Lyn: I'm back after a long hiatus, and during that time became obsessed with the awesomeness that is PokeSpecial. –grins- So I decided to try my hand at this, especially for my favorite shipping, MangaQuest.

Because really people, Crys and Gold deserve a whole lotta love!

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Blue Bells


He meets her first day of kindergarten. He doesn't see her playing with dolls, like the other girls, but sees her studying butterflies instead. Mischievous by nature, he suddenly goes up behind her and badly startles her when he loudly says, "Boo!"

She screams and stumbles into a lying position. She blinks up and meets the upside down face of the boy who scared her. He grins childishly. She glares at his pretty amber eyes.

"That wasn't funny!" His grin widens when she doesn't burst into tears.

He likes her already.

He rights his position and offers her a hand, which she gracefully takes, using him as leverage.

"I'm Gold!" He says cheerfully, waiting for her response. She doesn't. Then he pushes his face closer to her and blinks innocently. She squeals. He ignores it. "Well? What's your name?"

"…Crystal." She answers finally.

"Crys…tal. Okay. Let's be friends!"

"…" She's inwardly deciding whether to kick this strange boy or just accept the offer.

"Okay." She smiles back unsure when he gives her an adorable grin.

That was where it all started.

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