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(amu's house)

'Amu-chan,' called a soft voice.

'Amu-chan,' called another.

'AMU-CHAN!!' screamed the third, that woke me up.

'What?' I moaned, I opened my eyes to see three of my shugo charas hovering in front of my face.

'Amu-chan your going to be late for your first day in school-desu,' that was Su.

I sat up straight in bed and looked at the clock on my bedside cabinet.


'We tried waking you up Amu-chan but you wouldn't budge,' said Miki

'Couldn't you have tried harder,' I called from the bathroom.

As I was running around getting ready, my shugo charas just floated around my head with Ran shouting 'go go amu-chan' over and over again while shaking her pom poms.

I don't know why but after Ikuto left everything started to go wrong, me and Tadase tried going out but it just wouldn't work. After a while things just started to feel awkward between us, so I left. The only one I told was Rima, I packed my things and went to America. I thought that if I went to America my life would be less complicated, I would be less confused.

I was wrong.

Going to America messed me up even more, I became even more confused and it felt wrong being away from Japan.

This is why I am back in Japan, going to a brand new school mid-term and not knowing anyone there and I'm late, great.

Once I was finished getting ready I grabbed my suitcases threw them in the taxi that was waiting for me and headed off to Tokyo high school.

(tokyo high school)

I jumped out of the taxi and gave the driver the money. As I took my bags out of the car I looked up at the school, let me tell you it was huge, bigger than on the movies.

After I finished gawping at the school, I walked over to the big, double oak doors pushed them open and stepped into the biggest and fanciest school reception I had seen in my life.

Behind the large mahogany desk was a woman with her hair back in a french bun, a red knit sweater, large round glasses and I couldn't see what trousers and shoes she had on because they where hidden by the desk.

'Excuse me,' I said as politley as I could,'I'm Amu Hinamori.'

'Ahhh Hinamori-san, we've been expecting you' she said without looking from her computer screen,'OK, fist of all, we don't have dorms here we have houses' that explains the size of the place 'each house has a mix of boys and girls from different years in it, you will be in house number 104, here is your key, map and class schedule, don't worry about the paperwork your parents already filled it in for you. seen as it's your first day and you probably want to get settled and know your house mates, you and the rest of them have the day off today so you can get to know each other.'

'Umm...' is all I could manage, man she talks fast.

'School for you will start tomorrow at 9:00 am sharp with physics, don't be late, now if you look at your map you will see house 104 marked there clearly, hope you like it here,' she finished, still not taking her eyes off the computer screen.

I guessed this was my cue to leave so I quikly checked my map memorised my route, grabbed my bags and set off.

I was half way there when I started to think that now I'm back in town I should give Rima a call maybe we could hang out.

When I got to house 104 I put the key in the lock and turned, when I opened the door I dropped everything I was carrying and nearly fainted.

Ikuto POV

Three years ago today is when I left to find my father, half a year ago is when I came back.

Everytime I got a clue of where my father was, it kept turning out to be false, I got tired of running around in circles, I came back only to find that the one person i loved the most had left. Everyone says that Amu didn't tell them where she was going, she just didn't go to school for a while then when they went to her house to check up on her, she had gone. Where could.....

'Amu-chan,' was that Rima calling Amu? No it must of been my imagination, I've been thinking about her so much I'm starting to hear things, nice.

'AMU-CHAN,' ok I definitely heard that, that was not my imagination. I jumped of the bed and ran to the top of the stairs where I had a perfectly clear view of what was going on.

There she stood in the doorway, her strawberry pink hair blowing in the gentle breeze, she looked all together mortified. She had, shall we say 'grown' over the past few years and man she was hot. She was wearing shorter than mid-thigh shorts, black ug boots, socks that came half way up her lower leg, a white short sleeved shirt with a color, a red tie, fingerless gloves covering up to her elbow and a red checkered hat, her hair was tied back in a ponytail. Still keeping that cool and spicy look up I see.


I quickly put my cool and spicy facade 'Well, this is a little awkward,' I pointed out.

Everyone just stared at me dumbfounded. I couldn't believe it they where all there, Tadase, Yaya, Kukai, Utau, Rima and Naghiko, well all except one. HE wasn't there, the one I wanted to see most yet, the one I also wanted to see least, Ikuto Tskiyomi.

As I stood in the doorway staring at everyone, I heared rustling from behind me I spun around at full speed to glare at the culprit. The out from the bushes came a small black cat, my eyes widened and everyone in the living room sweatdroped. I picked up the small cat and stroked her back.

'Uhh Amu, whats with the cat?' asked Naghiko.

'Oh....ummmm.....well, she's...uh...m-mine, she must have followed me from home.'

I know I didn't sound convincing at all but Yaya didn't seem to notice. 'Amu-chi,' she shouted, 'your not supposed to have pets on the school sight you know.'

I leant down and whispered in the cat's ear and told it to go home, it swiftly did as I said and walked away.

'There, she'll go home now, happy,' I said shooting and ice cold glare at Yaya.

Obviously Yaya started to cry and I noticed that she ran straight to Tadase.

'Amu, what the hell was that for, you don't have to be so horrible to her, especially since you left without telling anyone,' that was Tadase

'Oi, kiddy king, I don't need a lecture from you plus, I told Rima I was going so don't you dare go shooting off your mouth when you don't know the full story.' I said, my voice just as icy as my glare.

He flinched at my sudden change in personality, 'S-sorry,' murmered Tadase.

'Amu!' exclaimed a surprised Rima, I turned my glare on her, which made her flinch too, 'Amu, we where just worried about you that's all.'

'WELL, IM SOOO SORRY FOR HAVING A LITTLE FREEDOM, RIMA, I REALLY AM,' I was shouting now and decided to go up to my room before I exploded or broke down.

As I walked to the stairs I heared Utau mutter 'You've changed Amu, for the worst.' with this statement I stopped dead in my tracks.

'R-really?' I whispered, it was almost inaudible.

'Amu, she didn't mean it, really, she just-' I cut Kukai off mid-sentence

'No, she meant it, she's right. but guess what, I utterly and truly don't care,' I lied, that one sentence hurt, a lot.

I was about to walk up the stairs when I saw a pair of violet orbs staring down at me with a confused expression.

'I-ikuto?' I whispered, my cool and spicy act crumbled right where I stood, I stumbled back a few steps at hit my head on the wall, hard. I grasped the back of my head and felt warm liquid slowly falling over my fingers, I slowly looked at my fingers and my eyes widened from shock. I pressed it back to my head as if that would stop the bleeding.

'Amu,' said Ikuto, he seemed worried, he ran down the stairs and tried to reach round to the back of my head, I slapped him away and he stared at me open mouthed. 'Amu?, he said again.


And with that I let go of my still bleeding head to grab my bags and run upstairs, I crashed into my room and threw my bags across the room, jumped of the bed and cryed.

Ran, Miki, Su and Dia where totally oblivious to my pain but, like always just when I need her Yora appears. 'Amu-chan,' she said. She looks exactly like Ikuto's Yoru except shes a girl and she's my fifth shugo chara. She is quiet, but not as quiet as Dia and she's energetic but not as energetic as Ran. She has midnight blue hair and eyes, she wears a black boob toob, black miniskirt, black and purple knee-high socks and black boots. Her long hair flowed freely to her waist.

'Yora, what the heck, why did you come out I told you not to walk around in your cat form.' I started off by shouting but then lowered my voice so no one would interrupt.

'But why not Amu-chan.' she asked curiously.

'Because someone might take you away from me, I couldn't bear it if that happened.' the tears stated to pur out once again

'Amu-chan,' she whispered, clearly concerned

'Anyway, I need you to stay hidden for a while.' I stated once I stopped crying for the second time that day.

'What like a secret?'

'Yeah....' I didn't like keeping secrets but for now this was one I had to keep.

'Will, the others be hidden to?'

'No, Yora,' she looked confused so I started to explain, 'Yora, you look exactly like Ikuto's chara, if you show up people will get suspicious and I don't want any more complications,'

'But-' she was cut off by a knock on the door.

'Please, do it for me,' I begged in a hushed voice.

She simply nodded and went to her egg, which was inside my bag. 'What?' I said, my voice slightly sharper than I meant it to be.

'It's me,' said the person on the other side of the door.