1: Dawn of Thunder
by chaos_eternus

I do not own nor do I claim ownership of characters and / or concepts from Stargate SG-1 or Chocky.

This is a rewrite, Dawn of Thunder was about the 2nd major fic I started to write and you could tell.


He had a dream and that dream was of duty, of service. It was a strange dream, uncommon for a boy of not quite fifteen years of age; all his other dreams were far more typical for his age, of fighters, fast cars, spaceships, and of girls.

This one was quite distinct, this one he could never forget as so many others faded in this morning. This one created in him and purpose and with that purpose, his destiny was sealed. He would serve his country, he would join the Navy.

Join the Navy he did, and for some four years his career was stable but unspectacular. He rose slowly in the ranks, did his job well, but did nothing to obtain any particular attention, for better or for worse.

Then he made a mistake. To kill the time on a long flight he challenged the only other passenger to a game of chess, a game he won. It took four tries for his opponent to defeat him, and it was only after that that his companion identified himself.

He was Commodore Winters, new in his rank and looking for an assistant. Surprised at the offer from one of the rising stars of the Navy, then Lieutenant Commander Thompson accepted

Two days later, attending the funeral that had been his reason for being on the flight in the first place, he met the Williams's twins for the first time, daughters of the man they were there to bury.

Met them, and gave them his number in the unlikely event they would need his help in the future and thought no more of it. The number was used however, used often and soon he came to think of the two as the daughters he had never had.

Three years later, he me Murielle for the first time, it was the Winter of 1989 and now Admiral Winters was sending his son to an exclusive, invite's only school. It was his first meeting with Albertine and unknowing to him, his thought contact with an alien.

It was 1995 that he was introduced to Chocky, and 1995 in which everything changed, not just for him, but for a nation.

All because the Americans had opened Pandora's box.