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A Special Surprise by SunsetMiko [Drabble #57] – Dokuga_Contest on LiveJournal

Theme: patch

Genre: General

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: suggestion

Word Count: 200

Summary: Kagome is hiding a special surprise for Sesshoumaru.

She'd been acting strangely since she returned from her time that morning.

He'd missed her for over a week! The first thing he wanted to do when he saw her again was kiss her senseless and then proceed to rip her clothes off and fuck her until she was unable to get up and walk away from him again. Needless to say, he didn't like it when she went through the well to her time and left him behind.

She seemed to be hiding something, keeping him at arm's length for hours. Finally night was falling and Sesshoumaru managed to drag her away from the others so he could find out what!

Once they were alone, his hands began to roam her body and thankfully this time she didn't push him away. Kagome allowed him to remove her clothing one piece at a time, her nervousness growing by the second. Finally she stood before him in just her panties and she bit her bottom lip as he peeled them from her body, awaiting his reaction.

Sesshoumaru looked up at Kagome and smirked. "Beautiful," he murmured as he traced the crescent moon shape in her patch of soft black curls. "Mine."