A/N: Because everyone wanted a sequel.

and i ran off and ran onto something,
that i swore was everything but beautiful.
i only say that word for you.
'cause i can feel your pain, in my bones, in my bones.

and hallelujah to the one in our bones.
and hallelujah to the one that we love.

- i can feel your pain by manchester orchestra

(You have one unheard message. First unheard message: "Nate? I need you.")

("I'm such an idiot.")

("I need you right now.")


(To delete this message, press seven. To save it in your archives, press eight. To hear more options, press nine.)

(Message will be saved for fourteen days.)

("Nate? I need you. I'm such an idiot. I need you right now." Click.)

(To delete this messa -)

(Message will be saved for thirteen days.)

Here's how it happens.

He's sifting through his phone 'cause there's nothing else better to do. And her number pops up (saved under "Little J") and he frowns. And he looks to the right (just a bit) and sees Serena; she's staring at him all lovelike and he believes she wants him naked. So he places his phone underneath a magazine and the whirr of vibrations reach his ears. But he doesn't pick up.

("Who's that?")

("Telemarketer." Liar, liar, liar.)

Here's how he finds out (it happens much the same, sort of.)

Serena calls and he picks up on the second ring. ("Ohmigawd, Nate, you'll never believe this!" [and he doesn't]). He listens and listens and listens until there's nothing else to hear and ("Nate, Jenny's in the hospital. You need to get here right now.")


There's bruises on her skin and her eyes are closed and she's never looked more dead.

(What do you mean, dead, Natie? She's not dead. She's hurt badly and you could have stopped it but she's not dead. You're such a fucking douchebag, though. That's okay. You can think that...)

And ("There's evidence of forced penetration.")

("She was raped?")

(Oh, yeah, Natie, didn't you know? She was raped. YOUCOULDHAVEHELPED.)

This is Chuck's fault (at first).

You throw a punch. "You were supposed to be babysitting this guy!" Another one. Bone crushes underneath your fist. "You were supposed to stop this!" Another and another and another. "This is your fault!"

("I need you right now.")

(To de -)

(Message will be saved for nine days.)

Oh, she'll be fine.

That's what the doctors say.

("The problem is, you all need to help her get past this. Rape will stay with her forever.")


And you know, the motherfucker gets away with it 'cause she doesn't want to testify. She doesn't want to hurt anymore. And it hurts still ("Nate, it still hurts, it's never gonna stop, you know?") He doesn't know but he can pretend (like the liar he is. Liar, liar, liar, liar).

("I called you, Nate.")

("I didn't get the message.")


(You have one unheard message. First unheard message:)


(To delete this message, press seven. To -)

(Message deleted.)

(You have one unheard message.)