Okay guys, here it comes...

I'm not dropping this fic. Don't even bother to panic about that. Never in a million years will that happen. I hate it when people do that, but here's why it's taking so long after I promised bi-monthly updates. As soon as January came around, it was study for finals. And then I entered the dreaded subject of Physics. Long story short, I've been dying internally, especially since I lost my job just recently. Plus, I started reading again, which made Meyko check her own story. And ultimately decide that she must do it over. Yep, I've already got a lot of it written down and ready to go. Just gotta type it. I changed it because I really just intended the whole thing to be a high school fic with some gang drama, and then it evolved as I plotted it out. Like really evolved, to the point where I want to put more effort into the whole thing and add in some points to make everything flow. So, here's a point where people have a chance to contribute to this story... of the like three readers I have left. But I have some open ended stuff, and now a beta reader to hopefully stay (because sometimes real life sucks) wolfissac, and I'm gonna get down to business. So, some open ended stuff for you, tidbits that are actually important, so if you have input, give it now!:

First Person/Third Person Perspective?

Present/Past Tense?

Reno? Boyfriend (uke/seme)/ Girlfriend?

Vincent's Parents (excluding all aforementioned characters)

Should Cloud keep/lose his eyesight (technical spoiler)?

Noctis/Stella or Noctis/Lightning

Namine dies/lives?

Cloud rape/no?

Should Tifa play a role in Cloud's past?

Fenrir male/female?

First Tsuguri/BUSTER Sword?

Angeal/Genesis or Sephiroth/Genesis?

Vincent long/short haired as a child?

Okay, that's it. If you have any questions about stuff you were confused about earlier, lemme know! Oh, and if you don't give a damn about some of the questions that don't haveta do with Final Fantasy Seven, don't give a random answer. But for everything else, please do!