1: Dawn of Thunder
by chaos_eternus

Chapter 14
Approaching Thundersdawn

The Asgard vessel slowly approached Thundersdawn, its transporters sparkled all around the ship as battle debris was shifted into a safe orbit that would cause it to enter the fiery heat of the sun, but some debris was collected by the Asgard and stored on their ship to be treated with far more dignity.

Those were the inevitable remains of any major battle, the bodies, far too many bodies.

O'Neill and Thor gazed upon the remains of the once proud space station and were silent. They had both seen battle damage before, that wasn't what silenced them, what silenced them was the volume of determined repairs being carried out, crew in spacesuits were crawling over the hull fixing the myriad hull breaches, rebuilding antenna arrays and retrieving were possible the supplies blown out from the number 1 hold.

Already the winking lights of tugs were slowly dropping into view as the other Royal craft in the system raced to assist the battered station.

"Thundersdawn to Asgard vessel, do you require assistance."

Captain Peters face appeared on the main viewing, the command centre behind her showing evidence of at least one fire, and several consoles were dark, dead, but Peters expression revealed her weariness but also her pride and her defiance, refusing to be defeated by the damage the Jaffa had caused them.

"No Captain Peters, repairs are proceeding as expected, do you require any assistance?"

This she considered for a moment, then "Our long range comms are down; could you please bounce a transmission for us please?"

"Of course."

Ground Control, St Athan

"Sir, we're picking up a transmission, it appears to be a bounce from Thundersdawn. "

A sigh of relief filled the room, as, for the first time in hours, many of the personnel started to relax. The Admiral looked up from his desk, his face showing the strain of waiting, but a tired smile just managed to show on his face, Thundersdawn had survived, at least for the moment.

That was a good place to start.

"Well? The transmission?"

"Sorry Admiral, it's a recall notice, sent all the Airheads and Shunters. "

"Try and contact Thundersdawn, and get a damage and casualties estimate as soon as possible."

"Yes, sir."

Ground Control, St Athan

"Latest CasRep, sir."

The admiral signed, and rubbed his forehead. He was quite aware that casualties were inevitable in any battle, but it didn't make it any easier. Ultimately he was responsible for every death, doubly so because he had hand-selected every member of Thundersdawn's large crew.

"What's the latest?" he asked quietly.

"105 KIA, 185 WIA and 45 MIS, Admiral"

Thompson winced, MIS, Missing In Space, about the worst fate imaginable. Probably dead, but if they were in suits then for the moment they may still be alive.

Give it another twelve hours or so, and then their air would start to run out. If they were found before then, well, all the studies they had regarding the possibility of a MIS suggested psychological trauma beyond what any other form of 'missing' would produce.

Those highly trained cream of the crop servicemen and woman who suffered such a fate would likely never work again.

"The Asgard vessel has picked up a number of bodies, no exact numbers yet, but most of the MIS are probably there, Admiral" the ensign added quietly.

"At least their families will have something to bury" he mused as the Ensign left, small comfort to those left behind, but still….

Of course, if the bodies showed some sign of how they died then security meant that for now, the bodies couldn't be returned, taking away even that small grace.

He signed again, and returned to the report he was writing, once more wondering why he had chosen this future, this command.


With the Asgard vessel actively assisting, all the minor repairs to Thundersdawn were finished in days, leaving a largely operational but exhausted space station. Number 1 hold was still exposed to vacuum, a number of Pulse Lasers were so much slag and Dry-dock 4 had burned up in the Martian atmosphere, a number of crew rescued by Asgard transporters mere seconds before it broke up.

Thor had left, promising to return with the weapons promised originally to Independence but not the shields. The ones brought out of storage for Independence simply would not cover Thundersdawn and larger would be required.

Peters had little doubt the Americans were fuming over that, but in truth, they were Asgard technology even if that race did consider the designs to be obsolete and as such, it was they who controlled their disposition.

O'Neill managed to gain a few kudos points however when he simply grumbled about the lengthy delay it would cause to Independence becoming operational whilst they learnt how to replicate the shields and weapons using human technology. Nor did he in anyway blame them, at least not in her hearing.

Carter had left too, returning to the SGC, Kalinda had proven determined to stay and she was now Chocky's semi-official representative on Thundersdawn .

The station was wounded, but alive, and holding it's breath. This was just the first battle, they had shown their mettle now, and more challenges would come. Peters found herself looking forward to it.

Continued in 2: Thunder Rising