sam said.

"You're welcome. I deserve a damn medal for this, but…you're welcome."

Jenn walked up to Bobby and put her hand on his shoulder.

"Good…we don't have to talk about this…so…lesson learned." Jenn joked, kissing Bobby on the forehead.

Sam, Dean and Jenn headed out the door and headed back to the impala.

"You know, I was thinking, Dean…Maybe we could go after the colt." Sam said as they reached the parking lot.

"Why? What difference would that make?" Dean asked.

"Well, we could use it on Lucifer. I mean, you just said back there…"

"I just said a bunch of crap for Bobby's benefit. I mean…I'll fight. I'll fight till the last man, but let's at least be honest. I mean, we don't stand a snowball's chance, and you both know that. I mean, hell, you of all people know that."

"Dean…Is there something you want to say to me?"

"…I tried, Sammy. I mean, I really tried. But I just can't keep pretending that everything's all right. Because it's not. And it's never going to be. You chose a demon over your own brother, and look what happened."

"I would give anything…anything to take it all back."

"I know you would. And I know how sorry you are. I do. But, man…You were the one that I depended on the most. And you let me down in ways that I can't even…I'm just…I'm having a hard time forgiving and forgetting here, you know?"

"What can I do?"

"Honestly? Nothing. I just don't…I don't think that we can ever be what we were, you know? I just don't think I can trust you…hell, I don't even know if I can trust my own wife anymore."

Sam and Jenn share a hurtful look as Dean turned and headed for the impala. The two followed Dean a moment later and they drove to a new motel in silence.

Dean had gotten a room for the three of them. When they walked in, Jenn noticed that the room had 2 queen sized beds. She knew she wasn't sharing a bed with Dean, only because…what would be the point now? Dean didn't have to say it out loud for Jenn to know their relationship might be over. Why wouldn't it be? Mia was Jenn's sister and she betrayed Sam…what could stop Jenn from doing the same to Dean?

"I'll be right back." Jenn said, walking out the door.

She walked into the front office and noticed the good looking guy at the counter.

"Hi, can I help you?" The guy asked.

"Yeah, I want to get a room, please." Jenn replied.

As soon as Jenn left the room, Sam and Dean both stared at the door for a second before going back to what they were doing.

"I call dibs on the shower." Dean said.

Sam nodded and continued going through his duffle. Dean grabbed everything he might need and walked into the bathroom. He closed the door behind him and put his stuff down near the sink. Bracing both hands on each side of the sink, he looked at himself in the mirror. He still couldn't believe that he was supposed to be the vessel for Michael…a freaking archangel. Before he could let those thoughts take over, Dean walked over to the shower and switched on the water.

Dean quickly peeled off his clothes and stood underneath the warm water. The first thing that came to his mind was what he should do about Jenn. He couldn't act like he didn't see the hurt look Jenn had earlier. But how could he trust her if her sister betrayed his brother? Sometimes, family can be alike…and what if Jenn was like Mia? All these thoughts continued to tear through his mind as he let the now hot water soothe his aching muscles.

Mia sat at a table in her motel room. She pulled out her cell phone and looked at the pictures on them. Her, Sam, Jenn and Dean looked as happy as they could've been with a job and life like theirs. That's when reality hit her.

Yeah, she worked for Lilith and with Ruby to let Lucifer free.

Yeah, she betrayed Sam and everything they ever had because she had a job to do.

But she didn't lie when she said she loved him; she didn't lie when she said she wants to be with him forever.

Sure Sam, Jenn and Dean forgave her when they found out she was working for Gordon…but they only have so much forgiveness to go around…and this is something they wouldn't forgiver her for. The biggest mistake of your life was to betray a Winchester.

"Mia?" Ruby's voice said from behind her.

Mia turned and looked at the demon behind her.

"It's time to go." Ruby continued.

Mia nodded and grabbed her bag. She put her hand on her bulging belly and a tear fell from her eyes. She wished she would have decided to do the complete opposite of what she did. If she did, Ruby and Lilith would probably be dead, Sam would still be somewhat normal and Lucifer would still be in his cage.

Ruby got into the car as Mia got into the passenger side. Starting the engine, Ruby pulled out of the parking lot and would occasionally glance at her older sister.

"You did what you had to, you know." Ruby broke the silence.

"I know." Mia replied, looking out the window.

A thought popped into Mia's head. She loved her little sister, but she had to do something about her. But then again, if she decided to kill her or send her back to hell, Mia would be left alone to fend for herself. She was pretty sure that if Dean, Sam or Jenn had caught whiff of their scent, they would hunt Ruby and herself down with no problem. Mia sighed and watched the last of the lights in town pass by and the night sky turn to complete darkness.

Jenn walked back to Sam and Dean's room and grabbed her duffle.

"Where are you going?" Sam asked.

"I, uh, got a room for myself." Jenn replied, walking to the door.

"Jenn…can I talk to you?"

Jenn turned to the youngest and nodded for him to follow her. Jenn walked a couple doors down and unlocked her room. Sam followed her in as she turned on the lights and put down her bag.

"So…what's up?" Jenn asked.

"I've been doing all this apologizing to Dean, and I haven't really said it to you." Sam started.

"Sammy…you know you don't have to. Things just happen and you were doing what you thought was right. Whatever happened there and between us…I forgive you. Dean said that you and him might not be able to be how you were before, but you and me…we can still. And I might have problems trusting you, but it doesn't mean you can't earn it back."

Sam gave her a sad smile before Jenn enveloped him into a hug. They pulled away and exchanged small smiles.

"Can I talk to you about something else then?" Sam asked.

"Of course you can." Jenn answered, motioning for him to sit on the bed.

"I've been trying to make sense of what Mia did in my head…but I still don't understand."

"I don't either."

"It's just…these last 3 and a half years…everything I've done for her…it was all for nothing…everything between me and her was a lie." Tears began brimming Sam's eyes. "I should have seen this coming…I really should have. What am I supposed to do? I can't take care of Isabella by myself."

Jenn looked down at her hands, tears threatening to fall from her own eyes. She wished this didn't happen to Sam…not her Sammy. How can anyone do that to someone who can look at you with those puppy dog eyes?

"I'm sorry Sam. If it means anything to you, I would give anything for you not to feel this way. And as far as Bella goes, you aren't gonna take care of her alone. You have Dawn, Tori…and me too. You aren't gonna go through any of this alone. Not as long as I'm breathing."

"What about this new baby? I worried about what she'll do to it."

"Mia may be a lot of things…but I don't think she would have it in her to let her child or children get hurt."

Sam nodded, hoping she was right. Jenn pulled him into another hug, allowing Sam to empty his tears onto her shoulder. She gently ran her hand on the back of Sam's head while she let out a few tears of her own.

Later, Sam had left the room, leaving Jenn alone to think in hers. She had some decisions to make as far as her relationship and marriage to Dean was concerned. After a moment of thought, Jenn grabbed her phone and called Bobby.

"What can I do for you, Jenn?" Bobby answered.

"Hey, Bobby. I know you're in the hospital, but do you have a number for a good divorce lawyer?" Jenn asked.

Alright! First chapter down! So, as far as the story goes, anyone have any predictions for where anything may go? Will Sam be okay? Will Dean and Jenn divorce this time? Will Mia let her conscious take over and find a way back to Sam?

We'll find out as the story goes on!