Hello Everyone!

This is my newest story and it will be my longest so far… and obviously it will take me the longest to write. It was inspired by a novel I read called "In to the East" and even though the situations are some what the same I felt that the novel left me feeling alone unsure. The characters in the book were not that developed and I never felt close to any of them. So, I am semi- rewriting the book with Sailor Moon characters and hopefully I will feel some closure with this book.

I will complete "What Happens in Vegas" because I totally love that story, and since this story will take me the longest to complete I think switching from one to the other will be helpful for further story development on both.


Zelda Serenity!


Serena Kingsley had been born in to a world of privilege following World War One. She dreams of love despite knowing that she has been betrothed to Darien Shields her whole life. Venturing aboard the Rubi, a five diamond luxury liner, with her best friend and cousin Mina and their mysterious chaperone Luna Lunear, they will embark on an adventure in the world of India.

Meeting new friends and possible love interests Serena, Mina and Luna will find themselves in the darkest hours under the hottest sun in the world. Sticking together with their new friends in times of fun and laughter, sadness and hate, fear, love and lust will pursue as they find out who they are.