Jace Herondale stood in front of the bathroom mirror, hands braced against the counter. He was trying to breathe evenly, but he wasn't sure if it was working. He knew it would happen one day, and since he had just celebrated his 40th birthday it was natural for it to occur now. But to actually have it happen, to discover the betrayal of his own body…Jace shuddered.

The sun had risen while he had stood staring at his own reflection, studying his face for more imperfections, signs of weakness. There were only lines branching out from the corners of his eyes, he had been remarkably lucky.

"Jace! Jace, where are you?" Clary was yelling. Jace didn't move. He heard her enter their bedroom and the bathroom door swing open. Jace watched her eyes widen as she took in her husband hunched over at the mirror.

"Jace?" she asked cautiously. "What are you doing?" She approached him and laid a gentle hand on his shoulder. He turned and met her worried gaze.

"I found this," he said tonelessly and he shoved his hand in her face. Clary laughed. Jace scowled.

"A grey hair? That's what you're moping about?" she said through her giggles. The crease between Jace's eyebrows deepened.

"It's not just a grey hair," he said through gritted teeth. "It's a grey hair! And you know what grey hair means? I'm old."

"You are not old. Stop being so dramatic. I don't know what's so bad about it. So what if your hair is greying? It's just hair," Clary said reasonably. Jace sent her a scandalised look.

"Just hair? Are you saying my perfect, golden locks are just hair? Think about what you're saying, Clary." Clary just rolled her eyes and ran a hand through Jace's hair.

"While you may be blessed with fantastic hair, going grey is nothing to ashamed of. If it's such a big deal why don't you just dye it?"

"And where am I supposed to find the exact shade of my hair?

"You could always ask Magnus to do it for you," she suggested.

"Yeah, and come out looking like a rainbow who took a shower in glitter? No, thanks."

Clary sighed. She gripped Jace by the arms and wrenched him away from his reflection.

"Look, even if you hair was entirely grey, you would still be the best looking man I know. So stop wallowing in despair. You're still hot."

Jace said nothing for a moment as he played absently with a fiery strand of Clary's hair. Then a grin spread across his face.

"Well, I suppose I am stunningly attractive."

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