Vasilia could hardly believe her ears when she heard that Fastolfe had taken responsibility for the Solarian woman! She was stunned! People had said that the Solarian woman resembled her, and although she did see the resemblance, she never gave it any importance. But…that Fastolfe, that her…her father had taken this woman…to take her place! Was that it?! Would he do for this stranger what he had never done for her herself? Perhaps because this woman would be the daughter Fastolfe had always wanted, when she herself had not been. Vasilia knew she should feel nothing, yet she could help but feel very hurt that this woman, this stranger, this foreigner, would be living so close to Fastolfe, as she once had. Despite what she might tell herself to the contrary, Vasilia did miss her father. She had recently joined the Robotics Institute, working with Keldon Amadiro, who was Fastolfe's chief rival. There would be great satisfaction, she thought, in seeing to it that Fastolfe was destroyed. That Amadiro, or rather she, would be the one to destroy him, just as he had destroyed her. She told her robots to not disturb her, and she would not have dinner, as she went into her bedroom and wept.

Life on Aurora was so different from Solaria, it seemed to Gladia. It took quite a bit getting used to, seeing. And Aurorans talked a bit funny. She would almost jump in surprise whenever she encountered another person while walking. Robots, too. On Solaria, the robots usually stayed out of sight, unless summoned. Sometimes she had to spend some time in isolation before recovering. But of course, she would grow accustomed to it. Especially as here, she would meet many Elijahs, she thought. She remembered him quite fondly. Eventually, though she could see that was not so.

Gladia learned that on Auroran one only need to offer one self, which she did, many times to many Aurorans. However, none of the Aurorans really cared. It was something so…casual. She was such a fool to not have seen that! These Aurorans! Sometimes she wished she had never left Solaria.

She had Jander on loan from . had been her very good friend, and simply had loaned him to her. Looking through the changes of clothing that the dear doctor had given her for Jander, she decided it was rather plain and that the robot would not wear anything, and sat to design a new wardrobe for him herself. Of course, this would mean she would have to measure him carefully, which she did. It surprised her to see how human in appearance he really was. And not just in appearance, either.

Despite herself, Gladia was fascinated, and curious. Jander demonstrated, and she found herself that she looked forward to anytime she would measure Jander. It didn't take her long to realize how much it pleased to touch him. He was a robot, after all. Just like any of the robots on Solaria. Just like any here, even. But humaniform.

Unlike when she tried with Aurorans, Gladia had no trouble or hesitation with Jander, and Jander, unlike Aurorans cared for her. This made Gladia quite happy. And she thought, for the first time in her life she was happy. She had a husband, just as what she knew what a husband should be. She had to keep it a secret, of course, but that was unimportant. She also had to be careful. Especially about how often she saw Jander. She did not want to tire of him ever. She did not want this happiness to end.

Jander had left Fastolfe's establishment. had loaned him to Gladia. Gladia measured him, saying she would have new clothing designed for him. It would please her to dress him in a different manner. He could tell just how much it pleased Gladia to be with him, to touch him. She also enjoyed that he did the same for her. To have done anything to discourage her, would be to break the First Law. He knew about Auroran customs, as that was part of his programming. He would stay in his room until Gladia summoned him. He could tell that she treated him almost as if he were human. She often refered to him as her husband. Gladia took long walks with Santirix Gremionis. A roboticist, Keldon Amadiro would view Jander on such occasions. He asked the robot several questions, and would order sharply that Gladia not be told.

Keldon Amadiro was not one to engage in small talk. However, with Vasilia he sometimes did. She was Fastolfe's daughter, everyone knew, but she did not care to even use his name. She wanted no connection with Fastolfe, she knew. That was well. After all, she was a brilliant roboticist, and she may have inherited some of Fastolfe's brilliance. He found out that she was tired of the offers of that personnel artist, Gremionis. Not that Amadiro cared at all, however, this might work to his advantage. He suggested, as a way to get rid of Gremionis that Vasilia encouraged him to offer himself to the Solarian woman, as a substitute to herself. Some time after, he learned that Gremionis, took long walks with the Solarian woman, and that the humaniform robot, Jander was in her possession. He had grown increasingly frustrated that the Institute had not been able to accomplish humaniform robots, which were so necessary for the colonization of other worlds!

Fastolfe wanted other worlds to be settled by Earthpeople! The very idea almost terrified Keldon. Aurora, surrounded by planets settled by Earthpeople! Keldon felt not only a horror, repulsion, fear, but also somewhat of an attraction toward Earth, especially of certain parts of its history. He actually found himself wondering just what it was really like. It was very un Spacer of him. And once the Earthpeople vanished from the galaxy, he would have no more problem. The only solution, he thought, was to find out how the humaniform positronic brain functioned was through the robot, Jander. And now with the Solarian woman not in her establishment, he could view Jander, and obtain the information necessary.

Giskard observed 's mind. Gladia's as well. Fastolfe had been on Earth, and Gladia had met an Earthman. Even though they had been Fastolfe's ideas before, Giskard could quite see the validity of the statement from not just Fastolfe's mind, but from observing other Aurorans. There was no doubt that humanity would perish at the rate things were going. And soon. He must study Earthpeople. Robots, he could understand with no problem, as they were most logical. Humans, now that was the puzzle. He could see how robots were affecting humanity, though. But how? Why? He thought if he could only figure out how the human brain functioned he would have the answer, and he could certainly fulfill his duty and the Three Laws! He would call this psychohistory, he thought, and introduced it into Fastolfe's mind, using his abilities. If he were to know how to obey the Three Laws as they should be. There would be no uncertainty, and one would definitely obey the Laws. He would have to study Earthpeople as well. They were, after all, human, too. And it may just be they that he needed. He must study Earthpeople! Thinking carefully, he decided on a course of action.

Gladia sat in her establishment, and raised her arm to summon Jander. Odd, she thought, after a few minutes, that Jander did not come. She summoned again. Once more. This was not usual. She decided to go see Jander. What was wrong? When she stepped into the room, and spoke to the robot, he did not respond. Terrified, she ordered one of her robots to get ! She tried again, Jander still did not respond. Just what had happened?!

Gladia was distraught when she was told by Fastolfe that Jander had died. She always thought of him as human, as her husband. Jander's death was news, just as her first husband's death had been! And she was once more the center of a planetary sensation. Why? Why must this happen to her? Just when she had found happiness, she was now a widow. Jander's death didn't just affect her, though. It affected as well, who was being accused of having killed Jander, and she was sorry for that. The only thing she wanted now was to find out who had done this to her! was in considerable trouble because of Jander's death. She had already, in a way, killed Jander, just as she had killed her first husband. Her first husband! His death! That was it! There was only one way to find out who was Jander's murderer! Elijah! Elijah Baley!