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Summary: What if the FlashForward didn't go as it went on TV show? This how I wrote it! Lot more Demetri and Mark! No Slash!!

Different FlashForward.

Mark Benford woke up. What the hell just happened? Last thing he saw was a truck which he almost crashed with. Did he? That would explain why the car was on backside. He looked around him. Where was Demetri? He heard a woman scream outside the car. And after that more screaming.

He started his way out of car. People's voices started coming stronger, and they began to come more panicking. Mark rouse up outside of his looking wildly around him. There was lot of people. Lot of cars has crashed and some were burning. What just happened? His crash with the truck couldn't be 'cause of this.

"Demetri!" Mark shouted. There was no answer. He tried look around him to find his younger companion. "Demetri!" he shouted again now looking the dead bodies all around him. What could have happened to 'cause this?

Still looking around him, Mark saw a man who was coming running towards him, talking something really fast. Mark couldn't understand what he said 'cause the man was talking China, or so he thought. Even when he didn't understand the man he could tell for his voice that he was panicked and wanted to him to help someone, since he was pointing towards something.

"Okay, calm down", Mark tried which didn't help. The man was still panicking and pointing towards some car. "Calm down", Mark tried again.

There was a loud scream when a man came from car the other man had been pointing, burning. Now the Chinese man was panicking even more and shouting something. Mark took of his jacked so he could turn the fire out of man. He started to run towards the car, but before he could make it there, the car exploded. The burning peaces flew around, one hitting another car. The force was strong which made the car fall from the bridge. Mark tried to run there in time but didn't. The car already hit the level under it. If there were people inside, they wouldn't make it through the fall.

Now making the first glance for the town Mark was shocked. He ran up to one car to look around him forcing people out of his way.

'This can't be real', Mark thought. There were many burning buildings around him, hundreds crashed cars and thousands died people, or dying. Mark needed to find Demetri and make sure that he was okay.

Mark ran for his car looking around him. Lot of people here needed help but he needed to find Demetri first. "Demetri!" Mark shouted this time getting answer.

"Over here Mark", he heard Demetri's voice. Mark found him other side of car trying to get up. Demetri had some cuts on his face and black eye. "Are you all right?" Mark asked.

"Yeah, I think so", Demetri said taking support from the car to get up. "You?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm alright", Mark answered looking Demetri from the head to toe noticing the huge gash on his side which was bleeding heavily. Just then Demetri's knees bugged and he was about to fall. Mark caught him before he hit the ground. "You're sure you're okay?" Mark asked.

Demetri didn't answer and Mark lowered him ground to sit. Demetri grimaced in pain and tried to find better position. Mark took sleeve from his shirt, putting it to wound trying to stop the bleeding.

"What the hell happened?" Demetri asked while trying to take slow breaths, but for now, his breathing had started to come more rapid.

"I-I don't know", Mark said. "I blacked out."

"I think that I too", Demetri said.

"It seems that it happened in the hole Los Angeles."

Demetri didn't say anything, his eyes started to roll back to his head. "Come on Demetri, stay with me!" Mark tried. "Come on Dem'! Stay awake." Mark pleaded. If his friend would black out now he may would not wake up again.

"I-I'm t-trying", Demetri said weakly forcing his eyelids stay open.

Mark lowered Demetri lying to ground. "We need some help, we need to get you to hospital", Mark said looking despondently for someone. Then he heard Demetri chuckle. "What's so funny?"

"You", Demetri says weakly. Mark looked him interrogatively "You really think that somehow we get hospital from here? If this happened in hole Los Angeles", Demetri took a pause to take deep breath. "All the hospitals will be full by now."

Mark looked him and he knew that Demetri was right. There was no chance to them get to hospital anywhere soon. So he needed to help his friend best he could by himself. But he really couldn't do anything else than just cut off the bleeding and keep his friend awake.

"You still wake?" Mark asked.

"Somehow", Demetri replied.

"Okay, I ask you some questions to keep you awake okay?"


"Right, what color is the fire truck?" Mark asked. It was the first thing that came his mind.

"Red", came the answer.

"U.S.A's capital?"

"Washington D.C."

"Canada's capital?"


"The city we are now?"

"L-Los Angeles", Demetri's voice was getting weaker.

"Your fiancé?


"Our boss?"


"His first name?"


"Your birth country?" Mark asked.


"Come on Demetri, you need to stay awake", Mark pleaded. Demetri's eyelids were dropping, he didn't seem to hear Mark anymore. "Demetri", Mark said and tried to shake him awake. "Demetri!!" he yelled gaining no answer.

He tried Demetri's pulse from his neck. It was there but it was speeding rapidly, his breathing was slow and minor. "Come on, don't give up on me…" Mark muttered and typed 911 to his cell. Like he had known, no-one didn't answer on the phone.

"Shit", he said and next typed Wedeck's number all the time trying to cut off the bleeding. It had started to slow down but his friend had already lost too much blood, he would need a blood transfusion.

The phone had ringed few times before Wedeck answered. "Mark, are you alright?" were the first words that came from his mouth.

"Yes, I'm . But I need your help, and fast!"

"What has happened?" Wedeck asked concerned.

"Demetri has gotten an injury, he is still bleeding heavily and had already lost too much blood. Our car crashed so I need you or someone else to get him from here to hospital", Mark explained hastily.

"Okay" Wedeck said. He seemed to already know that emergency center wouldn't answer the calls. This would be the only way to them to get Demetri to hospital. But even if they got there in time there was only slight chance that they would get help in time.

"Where are you?" came someone's voice behind the phone where Wedekc was.

"I-I'm not sure", Mark said. Could this be real? In the moment like this he didn't know where they were.

"Look Mark, we will track you and come there as soon as we can, just keep him alive till we get there", Janis said from the other phone.

"Sure", Mark said and tried Demetri's pulse again. It was speeding rapidly. "Look, I don't know how long he can hold on, I'm already losing him", Mark said his voice cracking. He couldn't believe that he would lose his partner. Not now, not today.

"He will pull through, Mark. Don't lose hope", Wedeck said his voice steady.

"I found them!" came Janis voice.

"Great! We are on our way Mark", Wedeck said.

"Okay, hurry up", Mark said and hung up. He looked to Demetri who had starting to loose color. Could he really pull through this? Mark surely hoped he would.

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