Vasilia had left her f-no, 's establishment. She now had her own. She did not want to think about her childhood with Fastolfe. Vasilia had never really given it much thought. To her…her childhood had been…she knew now just how unusual her upbringing had been. And she hadn't been aware of it before! Meeting other Aurorans, she knew they had been raised in nurseries, and from their experiences, when they would share them, she saw just how different she was. How unusual. How…un-Auroran. Just thinking about it angered her. Angered at Fastolfe.

Just before she left, she had asked to take Giskard with her, but Fastolfe had not allowed it. Giskard would remain part of Fastolfe's establishment. Why?she thought vehemently. Why? Fastolfe had other robots. Many robots. Giskard was hers! She was convinced it was because Fastolfe had certainly hated her, she thought. Because he had wanted to see her reaction to losing her favorite robot. That was all he cared about. Learning how the human brain works. He had ruined her life, she thought bitterly.

She kept re living the many rejections. She had thought many times, viewing book films on the subject, learning. And she would think just how one would go about offering herself to someone. To him. After all, to who else? She remembered the feeling she felt when he had first rejected her. Of course, she was aware that sometimes one would be rejected. But she had been so sure. So sure. Maybe she hadn't gone about it the right way. Maybe she had done something wrong. Surely if she insisted, she would find the right way. But nothing. And with each rejection, she felt increasingly frustrated. Or no, perhaps frustrated was not the right word, no. Confused? Less confident? Whatever. She must not think about that anymore, she decided, firmly, as a robot informed her that the personnel artist whom she called to design a wardrobe for her had arrived. She must not ever think about anything like that again. Ever.

Keldon Amadiro sat in his establishment, viewing his usual book films. As usual, his robots had been ordered not to let anyone in. He hated to have his privacy invaded. And right now was his own private time. He would have certain times set aside, when he would simply not see anyone.

He viewed films about Earth. Again. Earth was such a peculiar world. So barbarious, and yet…yet he could not quite seem to get enough information. It was so different from Aurora. Much worse, he told himself. After all, Earthmen were short lived, uncivilized, and just see how they lived! How they bred like insects! It was so different from Aurora. Too terrible, he thought to himself, too terrible. Yet too interesting.

He would view book films about both Earth's history and present. Earth's history. Parts of it were full of violence. That was what most fascinating. Earthpeople only used violence to solve any number of problems. Quite a number of it, done for the greater good of humanity, he saw. They obviously did not know the greater good. It was especially the violence that would get his attention. The greater good. The only greater good was established here, on Aurora. The other Spacer worlds, but especially here, on Aurora. And that was what he wanted. A million Auroras. That would put an end to all this violence. He was horrified yet attracted to Earth. He hated Earth all the more so for this reason.

Gremionis had been working with Vasilia for a while now. She was a reserved person, but they talked and from bits and pieces he could tell that she was most likely a virgin. A virgin! At her age? He knew her upbringing had been different, but…this made him see her in a different way.

Vasilia was shocked, speechless, sick as Gremionis offered himself to her. In her mind, she relived the rejections from Fastolfe, and she was angered. She immediately rejected Gremionis.

She couldn't think of anything even resembling that. She spent a few days depressed, and feeling angry. Angry that she was not normal. If anyone ever did find out…she didn't want to think about what would happen. What if she were expelled from polite society? Or worse, be made a laughing stock?! Well, she was simply a very reserved person. No one need ever know. She simply knew how to keep things to herself. That was all. No one need ever interfere.

Of course, being rejected was just part of it. When one offered oneself, there was always a chance of being rejected, but who cared? There would be others. Not in this case, thought Gremionis, when Vasilia had rejected him. Usually it was a matter of indifference. Not so now. Instead he seemed to please him instead. Of course, if she were to have kept herself a virgin, she would have had to reject many offers.

Giskard felt what was the equivalent of sad at Little Miss's departure. He had seen to it that would not allow him to go with Vasilia. Giskard felt it more important to remain with Fastolfe. He had spent years slowly, studying both Little Miss's and 's minds. Little Miss was full of anger. Just only a short time ago, Little Miss had been full of affection for her father. Yet, in so little time that affection had turned to anger, almost hate. Over 's rejection? Giskard could tell that this had affected her deeply. Human reactions changing from one thing to another so quickly! If only he knew why and how. Then he would be able to perhaps help, and keep both and Little Miss from harm. If he knew the human mind better, he would obviously be able to obey the Three Laws much better.

Some time later, Giskard stood in his niche while watched the hyperwave. was very pleased, Giskard could see. Very pleased. Friend Daneel had gone to Solaria, to help solve a murder. Partnered with a plainclothesman from Earth. Now, along with him came a woman, Gladia Delmarre. She had found life on her home world intolerable, and now with this of the murder, she would be coming to Aurora.

Giskard paid closer attention, as he sensed the change in 's emotions. The woman on the screen looked very much like Little Miss. Surely must see that as well, thought Giskard, as he peered into Fastolfe's mind.

Fastolfe was taken completely by surprise when he saw the woman, Gladia on the hyperwave. How like Vasilia!he thought. He immediately asked his robots to look up everything they could find on the woman from Solaria. He read most carefully. He remembered his rejections of Vasilia, how she had been when she left. No, he thought. This woman, so like Vasilia, and also, suffered a similar trauma. He could not just leave her, and…no, he would have to do something for her. For starters, he would have her established near him.