It hurts to think I hurt you

It tears me to the core

When what I wanted was to

Be your faithful friend and more.

I cannot always understand

The way your thoughts entwine

I cannot always comprehend

This complicated vine—

It goes by the name of "friendship"

And at times it blooms so bright

At other times it's frightening

Like a vision in the night.

Perhaps my life-long mission

Is to solve a hopeless crime:

The fact that there are endless words

And far too little time.

If I had a million years to live

Then that might be enough

To strengthen all my thoughts

And make them clear

And stronger stuff.

My list of what I offer

Cannot fill a single sheet

And you underestimate your worth

The truth is I'm a cheat.

Someday the dawn may tinge the world

And purify the land; someday, if there's

A miracle, then I may understand.

Until I grasp the ways of life

And differences in souls,

I'll possess my own in patience

And let aging take its toll.

The grand and awful sands of life

I still am doomed to tread

but I know a small oases--

I am not consumed with dread.

Your architect made tilted plans,

Your structure gives us pause;

You're certainly one of a kind

With dark and brilliant "flaws."

As long as you have water

You can really spare to lend

I will stay by this oasis and

I'll call you my true friend.