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Chapter 2

Mark had never thought that ten minutes would feel such a long time. It felt like it had been hours that he had been there, trying to stop bleeding from Demetri's side. Demetri had only gone worse and worse last ten minutes. Have you ever been thinking how fast can human life be lost? It's only matter of minutes, even seconds, and that was the worst part in the whole thing. You just sit there, trying to do something useful but it's never enough, so you just look when your friend's life starts to leave from his body, and you are not able to do a damn thing.

"Mark!" Janis' voice was like a light in the dark. Mark turned around and saw her and Wedeck running towards them.

Janis quickly came beside them and a moment she saw Demetri she felt like crying. It was the first time that Mark saw that Janis was close to tears, and yet she still didn't let them fall. Janis was a hard headed girl, and Mark knew that, and he knew that Janis would be okay as long as there was still life in Demetri.

"Let's get him in the car", Wedeck said and together with Mark he lifted Demetri's limp body backseat of the car where Janice was already sitting. Wedeck rouse to the driver seat and Mark climbed to back seat. He took new sleeve from his shirt and changed it to old one. The bleeding had slowed, but not stopped completely.

Janis took Demetri's head to her lap and started to brush his hair with her fingers. No one didn't know what to say so everyone were just quiet. Wedeck tried his best to get as fast as possible through the chaotic streets of Los Angles.

Janis looked Demetri's bleeding face and saw his eyelids stir. "Dem", she said. His eyelids started to stir more so she tried again:"Dem?"

Demetri opened his eyes and saw a hazy picture of someone, it made no sense to him but he heard a voice to call his name:"Demetri? Demetri do you hear me?" Yes, he heard but he just couldn't do anything every part of his body ached.

"Dem, if you hear me squash my hand", Janis said. First nothing happened and Demetri's eyes just stared to emptiness, then he closed his eyes and gave a weak squash. Janis smiled a sad smile, just like Mark beside him. They knew that their friend was going to make it as long as they got to hospital, he was a fighter.

"How much farther, Wedeck?" Mark asked without taking his eyes of Demetri.

"Not much, just hung on a second", Wedeck snapped his nerves breaking. He was getting among the other car as fast as he could and passing every car front of his. He was not going to his agent die in his car, no way.

Finally they arrived to Angeles hospital (wasn't it the hospital where Olivia was working? I'm sorry if I'm wrong). Wedeck drove the car to backdoor where patients were taken inside. Everything was totally chaos, there were cars more than in market's parking load, how would it be possible to them get any help to Demetri from there? Janis started to panic, what if they didn't help early enough and Demetri would…he would…Janis couldn't even bring herself to think the word. But she knew that nothing would be the same anymore if Demetri died, they have been friends a long time and sometime, to Janis, it felt that Demetri was the only one who understood him.

"Ja-Janis?" Mark heard Dmetri's weak voice to say. Janis turned her eyes to Demetri. "Yeah, I'm here, and so is Mark", Janis looked to the driver seat and saw Wedeck climbing off of it, to get help. "Wedeck went to find help to you."

Demetri gave a small laugh to that and got strange and worried looks from his fellow agents. "What's so funny?" Mark asked worriedly. Demetri hated it when Mark was worried, usually he was the one who could keep his emotions to himself, unlike Demetri, Mark was always counting and he was always professional, but now, now he wasn't like he was on work, now he was like most of the people when they tried to safe their friends' lives.

"You…two…", Demetri said still only getting those looks. "What are you talking about?" Janis asked.

"Don't…you hear…all those…scre-ams...?" Demetri asked his eyes looking to somewhere emptiness, like he was looking a person in front of him, and still there wasn't anything. And after that question, really at the first time Mark and Janis started to really listen what happened outside, all those pleas that were spoken to so that doctors would take their loved once inside and get them help.

"Th-those…are..the ple-pleads…for…people…that need…help…", Demetri said taking deep breaths which came shaking out. "There…is…no way…that…I'm going…to get…any help…"

"Don't Dem", Janis said. "Don't say that, we are getting help to you and you're going to be alright, you are an agent for god's sake, you're getting help, and you're going to live!"

"It…it doesn't…make me…any better…person…"

"Maybe not, but you are still a hell good person", Mark said getting hold of Demetri's other hand and giving him a smile. "We will get you help, and even if it lasted a whole day we are going to make sure that you live through it. You are a fighter, Dem, and fighters don't die.

Demetri gave a weak smile and closed his eyes. He was so tired, more tired that he had ever been, yet he knew it even himself that he couldn't sleep, or this could be the last time he saw a light of the day. But yet, he had just waken up, he could do that again, right?

"Dem", Mark said worried and he gained no answer. "Demetri!" he shouted squashed his hand, hard. That's when Demetri's eyes opened, and those eyes didn't hold any life, but Mark still knew that his friend was there, he would fight, he always did.

"Just…tired…", Demetri mumbled.

"I know, Demetri, but you can't fall asleep now, you know it yourself", Mark said until he got an idea. "You know, Dem, let us do like earlier, I ask question for you, and you answer."

"As long…as I…can ask…question…for…yo-u", came the answer and Janis laughed, even situations like this Dem could get some humor.

"Sure thing Dem", Mark said smiling, he would really miss this guy if he was ever to leave. He was young and full of volition, he would never let anything to halfway. Okay, maybe he was little hasty, okay a lot, but that was Demetri and there wasn't changing in that.

"So, what to start…"Mark said. "Okay…spell United States of America."

"He-y, that's…unfair…yo-u…know that…I su-ck at…spelling…"

"Just do it Dem", both Janis and Mark said good naturally.

"Okay…okay…U-n-i…t-e-d S…t-a-t-e-s o-f…A-m-e-r-i…c-a"

"Wow", Mark said. "That actually went right."

"Shut up…" Demetri said his eyes closed.

Just then Wedeck opened the car's door. "Come on guys, hurry."

"You really got us in?" Mark asked surprised.

"The once with the less damage are took in later, so let's go now!"

Mark went out of the car while Janis helped Demetri to sit up so they could raise him out of car. All the time Demetri's face was twisted with pain, and soon Janis noticed that Demetri's lasts grip of strength were running out. "Come on Dem, you are going to make through this, you got this far you are seeing it to end."

Now the nurses arrived to the car with the pars. Demetri tried to still sit up, and even with the help of Janis, it was hard. Janis was too afraid just to do it all by herself since she didn't want to hurt her friend, but she was too, afraid that this would make it too long. "I'm sorry Dem, but we need to get faster", and while saying this he raised Demetri to whole sitting position and Demetri gave a cry of pain which got tears to Janis' eyes.

But finally they were able to lift Demetri to pars and getting him inside the hospital. "I said you're going to make it", Janice said to Demetri while walking beside the pars.

"You mean we said?" Mark asked raising an eyebrow to Janice.

"No", Janice said smiling. "Like I said before, I really meant that I."

Demetri watched his friends between almost closed eyelids. They really cared about him like Demetri cared about them, they were true friends, they weren't just go workers, they really were friends. Darkness began to surround him and he tried to fight it. His friends attention wasn't on him anymore 'cause they thought that he was now going to make it as he got to hospital, but he needed his friends, he needed them to say him to fight it, but they didn't anymore, and he was too weak already, too weak to fight and the darkness took him in.

Mark turned around when he heard ragged breathing, and he saw Demetri, eyes closed trying hard to breath. "Demetri?!" Now Janis too turned around. In a one second, Demetri was alright, and now…no they shouldn't have left him, they thought that he was okay now once they were in hospital.

"We need blood transfusion, now!" the doctor shouted and started running through the hospital's halls. "You know his blood type?" the doctor asked from Janis. Janis didn't know the answer and was dumbfounded. The doctor now looked to Mark and Wedeck, they both looked thoughtful, then Wedeck rouse his finger and looked to somewhere distance. "Wait a moment", he said. "O+."

"Do any of you have O+ or O-?" the doctor asked. They all shook their heads. Janis couldn't believe this, they had gotten this far and now when Demetri needed blood any of them wasn't able to give it to him.

"Sorry, did you ask that if someone had O+ blood type?" the woman from beside the wall asked.

They were all surprised but the doctor had quick reflex. "Yes", he said.

"I have O+", the woman said. "I can give him blood."

The doctor nodded and said:"Follow us." And then they went inside the room were Janis, Mark or Wedeck weren't allowed to come. All they could do was wait.

Mark looked around him, all around them were grieving people, waiting to hear something good, the hospital was full and more people were waiting to get help outside. Now he was one of the waiting too, he was waiting the word whatever or not his friend was going to survive, but he and Janis had said before: Demetri was a fighter and fighters won't die.


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