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Chapter one: Teen Angst

Dear, Haruno Sakura:

We are pleased to inform you that your application to Konoha High Boarding School for the unique and outstanding has been benevolently accepted. We hope you will find our program to your liking, and that we will provide you with the proper challenges to send you onto the right path to find the proper college of your choice. Your grades, and superb community service hours, combined with the excellence in extra-curricular activities that you display make you a wonderful candidate. You will fit right in here at our school. We hope to see you here safe and sound. Have a great trip, and before we forget…welcome to school.

Remember to purchase tickets to be here by January 6th.

Sincerely- Principle Tsunade

"Aww hell no." the curt letter was fisted as emerald green eyes bored angrily at the once crisp paper. Oh somebody was going to pay. She deserved an explanation. She hadn't applied for that hell hole school. Who would dare!? …..The thought occurred to her. She knew who had the gall. It was so obvious. That conniving, old, meddling, insensitive, annoying, pushy…

"MOM! What the HELL is this!?" the pink haired girl shouted, waving the crinkled letter of acceptance at her mother. An older woman with slightly darker pink hair. "A letter I think." she responded to her daughter dryly. "A letter of ACCEPTANCE! To a BOARDING SCHOOL! Why am I going to Konoha High!? Why!? And what's worse…you didn't tell me! You went behind my back!! Why mom!? Why!?" she slammed the letter onto the wooden dining room table before her. "Why not? You're a smart girl, and your school is not offering you enough challenges. Your principle tells me that you're brilliant, and by the look of that acceptance letter we now know he's absolutely right." she stated.

"But mom I like my school. All my friends are here." tears stung her eyes. "You'll make new friends…and you can keep in touch with the ones you have now. You call them twenty four seven anyway, Sakura." the older woman returned. "I knew you would feel this way…you're father wanted this even more than I do honey please just give it a try." she reached out to stroke her daughter's bubble gum tresses. "N-no!" Sakura backed away. "That school is in Europe! You can't send me so far away from everything I know!" she blinked back her tears. "Sweetie you'll love Venice. You've always wanted to take some vacation time in Europe didn't you? Now you will know your way around if you take a vacation there." her mother soothed. "I wont have to take a vacation there! I'm going to LIVE there apparently!" she snapped. "It's one year Sakura!" the exasperated woman sighed. "I can't speak Italian!" she stomped her foot. "How am I supposed to order a frickin pizza!?"

A book was tossed and she reflexively caught it. "This should help." her mom smirked. She looked down at it…

Italian For Dummies

"Mom I hate you." she growled. "You'll be living in an all girls dorm…but the school itself is co-ed." she told the fuming teenaged girl. "I'm going to have a room-mate?" she looked horrified. She was going to share a small room with a total stranger! What if they were some slut?! Or a slob!? Sakura could never live with a messy person for a week, let along an entire school year! "Oh stop looking at me like that. This is one of the best schools in the world and they are going to give you a great opportunity-"

"I DON'T CARE!" Sakura bellowed. Her green eyes blazed.

"I want to stay HERE!" she cried. "I'm sorry Sakura but you've already been accepted, and you're father is very adamant." she told her daughter with finality. "God I hate you people!" Sakura choked as she ran away. The sound of her stomping up the stairs could be heard loud and clear. From across the house. "Sakura!? Sakura! Come back- Sakura you don't say stuff like that to me and just run off."


The woman massaged her temples. "Sakura stop being so dramatic! Now stop sulking, cause we both know you are, and pack your things!" she shouted up the stairs. She got no answer. "Teenagers." she huffed. "Sometimes I don't think I was cut out for kids." she muttered. With a sigh she sat and waited for her husband to return home. 'What an afternoon.' Not wanting to sit idle she trudged into the kitchen to put set some water to boil. Some tea would be nice right about then.


A certain pink haired teenager was lying face down on her fluffy white bed, hugging a hello kitty sham and crying her eyes out. "It's not fair." she whimpered with a sniff. She had spent the summer away from her friends and now she was going to another country just when she thought she was finally going to see them again. It was wrong. Her father was hardly home anyway! What made him think he had the right to dictate her life?! He was the best cop on the force so that meant he was gone often. Sakura hardly saw him anymore. Now on top of that he wanted to exercise authority over her!? Ridiculous. Did he even know her name anymore?

More sobs racked her petite little body. She did not want to pack. Her lilac purple suitcase with blue and green daisies on it was under some stuff in her closet still. A whole year gone. A whole year in a foreign country. Alone. With strangers. A whole year without friends, without family, without anything she knew. Now her sorrow was accompanied by fear. The girl curled her knees into her chest and hugged them. Great. Konoha High School was one of the world's most prestigious (not to mention expensive as hell) schools. It was actually surprising that they had actually accepted her…and so willingly too. Almost flattering if she hadn't been so miserable.

"Sakura I know you're not packing up there! I can feel it! Start now!…Or else." She winced and shuddered at her mother's tone of voice as she said the last part. The term 'or else' was never good coming from the lips of a Haruno woman. Especially not her Mom. "I'm on it! I'm on it!" she called back swinging her legs over the edge of her large bed. Under her breath she began to mutter however, despite her fear. She was still pissed after all. "Damn bossy old…"


Another wince followed. Sakura decided that it was about time to shut up right then. She pushed her bangs away from her face and made her way for her closet. It looked as though Haruno Sakura was going to boarding school after all. Boarding school in Venice…her cousin Ami would kill her out of jealousy right then. One more person she'd be happy to get rid off for a whole year. 'Plus number one.' she thought. Hey, if she was going to go to a strange country that would probably remind her of the third circle of hell she might as well be optimistic and look on the bright side of her situation. Being stronger than she looked, she simply dragged out her suitcase from beneath all the belongings on top of it in a swift motion. Said items fell all around her like rain as she swung it in front of herself impassively.

"You're cleaning that up!" her mother voice sounded again from the kitchen. The pinkette made a sour, pinched face and mimicked her. "Stop that!" she called up. Sakura's eyes popped in horror. 'How does she do that!?' she thought. 'There's a camera in my room isn't there! Oh Lord my parents are stalkers!' Shaking the thought from her mind she roughly unzipped the suitcase and flung the top open with a defiant huff. Soon after, she was in front of her dresser snatching open her underwear drawer. "Packing my stupid bags." she muttered, snatching a handful of her undergarments. "I'm packing see!!? Packing!! YAY!! Woop dee doo! Can you hear me now Mom!? I'm packing! Aren't you proud!?"

"Sakura? Who are you talking too sweetie?"

The pink haired girl sweat-dropped. "What the hell?" She heard everything else. Down to a soundless mocking face and she couldn't hear when she was deliberately antagonizing her? It was official her family was nuts. 'Plus number two, no more crazy mothers lurking about and spying on you with hidden cameras in your room.' Despite this little plus, Haruno Sakura was not above crying yet. She cried the whole time she neatly folded her stuff. It was weird but she couldn't help it. She sniffled and angrily wiped her nose with her arm. Her bottle green eyes were red rimmed by the time she was finished. 'Stupid school, Stupid mom, Stupid dad, Stupid life.' she thought. 'What else is stupid? Oh yes ME! For not predicting this cataclysm.'

With an exhausted groan she fell back onto the fluffy mattress. Grabbing her stuffed animal she curled into a fetal position. Life wasn't fair. Her parents weren't fair. Everything was just so unfair, and screw anybody who called her an angry teenager because of it. Now that she was done she could just sit and wallow in her misery. She deserved to be miserable if she wanted to be. Her eyes were red-rimmed and she was tired from crying. A shaky yawn escaped her because of it. She stared at her many martial arts awards. She also had six awards for gymnastic competitions. Yeah she was the epitome of a 'busy girl'. Her parents made sure of that. She heard a soft click signifying that someone was gently turning her bedroom door knob. Weary green eyes glared at the ceiling. Her white door creaked softly open. She did not even look, just continued to stare up at the ceiling.

"Hey Saks…you done packing already?" her Dad inquired gently. Her blood ran hot hearing his voice. She used to be so happy whenever he came home…but now she just felt a cold resentment. "Come to tell me something to make me feel worse?" she muttered. She heard him sigh. "I knew you wouldn't like it…but Sakura this is absolutely necessary." he tried to reason. "How is it necessary to go halfway across the globe to get a better reputation in the work world!?" she sat up sharply glaring at him. The girl could have sworn her father winced at the look on her face. "Just trust me Sakura….you'll understand when the time comes." he held a look of determination and…worry? She narrowed her eyes at him. "There's something you're not telling us isn't there?" she whispered.

Another sigh. 'If only she wasn't so perceptive.' he thought to himself mournfully but with a hint of pride. She was a smart girl. "I came in here to give you this." he walked over to her while digging in his coat pocket. As angry as she was at her father for…well….everything. There was still a little girl inside of her who longed for her daddy. Curiosity peaked she raised a brow and waited. His hand emerged from his deep pocket holding a box. "I wanted you to take this with you." he uttered, not looking directly at her, as if ashamed. She reached her hands out to take it. Setting the plain case on her lap, she lifted the lid and placed it neatly beside her. Her green eyes peered inside.

"Its…pictures." she stared at the old photos. "Sort through them…see if you like any." he nudged her gently. Pursing her lips she picked up the first one. She nearly gasped. "You…still have these?" she shook her head. It was a picture of a fishing trip he and her went on…just the two of them. She had been six at the time. He did not answer just nodded. Quickly, the girl snatched up another. It was her mother, heavily pregnant. "That's you kiddo." he smiled softly tapping his finger on the pink-haired woman's swollen belly. Sakura bit her lip and picked up another. It had a sunset in the background. A vibrant array of warm pinks, reds, and oranges. There was a black silhouette of a swing set shown, and on the swings were her and her dad from behind. She was looking straight ahead while her dad's profile was slightly visible as he looked down at her saying something. That had been the last of the happy days. He had been explaining to her why he wouldn't be home as much anymore. She was eight years old at the time. It had been difficult to understand.

Sakura stared at it in silence. She thought she had run out of tears, but now she felt her eyes prickling once again. "I don't remember this one being taken." she whispered. "Your mother took it." he responded sitting beside her and staring at the picture with a sad smile. "She did it before either of us could notice…it means a lot to me. Take care of it." he placed the three pictures back into the box and covered it. "You can look at the rest later if you like." he patted the top. "Why are you giving this to me?" she asked him. "Whenever I go away…these pictures always keep me going through the hardest of times…you're gonna be gone for a while, maybe you would appreciate a taste of home the way I always do." he smiled albeit hesitantly.

The two of them sat in silence. "…but…why do I even have to go? I don't understand." she shook her head, pink locks swishing. He let out a long sigh once again. "You know kiddo. You and I are a lot alike." he ruffled her hair. She swiped him away and fixed it. "Sorry." his smile faded slightly. "You still haven't told me what you're hiding." she frowned. "Sakura….I can't." he shook his head. "Well why can't you!?" she huffed angrily. "I told you that I would tell you when the time was right." he sounded a bit frustrated. "When will that be!? When I'm married with kids and you want to free-load!?" she snapped. That stung him badly. "That is not a fair statement Sakura." he glared. "Yeah well it's not fair that I have to go to fucking boarding school!"

"Sakura! Watch your mouth!" he scolded. "You haven't been around enough to tell me that!!!" she screeched. This time he really did grimace. "I'm sorry. I'll leave you alone now." he stood up. "Yes you do that! Just like you always do!!" she called after him. "Goodnight Sakura. I'll explain everything…I promise." he murmured closing her bedroom door. She threw the box at the door when it shut behind him. Pictures fluttered to the ground everywhere. Almost immediately after she felt such regret that she fell to her knees sobbing. She gathered the pictures and neatly set them back into the little box. She would take them. She gently placed the box into her carry on. She then placed that on top of her suitcases. A whole year gone.

She wished that she could hate her father…but the little eight year old girl in her refused. Dinner would be done soon. Well they could just forget about her coming down there. She was too pissed and too humiliated to eat with them. She was going to sleep…cause she deserved to go to sleep when she damn well pleased. Getting up, she began to change into her pajamas. She had to wake up early for the airport tomorrow no doubt, so why couldn't she turn in early today? It made perfect sense to her. Breifly she thought about going downstairs and stealing food before she brushed her teeth. Her stomach grumbled.

Knock! Knock!

'Now what?' she demanded mentally. She growled. Stomping to the door, she opened it up only to see nobody there. A familiar smell hit her nose and she looked down. Sushi. A plate of sushi was left at her door. Curse them for knowing her favorite food. Well at least they did not force her to come down as she had expected. Her mom definitely would have, so she figured her father had said to leave her be. Bending over, she picked it up and carried it into her room, closing the door softly behind her. Her mind was haunting her. She set the plate down on her bed. Her mom hated her eating on her bed, but what did she care? What was going on that her dad refused to say. What could possibly be so bad? She munched on the delicious raw fish and seaweed. It felt like an old déjà vu feeling, it was so tasty. She hadn't had sushi like this since…. "Oh Kami." she breathed. She hadn't had sushi like this…..since her dad used to make it for her.

And so, once again Haruno Sakura cried like a baby.

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