I have chosen to remain anonymous. There can be no deliverance from the atrocities which may later unfold as a consequence of my actions.

I am a theologist engaged in the study of the Occult at a major post-graduate institution. I resolved to set out for Hanuda upon the second semester of my sophomore year to construct the outlines of a thesis paper (then titled "Hanuda: Fact or Fiction?"). I have devoted six years of almost exclusive study to Hanuda- its religion, its culture, its sociopolitical relations with nearby tourist hot-spots...essentially all which contributes to the ever-growing mysticism of the remote Japanese village. Yet the discovery I made during my few months there was most disturbing.

Paper. Stacks and stacks of paper, stapled haphazardly, pages within torn and water-damaged and apparently out of order. A journal of sorts. A nightmare entirely.

It is a trip to Tokyo, Japan- on which several soon-to-be college graduates and a university administrator embark- that eventually leads us to the crimson-stained island this time, as the text itself reveals. Late at night, while still in flight and en route to their destination, the engine of a rented-out luxury aircraft dies suddenly and inexplicably over an unidentified body of land. From what we can gather, Nestor is apparently the only passenger awake. Upon hearing a scream from the cockpit he scrambles to question the pilot, whose response is limited to that same piercing howl, paralyzed by fear and unable to form coherent words. Nestor's watch reads 0:00 as he realizes the plane is headed downward, and as the other passengers are torn violently from sleep.

The survivors' communicative medium of choice is a journal, or some form of pen-and-paper, as it seems they are unanimously resolved to keeping diligent note of their experiences. As you read, note the formality of some entries, the fundamental lack of grammar and structure in others...the various ways in which each survivor comes across on paper...even the time stamps at the top of each page. At the very least, these elements indicate that, if this is a hoax (a theory which may rightfully be hypothesized), it is a hoax of exceptional quality.

project: SIREN, as I have coined it, is not exactly orthodox. It does not attempt to corroborate any evidence which exists in any of the files we've obtained on Hanuda thus far, nor does it elaborate on questions previously raised about the place. Instead, it merely borrows location and premise, providing us with greater knowledge than all other artifacts combined, but ultimately invalidating all previous findings. In fact, the only element of Hanuda which matches our research, according to the written record, is the lack of sunlight. Even afternoon hours are cast in a sort of murky twilight in that terrible place. As a select few of the entries reveal, most of the survivors' time is spent maneuvering, awkward and terrified, through pitch black roads or lightless buildings.

The writings, I believe, are a testament to a still-existing terror which haunts the very air of that legendary place, a haunting which may extend to the very lines along this page...the ink which rests upon it.

You have been warned.