*Yawn* I rolled over and buried my face in Amu's pillow, it smelled of Strawberries, just like her. I could hear the shower running in the background. I wrenched my eyes open and noticed a black blanket covering me.

Hmm...I don't remember that being there last night.

I slowly stood up from the bed and rubbed my eyes sleepily. I glanced around the room and saw that everything of Amu's had been unpacked. I smiled when I saw the picture of us at the amusement park. It was in a black frame with a black and purple heart in the corner.

I picked it up and stroked Amu's cute 13 year-old face, she had changed so much, and I wasn't talking about her personality.

God, I really am a pervert.

''Ikuto, what's that-nya?'' asked Yoru.

''Nothing,'' I replied.

I placed the photo face-down carefully on the desk and sighed. That's when I heard it, the angelic singing I had only heard once before. It still amazed me that she could sing like that. It was so sad yet at the same time, it was absolutely beautiful.

I lay back on the bed and closed my eyes. I slowly drifted back to sleep as I listened.


(Red Sam – Flyleaf)

Here I stand
Empty hands
Wishing my wrists were bleeding
To stop the pain from the beatings
And there you stood
Holding me
Waiting for me to notice you

But who are you
You are the truth
Out-screaming these lies
You are the truth
That's saving my life

The warmth of
Your embrace
Melts my frostbitten spirit
You speak the truth and I hear it
The words are
I love you
And I have to believe in you

But who are you
You are the truth
Out-screaming these lies
You are the truth
Saving my life

My hands are open
And you are filling them
Hands in the air
In the air
In the air
In the air

And I worship
And I worship
And I worship
And I worship

You are the truth (You are the truth)
Out-screaming these lies
You are the truth (You are the truth)
Saving my life

I turned off the water and got out of the shower to be greeted by a wall of cold. I put my dirty clothes in the wash basket and dried myself off with the towel. I slipped into my black lace underwear and walked out into my room. I was humming to myself as I went to the closet to pick out today's outfit. I picked black and red converse, red tights, a little black dress (sleeveless) and a red belt. I looked around the closet for anything else to wear when a cute black hair band caught my eye. I went on tip-toes but still couldn't reach.

''Stupid, cute hair accessory,'' I whispered angrily. I was about to give up when a hand reached up and took it off the shelf. I spun around ready to attack, glaring daggers at the culprit. Instead of a deadly culprit, I saw Ikuto. He smirked stupidly at me and slipped the headband on my head.

''Good choice,'' he said.

''What are you doing here? I thought you left already,'' I said accusingly.


I was trying so hard not to a) Look down, b) Smirk and c) Think something extremely inappropriate. I wonder how long it's going to take her to realise she's still in her underwear.

''Of course I didn't leave kitten,'' I said seductively, ''I couldn't leave you all on your own plus your bed is just so comfy,'' I yawned and stretched lazily, ''I think I'll sleep there more often. ''

She started to giggle hysterically and I gave her a confused and slightly worried look. ''Ha-ha, Your...joking, right?'' she said in-between giggles. ''You seriously thing, I'll let you sleep in here, ha-ha,'' she laughed, ''No.'' She said bluntly, ''never, zip nada. Get out, goodbye.''

My brow creased in frustration.


I watched his brow crease in frustration before I spun around and pretended to look for something.

I felt him press his warm body to my bare back as his arms snaked around my bare stomach...Wait...bare?...WHAT??!!!

I blushed twenty shades of red when I finally realised I was only in my underwear.

''I think that you are in no position to mock me kitten,'' Ikuto whispered into my neck.

I opened my mouth to let out the longest and loudest scream of my life when a hand clamped its way over my mouth. Ikuto was giggling and I could practically hear the smirk in is voice when he said, ''Do you want Utau to maul you?''

''Rather that than this,'' I muttered as he let go of my mouth. ''Now get off me, pervert.'' I hissed.

''But I don't wanna,'' he whined as he licked along my neck and jaw line and nibbled on my ear.

''I-Ikuto,'' I stuttered.

''Yes, kitten,'' he said.

''GET OFF!!!,'' I screamed.

I pushed him of me and literally threw him out of the room.

Once again, my screams had gathered a crowd but this time there was a twist.

I was half naked. Everyone was staring at me, the boys where ogling my body while the girls where glaring daggers at my face.

''A-Amu,'' the boys said as they blushed.

''Amu,'' the girls growled.

Ikuto was having a hard time not laughing.

''DROP DEAD!!!!,'' I screamed at them.

Oh, crap. That just slipped out, I didn't mean it. I clasped my hands over my mouth when I saw the hurt and confused look on their faces, ''S-Sorry,'' I said quickly, though it was muffled by my hands so I'm not sure if they heard.

I slammed my door and leant on it as I slid to the floor. Oh my god, I cannot believe that just happened. Wait a minuet...How did it happen? Ugh, this is too confusing.

I sighed and continued to get ready for school.

As I walked across campus I heard the usual chorus of, who is that girl? What is she doing, stealing all the guys off us? Who does she think she is?

I think I just made a hell of a lot of enemies. I sighed and continued to walk ignoring the boys ogling me and the girls glaring at me. I spoke to no one, no one spoke to me. I was, once again, the unapproachable new girl with an attitude. My charas were asleep in my bag, it was comforting knowing they were close.

My first class was physics which was, unfortunately, all the way on the other side of campus. Let me tell you, this place was huge. I finally got to the classroom and opened the door but the second I did, a knife came hurtling its way towards me. I did a back flip in order to dodge it and shouted ''WHAT THE HELL!!!!,'' my scream echoed through the building and my eyes widened when I saw the owner of the knife.

''N-Natsume,'' I gasped.

''Well hello, Amu,'' he replied, ''nice to see you again.